Browning Vest

First Published in English.

These smart new insulated body warmers are just the job to wear over a jumper or hoody on colder days or as a mid-layer under a waterproof jacket. The insulated design keeps the core body warm, whilst not restricting arm movement, so there is no impediment to casting, or shipping a pole. 

Finished in a wipe-clean black polyester, they look the business too, and compliment the rest of the range of Browning clothing perfectly. A really useful jacket on cooler days.

Pat Cubby

These ‘Body Warmer’ style vests are great for cold days.

I like the smart black finish and Browning printing.

Layer up, with a vest over a fleece, adding a waterproof jacket for wind and rain protection.

"It keeps me toasty warm on even the coldest day."

Sphere Pro-File Pole Rollers

Originally Published in Dutch.

These cutting edge rollers not only have a super-stable frame, but are equipped with some brilliant innovations, such as the silky-smooth, ball bearing rollers.

Due to the ball bearings, the rollers turn very smoothly, so there is hardly any resistance when shipping the pole. Each roller has ramped edges that keep the pole from falling off the rollers. This is especially useful if the pole needs to be un-shipped in two parts when there is not enough space behind the fishing spot.

These rollers also cope brilliantly with high banks, as they can be set very low simply by removing the standard legs and using the using the short legs instead.

The telescopic legs mean that the rollers can be set to the perfect height, which is especially important it you are using two rollers to ship back a long pole. Uneven banks can also be easily dealt with, giving you the perfect position every time.

Another neat little feature are the spirit levels, which make it so easy to set the roller level perfectly flat. 

Be sure to check out these fantastic rollers in your local Browning stockist.


Harrie Poels

"This year Browning have two new pole rollers in their range."

Xitan Z16 L Advance Pole

Originally Published in English.

If you fish a wide variety of venues, as I do, then a pole that can handle a wide range of tactics is essential. Very often, this means buying a pole that can handle fishing with heavier gear for hard-fighting carp, at the expense of having the poise for more finesse fishing on canals and rivers. Fortunately, I believe there is an answer, in the form of the Browning Xitan Z16 L Advance. 

Most of my fishing is on the Midlands canal circuit. Often bites are at a premium, and you need a stiff pole that can enable you to fish comfortably for the full five hours right across at 16 metres. The long section design of the Z16 L Advance gives it incredible stiffness, yet cuts weight without compromising wall strength. As standard it comes as a true 16m package, but this can be increased by using the supplied parallel top-kit no.2 to give you 16.7 metres, or by adding parallel butts, taking the pole to 18 metres and beyond.

The top kit configuration is interesting. The long long section length of 1.9 metres allows for the use of one-piece top kits as standard, increasing stiffness and balance, by virtue of removing a joint at the most critical position. The one-piece kits also allow elastics to run more smoothly, increase strength, and cause less ‘bounce’. Standard SLK top kits can be used if you prefer, and feature the unique duo bush system, allowing a wide range of elastic diameters to be used.

As with a number of Browning’s top-end poles, the Z16 L Advance has woven reinforcement at the ends of each section for increased strength. You will also find section alignment points on each section that can be felt, meaning there is less need to look at the sections as you ship in and out. 

Another feature well worth of mention are the Xitan Square Pole Protectors (XEPP’s) which fit the 13m, 14.5m and 16m sections. These unique square profile short butts, are incredibly comfortable under the forearm, and give increased grip when the inevitable cross-wind blows. Incorporating an EVA skid bung, they also help protect those expensive butt sections from damage as you ship in and out. 

I could wax lyrically about my Z16 L Advance for hours, but the fact of the matter is you won’t know how good this pole is until you pick it up. So go check it out at your nearest Browning Pole Specialist Retailer. I guarantee you will not be disappointed, even when you put it against other poles costing considerably more. 

Tight lines! 

Mark Roberson

A superb, responsive pole, ideal for a wide range of venues.

The Square Pole Protectors are very comfortable and give great stability.

The sections are reinforced for extra strength.

"If you fish a wide range of venues this is the perfect pole."

Sphere Feeder Ultra Lite Hooks

First Published in English

A lot of my feeder fishing on natural venues revolves around catching numbers of silverfish averaging a few ounces each, but of course the chance of a rogue lump or two as well. Hooks and hooklengths need to be relatively refined for this style of fishing, but not so light that the ever-present chance of hooking a decent bream, eel or tench is ignored or worse still wasted when light gear loses the battle. Whilst they cannot be relied upon, those bonus fish can mean the difference between winning and losing, so I need to capitalise on every opportunity.

Light hooks are great for presentation, and ensure my hookbait looks as natural as the particles it’s surrounded by, but of course everything on a feeder tends to require stepping up a bit.  My hook of choice for this style of fishing is the Sphere Feeder Ultra Lite, which despite being exceedingly light weight, packs an amazing amount of strength – don’t be fooled by the larger sizes, these area great for bit baits and aggressive retrieves when you need to ensure fish stay on all the way back. This must be down to the Japanese wire and tempering process used, but also the shape too. Whatever the ‘secret alchemy’ used, they have proven to be extremely reliable for this style of fishing.

Another point (sic) worth mentioning are the points! These really are razor sharp, but last really well too, meaning I bump less fish and need to change my hooklength less often.

Hook shapes are a very personal thing, but I do like the slightly ‘wedge-shaped’ bend on these hooks that see the point facing very slightly towards the shank. This shape, combined with the straight point, goes in and stays in, meaning less lost fish when I am fishing at range.

Bait wise, this is an allrounder, but really is a great maggot hook, especially when fishing with two or three grubs. It also lends itself really well to fishing worm heads and bunches of caster too. A great feeder hook that I use a lot.

Available in sizes 8 to 18

Kye Jerrom

This is an exceptionally sharp hook that keeps its point really well.

The shape is perfect for maggots, casters and chopped worm.

This is a brilliant hooks when lots of fish are on the cards.

"A brilliant hook for maggot fishing."

CK Competition Landing Net

First Published in English.


When bream and other larger fish are the target you need a net that is not only robust, but easy to manoeuvre. The CK Competition net meets these requirements admirably, and is available in several versions to meet different types of fishing. 

I tend to use the medium size which at 50cm by 40cm is just right for bigger fish. The depth is just right too, being not too deep, making it easy to unhook fish with the net held firmly between my knees.

The mesh on the large net has an 8mm diameter, making it very easy to push through the water. It is also really soft and the fish do tend to lay quietly in it. I have also found that the mesh is quite hook-resistant too, which can save time. 

The metal frame is really strong and is securely fixed into the spreader block. All in all, this is a very well thought out net that does exactly what it is designed to do with the minimum of fuss.

Small – 45cm x 35cm frame by 28cm deep, with 8 x 8mm mesh

Medium – 50cm x 40cm frame by 28cm deep, with 8 x 8mm mesh

Hair Mesh – 50cm x 40cm frame by 28cm deep, with 2 x 2mm mesh

Pat Cuddy

The 8mm mesh makes the net very easy to move through the water.

The ideal net for larger fish, such as bream and carp.

"The size and depth are just right."

Sphere Match Hooks

First Published in English.


My local river Trent offers has some brilliant fishing on offer and one of my favourite tactics is to fish for the abundant roach, dace, and small chub on the pole. This is often bite-a-chuck fishing, swinging good fish to hand, so any chinks in your gear will soon be found out. 

My hook choice for this style of fishing is the Sphere Match, normally in a size 16 or 18. These hooks have just the right wire gauge for maggot and caster fishing, being incredibly light, but very strong. 

They also keep their points very well and are razor sharp. I can often go all day using the same hook, which saves a lot of time during a match. The slightly in-turned point also goes in and stays in, meaning very few fish manage to come off as I swing them in. 

The shape is interesting, especially for maggot fishing, The tear drop shaped bend makes them brilliant for maggot fishing. The bait sits on the bend, staying put and not getting moved around when you miss a bite, meaning that I have the confidence to let the rig run through if I miss a bite. 

A great hook for pole or running line fishing for silvers, but with plenty of strength should you hook a bonus chub or big perch. The Sphere Match hook has quickly become a favourite and has more than earned it place in my box. 

Available in sizes 8 to 18, either in packs of 15 loose hooks or pre-tied in packs of 8.

Tom Noton

My choice for maggot and caster fishing.

These hooks have a nice wire gauge, but are very strong.

"My choice for maggot and caster fishing."

Xenos Wire Specialist Feeder

First Published in English.


If you spend much time feeder fishing on running water, particularly on big powerful rivers, such as the Trent, Wye or Severn, then you will know that feeder choice is absolutely critical. The Browning wire feeder has been the choice of a great many anglers over the years, thanks to their resilience and wide range of weights, making them useable without the addition of ‘dead cow’ weights. Well, now the range has been updated and the new Xenos wire feeders set a new benchmark in river feeders for me.

What I really like about the design of these feeders, is that they are very tangle-resistant, thanks to the integral lead and pre-formed attachment. These new feeders also have a tough plastic coating on the wire, that not only helps them blend in underwater, but also makes them even less likely to tangle. Attach them simply using a snap swivel or a short powergum boom to your main line

A wire cage feeder is really handy when the tackiness of what you’re feeding can vary.  This particularly applies to chopped worms which can either make you groundbait mix very wet depending on how much you add.  A wire feeder allows water to flow freely through it and while more enclosed plastic feeders might become clogged a wire feeder is still effective – this means you can easily adjust what you feeding without changing your feeder.

A useful tip when fishing deeper rivers, where you want the contents of the feeder to remain inside until the feeder settles on the bottom, is to wrap them in electrical tape, sealing up the mesh. This makes a massive difference to how the feeder empties and ensures that the bait is on the deck and not being washed downstream, taking the fish with it.

As with the originals, these are really tough feeders that take a lot of abuse. If you fish big rivers then they will be the perfect choice.


Available in 30mm and 50mm lengths with diameters of 2.5cm and 5cm respectively, they come in a wide range of weights from 20 grams (3/4 ounce) right up to 140 grams (5oz).


Kye Jerrom

The feeders come in a wide range of different weights for every situation.

The design is very tangle-resistant.

The simple set-up I use with the lighter versions of this feeder.

"The moulded-in lead is very tangle-resistant."

Xenos Wire Pro Cast Feeder

Original article published in English.


I was a firm fan of the original Xenos feeders and these new versions are even better! The new plasticised coating gives the wire a nice low-key colour that blends in well and makes the feeders smooth to the touch, which I suspect may reduce the chances of tangles.

Of the Xenos range my favourite is the Pro Cast feeder. With the weight strategically positioned below the cage these feeders cast like bullets. If you are looking for more range, without compromising accuracy, then give these a go. 

I find them ideal for bream fishing where I want to introduce a reasonable amount of bait. The size is just right. They come in a range of weights, with the 30gram being ideal for medium range fishing, and the heavier sizes being great when maximum range is essential. 

The Looped attachment is simple but effective. I normally use a clip swivel attached to a short boom either running on the main line or fished ‘helicopter-style’ 

One useful tip with any cage feeder is to carry some electrical tape with you, or add a wrap of shrink tube at home around the cage. This stops any of the bait escaping through the gaps in the mesh on the drop, ensuring your patch of bait is as tight as possible on the bottom. A useful ploy when the fishing is tough. 

If you are looking for a mesh feeder that will cast accurately and to maximum range then be sure to have a look at the Pro Cast. 

Length 30mm by 25mm long

Weights between 30 grams and 70 grams

Pat Cuddy

The central weight means this feeder casts really accurately and is perfect for long range fishing.

The range of weights are perfect for Stillwater fishing.

Use shrink tube or tape to slow the release of bait.

"I find them ideal for bream fishing "

Feeder Connector Swivel

Original article published in English.


These little gems have become an integral part of most of my feeder rigs and even some float set-ups. Like many of the best ideas, they are incredibly simple, yet very effective, and most importantly, tangle-free. 

These are extremely strong mini-swivels, but instead of having two eyes, one of the wires has been formed into a parallel hook-shape. A small piece of hard-wearing rubber tube fits over the hook effectively closing the loop when in use. 

So what you have is a very simple method of changing your hooklenghs instantly. Couple this with the anti-twist properties of the swivel, and the tangle-resistant design and you have a brilliant connector that is ideal for a multitude of feeder rigs. 

A little tip shown to me by England International Will Freeman was to use two stots instead of beads between the Connector Swivel and the feeder link. This creates a tiny boom that holds the hooklength away from the boom, massively cutting down on tangles. Give it a go, combined with these connector swivels it is a great little edge. 

Available in 10mm and 12mm sizes.

Kye Jerrom

These tiny swivels make changing links very easy.

Simply slide the rubber back to change hook lengths.

I use this very simple feeder set-up.

"a brilliant connector that is ideal for a multitude of feeder rigs. "

No-Snag Latex Landing Nets

We all have favourite items of kit, ones that seem to last forever and just don’t let us down and one of mine is the No-Snag Latex Landing Net head. The reason is that over the years I’ve lost count of how many nets have let me down at the vital moment, either being too weak for the constant punishment they get from commercial match fishing, threads stripping or frames breaking however the area that seems to go first is the mesh. Standard mesh nets get damaged easily, be it from getting caught in a bank side snag, a hook snagging within, catching in the zip when closing a net bag, or more likely from a split dorsal fin of a carp whilst being unhooked. All these can cause a small tear in the mesh and once there, the landing nets days are numbered. Just constantly putting nets away in a net bag damp will eventually take its toll and over time weaken the mesh from rotting.

Mesh nets are a thing of the past for me and Latex mesh nets are here to stay as they take all the punishment thrown at them and simply brush them aside. Hooks and fins don’t get caught up, all saving vital seconds in a match and they don’t rot, the only minor disadvantage is that Latex nets are slightly heavier but for all the advantages they provide, I can live with this. 

Available in three sizes – 

L 50cm x W 38cm x D 28cm

L 60cm x W 48cm x D 30cm

L 60cm x W 48cm x D 35cm


Alec Roberts

These nets are very easy to manoeuvre.

No chance of a fin ray getting caught.

I am a complete convert to these nets.

"The Latex mesh makes such a difference."