Black Magic S-Line 8 Roost Kit

My Black Magic S-Line Roost kit is an item of tackle I wouldn’t be without. It’s strong, stable and with its clever deep slots design to stop the wind blowing the kits out the roost its ideal for keeping expensive top kits and rods safe in even the worst conditions.

The four fully adjustable legs ensure the roost can be easily levelled in the most uneven of pegs. The roost folds flat for ease of transportation and there is also a hook on the underside to add extra weight for more stability, not that I have had to use this function yet as I find the roost very stable. Supplied with a fully zipped double handled carry bag this is definitely an item of tackle I wouldn’t go on the bank without.

Gary Hollick

The roost holds all of my kits really securely.

I like being able to position this roost so everything is close at hand.

Champion's Feeder Black Roach Groundbait

Developed in conjunction with world renowned feeder angler Jens Koschnick, the Champion’s Feeder Black Roach mix has proven to be very effective for me right through the winter, even though the water temperatures have been extremely low and the big roach often difficult to tempt.

Black Roach has proven really useful in winter, thanks to the subtle smell and fine particle size, which make it ideal when the water temperature is really low.

I am expecting this groundbait to keep working right through the year, which is a real benefit, as it means that I do not have to worry about my groundbait mix.

The muted dark colour is also very useful when the water is clear, as it blends in very well with the lake or river bed.


Artur Kraśnicki 

Sphere Braid Special Feeder Rod

Originally Published in Polish.

When I was asked to write about my favourite feeder rod I knew there could be only one choice – the Sphere Braid Special. Not only are the Sphere rods in my opinion the best in the World, but the Braid version is something really special. 

Why braid?

After two years of fishing with this rod I can say that it is the most universal feeder rod in the entire series. Apart from exceptional situations (fishing in a river with a fast current or long distance fishing in large reservoirs) the Sphere Braid Special allows me to comfortably catch both roach at a distance of 20m and larger fish at distances of 50m and beyond.

In addition, the Braid Special is a rod with amazing blank dynamics. The use of different modulus carbons in individual sections creates a fast tip action, which under load turns into a full parabolic action. The lower carbon modulus in the middle and tip parts means that the rod not only perfectly absorbs the lunges of a big fish, but also loads beautifully during the cast. Making fishing with this rod a pure pleasure.

The entire Sphere rod series is equipped with high-quality components.

The well-thought-out ergonomic handle is made of hard Japanese foam, a detail very important for anglers who fish with groundbait. Hard foam is less absorbant and hygroscopic, and it is much easier to wash, helping to keep the handle in top condition for minimal effort. The ergonomic handle also transmits so much feel through the blank back to the angler, making playing much easier as you can feel every twist and turn of the fish.

The handle is complemented by a comfortable Fuji TVS TS grip that fits the hand perfectly.

Extremely light Pacific Bay Minima Tech guides do not adversely affect the dynamics of the blank. The rod loads very deeply, which helps when making long casts, but thanks to the quality of the blank it responds very quickly. A set of four carbon tips complements the rest of the rod. Tips ranging from 0.5 oz to 1.5 oz allow you to perfectly adapt to the conditions on the day. Swapping to the lighter tips means even the most delicate bites can be spotted easily. 

Some technical information.

The Braid Special was created for fishing with braided lines, thanks to which its upper part is softer than in other rods in this series to help cushion the cast and strike when fishing with zero-stretch lines.

Length 3.60m

Feeder weight up to 50 grams

Three piece design

Transport length 129cm

The rod is equipped with 4 carbon tips in 0.50oz, 0.75oz, 1.00oz, 1.5oz 

Weight of the rod 145 gr.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a rod that will stay with you forever, I recommend the Browning Sphere Braid Special.


Piotra Mołdocha

"After two years of fishing with this rod I can say that it is the most universal feeder rod in the entire series."

Sphere Feeder Ultra Lite Hooks

Originally Published in English

The Feeder Ultra Lite hooks have been a bit of a revelation for my silverfish fishing. These must rank as one of the sharpest hooks that I have ever used, they penetrate so easily and keep their points so well that they are ideal for situations when you are expecting plenty of bites. 

The fine wire gauge also means that they are a very light hook, making them perfect for small baits, such as maggots and pinkies, yet they have plenty of strength to help you land bonus fish that can make all the difference to your weight at the end of the day. 

This is a barbed hook and this, coupled with the swept shank design means that you will lose less fish on the retrieve, especially when feeder fishing. Small roach, which can have a tendency to come off as you reel them in on many hooks, stay on these much more effectively. 

The hooks have a nice black nickel finish and come in sizes between 8 and 18. The packets of 15 hooks are also great value too. For silverfish this is a brilliant hook, not just for feeder fishing, but on the pole and running line too. 

Chris Greensides (Browning Team Ossett)

Available in a wide range of sizes to cover most of my non-carp feeder fishing.

The shape means that very few fish drop off on the retrieve.

"The fine wire gauge means these are a very light hook"

Cenex Classic Mono

Cenex Power Mono

One essential item of tackle I wouldn’t be without is Browning Cenex Classic Mono. It’s definitely the best line I have used for both silver fish and carp pole rigs and hook lengths. 

It is exceptionally smooth, soft and supple which I consider to be very important, especially for hook lengths. I have found the diameter stated on the spool is far more accurate than the majority of lines on the market and it’s very strong considering how soft and supple it is which is a massive advantage.

Cenex Classic Mono is available in the following diameters, 0.06mm (0.45kg/1.00lb) to 0.16mm (2.60kg/5.70lb), if I need to go thicker than 0.16mm then I use Cenex Hybrid Power Mono which is stiffer than the Classic Mono but still very strong and abrasion resistant.

Pete Steward

This is a line that you can really rely on.

"The diameter is very accurate."

Big Pit Standard Feeder

Originally Published in English

The Browning range of cage feeders is second to none, with designs to cover just about every situation. One of my favourites is the Big Pit Std Feeder. This is a nice compact design with a very strong plastic cage that does not crack or break like some designs. The leads are also very securely fixed to the feeder and are flush to the frame, so there is no chance of the line catching. 

The Big Pit Std size is ideal for feeding a pinch of feed capped off with a small amount of groundbait at each end. ‘Bite size’ is a good way of describing the amount of bait. This makes them ideal for roach and skimmer fishing, where I will be casting regularly, and want to introduce just enough feed to concentrate the fish and keep them interested. 

The inside of the moulded frame has small ridges that hold the bait securely, ensuring it stays in the feeder on the cast. 

Another feature that I like are the moulded stems that contain a quality swivel. This is a really tangle-free design that suits a wide range of feeder rigs. Normally, I fish these feeders on a short boom, but they work equally well fished on a twisted loop, or as a paternoster. 

A really useful feeder that is ideal for still and slow-flowing venues where roach and skimmers are the target species. 

Length 30mm

Diameter 25mm

Weights – 20g, 25g, 30g, 40g, 50g

Chris Greensides (Browning Team Ossett)

These feeders are just the right size for most of my silverfish feeder work.

Load them with a mixture of Black Roach and Quick Skimmer.

These feeders cast really well and have proven to be very strong.

"A brilliant feeder for the majority of my winter fishing"

Xitan X Shelter Side Tray

First Published in Polish.


Next to my seatbox, I can’t imagine fishing without a quality side tray. Having everything to hand, so that I don’t have to bend down, allows me to concentrate completely on my fishing. 


This is important during the competition, every minute counts, because it may turn out to be at a premium. More than once I have lost or won a competition by just 50 grams. Winning or losing can be down to such fine margins.


So, for me, a side tray is an absolute must have. Having such a tray, we can place the necessary fishing accessories on it. Mine has a measuring cup, a disgorger and a wallet with hooks. In addition, several bait boxes are also kept close at hand. It is an individual matter, everyone organizes a place according to their requirements on the day.


Over a year ago I invested in a decent side tray. I bought the Xitan X Shelter side tray  XL with a cover from Browning. I chose this model for a reason. At the beginning, I had an ordinary, low-end tray. Unfortunately, my needs changed over the years and I had to change that. This tray is much larger than the previous one. Its dimensions are 45cm by 65cm. I can put everything on it with space to spare.


As the years go by, the amount of equipment I need to hand continues to grow. I noticed the lack of space when packing up at the end of a session. You never know what will come in handy during a competition, so it pays to have plenty of room. Returning to the trays, the model I chose has a screen. It is a cover that is permanently attached to a metal frame. The folding screen is waterproof, while the sides are made of fine and strong mesh.


The screen has many advantages. One of them is protection against wind and rain, and the necessary accessories are under it. I am not very fond of an umbrella, I use it as a last resort. If it is pouring with rain during a match I just pull the cover over the tray and the bait and gear is protected. Any rain that does make it onto the tray instantly drains away because of the metal mesh base. 


The screen protects me from such situations in the rain. Additionally, it works well in hot weather. Summer temperatures can be tough when fishing. The cover prevents bait from boiling in the sun, and protects groundbait from drying out. It is also worth mentioning that during a match, no one can see the baits that I am using. The side tray in the set has two telescopic legs. This allows it to be spread over any terrain. The legs are ended with feet that ensure stability also on steep ground.


The Xitan version is a solid model. The massive base and good cover from the screen will make me use it for many years. In addition, it fits on seatbox legs from 25mm to 36mm. Which is really useful if you decide to change your seatbox system in the future. 


Tight lines! 


Paweł Daab Fishing_our_passion TEAM BROWNING

Sphere Large Accessory Bag

Originally Published in English

These bags have proven to be a really useful way of carrying loads of different accessories, that can often get jumbled up in larger carryalls. The size is just right to fit on a barrow, with enough room for feeder rests, box attachments, catapults, and a whole host of other bits ’n’ bobs. As a rough idea, they are big enough to hold six large bait tubs, which gives some idea of the size. 

As with all of the the Sphere luggage range, the design and build is top-notch. I have been using these bags for quite some time now, and they have handled the normal wear and tear really well. The smart ‘carbon-effect’ material is really tough, wipe clean and water resistant. The carry handles are nice and strong and well stitched, eliminating any potential weak points. The zips are also nice and chunky, ideal for those cold winter days when poor quality zippers will often let you down. 

A really simple, yet well thought out piece of kit, made from quality materials to give years of service. 

Dimensions – 55cm x 22cm x 20cm

Capacity 22 litres

Chris Greensides

These bags are just the right size to fit on a barrow.

I can store all my accessories in these bags.

Despite a great deal of use, these bags are still going strong.

"Great quality bags that will last for many years."

Xi-Dry Polar Bib & Brace

Originally Published in English.

When the weather takes a turn for the worst the last thing an angler needs is not to have adequate clothing to keep them dry and warm. Ever since wearing the Xi Dry WR 10 Bib ‘n Brace I have to say that I’m ready for anything the weather can throw at me but better still is that I can still fish effectively without being restricted. 

This Bib ‘n Brace fits perfectly, is completely waterproof, lightweight and the breathable material allows me to keep casting and working the swim without sweating, something that would inevitably result in getting cold through the cooler months. The zipped pockets are completely waterproof, great for my mobile phone and car keys and the padded knees protect me when kneeling down. Other great features are the Velcro’s adjustable fasteners around the legs,  poppers that protect the main front zip and the easy to adjust over the shoulder straps. 

Well tailored, well thought out and everything an active angler requires.

Available in three sizes XL, XXL, XXXL and just part of a fantastic range of Xi-Dry clothing that won’t let you down.

Paul Hyde

Waterproof quality zips all-round.

Hardwearing protective knee pads. 

Popper at the front protects the main zip. 

Easy to adjust and non-slip over the shoulder and rear straps.  

Smart, understated, embroidery.

Completely protected, comfortable and unrestricted to fish effectively.  

"Keeps me warm and dry right through the winter"

Browning Big Pit Feeders

Originally Published in Polish.


The swimfeeder’s innovative  large holes give improved bait release underwater. The special internal ribbing effectively prevents the bait from releasing during the cast. A rectangular weight holds the frame of the feeder securely. The semi-circular upper part gives great casting accuracy, and the deep-seated swivel minimises tangling.

The entire series includes 4 different models: mini, standard, large and inline. 



The mini size is ideal for early spring, autumn and winter fishing when the fish are only eating a small amount of food. The length of the basket is 2.4 cm. They are available in the following weights: 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40 g. 



The ideal size for fishing when you want to feed a medium-sized portion. Length 3 cm, diameter 2.5 cm. They are available in weights: 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50 g. 



This large model, which is great for feeding more groundbait, can also be used for pre-baiting in winter in canals or lakes, as well as in early spring and late autumn. Length 4 cm, diameter 3 cm. They come in weights of 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 and 60 g. 



The cage, which we can fish in two ways, as the name suggests, the main line goes through the center of the cage, and is held in place with a swivel. Semi-fix the swivel into the feeder to create a bolt-effect. Leave the feeder free-running by leaving the swivel outside of the feeder. Very good results are obtained when fishing with groundbait ‚Method-style‘ on commercial fisheries. 

Length 3 cm, diameter 2.5 cm. They are available in weights: 20, 25, 30 and 40 g.