Hyper Carp HC40-2 Pole

For when only the strongest poles can compete – the new Hyper Carp HC4-2

Hyper Carp HC 40 – for many years, this name has been synonymous with concentrated and uncompromising power in pole building at Browning. With the new model, the Hyper Carp HC 40-2, this tradition is successfully continued. It comes into play wherever normal “power poles” prove to be too weak. 

Since there is no upper limit to the elastic strength, even the strongest set-ups can be used with full confidence. The Hyper Carp HC 40-2 will withstand all situations with even the biggest fish. 

Thanks to latest carbon technologies, this pole is now even more balanced and easier to hold. 

As a further evolution, the length of the 2-piece top kits is now 2.60m, which is the optimal kit length for a large variety of waters. 

The sleek black design makes this pole look like it really means business. Built for whatever you can throw at it. 

Pole Package

  • 11.5m Hypercarp HC40-2 pole
  • Reversible Pole Protector for sections 4 and 5
  • Reversible Pole Protector for sections 6 and 7
  • HC 40-2 2.60m Cupping Kit
  • HC 40-2 2.60m 5.5/4.5mm Duo Kit

Thanks to latest carbon technologies, this pole is now even more balanced and easier to hold. 

As a further evolution, the length of the 2-piece top kits is now 2.60m, which is the optimal kit length for a large variety of waters. 

"Thanks to latest carbon technologies, this pole is now even more balanced and easier to hold."

The New Xitan Z9-3 Advance Pole

Originally Published in English

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Xitan Z9-3 Advance, a reliable and truly top-end pole that will never let you down!

The Xitan Z9-3 is the third generation of the famous “Z9” and reflects Browning’s strategy of continuously improving pole performance by taking advantage of the latest carbon technology and features. Like previous “9s”, the “-3” is a truly “top end” pole, but for this new generation we have been able for further reduce weight and improve both rigidity and response by applying the latest carbon technology developed for our outstanding Sphere poles. 

As you would expect the new Z9-3 is fully section compatible with current and previous Xitan power poles. 

However, the legendary Z9 strength, durability and general “toughness” has not been sacrificed, the Z9-3 is still the perfect choice for anglers that want a top performing, strong and totally reliable competition pole that will give many years service. Suitable for both natural and carp venues, with a true elastic rating of 16+.

To further increase strength and reduce wear and tear we have added carbon over-wrapped male & female joints on all sections. Carbon reinforced grips areas have also been added on the lower sections to protect the areas that are more commonly damaged. 

The Z9-3 now incorporates many of the advanced features found on our Sphere poles, including our unique “Tactile Precision Points” – raised areas on sections that can be felt when shipping out the pole – allowing accurate feeding and fishing without looking down for painted marks. 

Of course, being a Browning pole the Z9-3 includes our famous square “elbow friendly” Pole Protector sections which make holding a long pole so easy and comfortable.

As you would expect from a Browning pole, the Z9-3 has a comprehensive package, including our two-piece pre-bushed Duo-bush top kits and are fitted with an innovative directional PTFE puller bush. 

The Xitan Z9-3 has conventional length butt sections of 1.75m and is supplied in the latest, full-size, top quality Xitan pole holdall• 

The Legend Lives On! 

Use of the latest cutting-edge carbons has allowed us to further improve stiffness and balance.

Joints and pressure points have been strengthened with extra carbon wraps.

Duo Kits with our revolutionary dual bush system come as standard.

"The Z9-3 now incorporates many of the advanced features found on our Sphere poles."

The Z9-3 is equally at home catching carp as it is silver fish.

The Z9-3 inherits many of the features found on the more expensive sphere poles.

Z9-3 Advance Set (16m UK set):

• 16m Xitan Advance Z9-3 pole

• Xitan Square Pole Protector, suitable for 14.5m and 16m

• Xitan Square Pole Protector, suitable for 13m

• Reversible, round Xitan Pole Protector, suitable for the 9.5 and 11m sections

• 7x Xitan SLKA 2.60m, 2/1 kit, 4.5/3.9mm Duo Bush 

• 4x Xitan SLKP 1.85m 1pc kit, Duo Bush 4.5/3.9mm

• 2x Power C/3 full length sections

• Xitan SLK Cupping Kit 2.6m

• 1x Pole Cup Set

• Xitan 10 Tube Multipocket Rod Holdall


European 13m Package

  • 13m Xitan Advance Z9-3 pole
  • Xitan Squate Pole Protector to fit 13m
  • Reversible, round Xitan Pole Protector, suitable for the 9.5 and 11m sections
  • 2x Xitan SLKL 5.90m 4/1 kits
  • 4x Xitan SLKP 1.85m 1pc kit, Duo Bush 4.5/3.9mm
  • 4x Uni Top Kit 2/1 DL, 3.0m, 5.5/4.9mm
  • 2x Power C/3 Full length sections
  • 1x SLKL 2/1 3.0m Cupping Kit
  • 1x Pole Cup Set
  • Xitan Multipocket Rod Holdall

Rory Jones Joins the Browning Team

Tostedt. We are pleased to announce that Rory Jones has joined the Browning team. Rory is currently the World’s top-ranked under-25 angler, having honed his skills over the last ten years at international level. His precocious talent has already seen him become an integral member of the Senior England Squad. Rory is also no stranger to the top-tier of domestic competitions, with wins in both UK and Irish festivals to his name.


Rory, from Herefordshire, fishes a wide range of venues, but counts big wild rivers and lakes as his favorites. COVID restrictions permitting, he is particularly looking forward to tackling the huge Welsh reservoirs in the Teams of 4 Feeder League, and fishing the Norfolk rivers later in the year. Closer to home he will be putting the new Sphere Silverlite System Whip through its paces on his local river Wye in search of bumper weights of prime roach and dace.


Simon Henton of Zebco said “Rory is an amazing young talent and we are delighted that he has chosen to fish in Browning colors. We look forward to a long and successful association with one of the country’s leading match anglers”.

2021 - the year of opportunities!

Dear fishing friends,

now the new year is already a few days old. 2020 was a pretty rough ride in stormy seas for all of us. The pandemic will remain with us for a while in 2021. We don’t always go a straight path in life and have to face challenges. And yet there are always opportunities to remain curious and look ahead.

My personal advice to everyone: to make your life as tasty as possible as far as possible. And in our case that especially includes pursuing fishing goals and dreams.

Perhaps you have long been attracted by a certain water and you will become a member of a new club? Incidentally, I fulfilled this wish last year. Or do you want to go out to sea and learn new fishing techniques from a boat? Even the perhaps brave-sounding thought of catching a gigantic catfish does not have to remain a dream – we can continue to be in nature and have numerous opportunities to live our passion for “fishing”. The enormous upswing of fishing, with many newcomers and those who have practically rediscovered their hobby after years of a break, shows us this clearly.

My angler heart wishes you luck, satisfaction, heartwarming catching moments and all in all a successful fishing season with unforgettable hours on the water. And most importantly: stay healthy!

Frerk Petersen, Managing Director Zebco Europe Ltd.

RiverFest Fourth Place for Tom Noton

Browning Hot Rods angler Tom Noton had a brilliant result in last weekends Angling Trust RiverFest final on the river Trent, finishing in fourth place across the two-day event. Here is Tom’s account of the competition.


I’ve been looking forward to this final for weeks. Lots of preparation and hours on the phone to various anglers leading up to what was set to be a very interesting final. I put a lot of hours into preparation on the build up and it paid off. The trent is a special venue and definitely my favourite river. The field of competitors was very, very strong. The Angling Trust RiverFest and Dave Harrell did a great job of running a super smooth online draw the night before each day. I have to say it was great to watch the laptop as the names and pegs were getting drawn out. Here’s how I got on…

Day 1 

Peg A7 in the Ferry Field on the bend. Wasn’t somewhere I fancied much to be honest but I knew the roach were there earlier in the year. I set up the obligatory feeder rods for dace, waggler rods and the pole. The last rod out of the bags was a barbel/big fish rod… fortunately this came into play. After a difficult and incredibly wet first two hours a decent chub showed itself about 3 meters off the trees opposite. Another showed a few minutes later. After a fruitless visit to the perch line I was lining up for the big chuck across with proper gear on! A missed bite first chuck, second chuck I was into chub number one of about 2lb. It was a game of cat and mouse for the next 3 hours picking off the odd chub, biggest 3-4lb. At the weigh in I was super happy to tip 19lb 3oz on the scales. This was enough for 2nd in the Ferry Field behind angling legend Cameron Hughes with an impressive 26lb of roach from the end peg. Well done mate. I felt this was job done for the day as i was really trying to avoid a disaster in a difficult section.

Day 2

I was desperately hoping for a draw at the bottom of the rack where lots of fish had been showing the day before. Fortunately it was a good one in the shape of B68. Charlie Gooch had done the business off it the day before so after a pep talk on the phone I was ready and raring to go. I set up the kitchen sink for this. Feeder looked good with about 10 inches of flood water coming in. Pole was a little quick but fishable. Then I set up stick floats and whips. At the all in I chucked in six balls of ground bait and started on the feeder. A decent first hour saw me catch around 3-4lb of dace and roach. I tried the pole and caught straight away but then began missing bites. Alternating rigs and the long whips I kept a few fish coming but it didn’t feel quite right. Loose feed seemed best, but they were out of range beyond my ground bait. I lost my way mid-match a little, but came back strong on the stick float. Dave Harrell put it nicely saying that I ‘needed to turn the screw’ and with that I got out my biggest screwdriver and started to loose feed heavier and finished really well on the stick catching a good 4-5lb in the last hour. A day of ducking and diving saw me tip 20lb 9oz on the scales. 

I was chuffed with this in the end and felt it was enough for the frame. I was delighted to find out this was enough for 4th overall in the competition and a nice payday. Just ounces in front of my hero Wayne Swinscoe and agonisingly close to 3rd but Darren Frost pipped me by ounces – awesome display mate. A big well done to my mate Clive Fletcher finishing 2nd, simply brilliant. A well deserved win to angling legend and good mate Paul Cannon who stamped his authority on day 1 with a smashing bream haul. Well done that man. A worthy champ.

Now that’s all done with a special mention to a few people who helped me with everything on the lead up and during the match. MASSIVE thank you to Mark Halksworth who sat behind me all the way. There is nobody better for the job when it comes to river fishing, the man is brilliant and his knowledge of the river is second to none. I couldn’t of done it without him. Not forgetting team mate and best pal Craig Halksworth for being a top mate as per usual. Also my girlfriend for putting up with endless fishing chat 

Top bait as always from Nathans of Nottingham. Cheers Ben Dutton lad! 

It has been a great year so far, hoping to keep it going.

Tom with a lovely catch from the Trent on a practice session for this years RiverFest final.

"I was chuffed with this in the end and felt it was enough for the frame."

National Podium Finish for Mandy Swart

Browning-backed Dutch angler Mandy Swart recently earned a fantastic silver-medal in the Dutch Under 20’s National. Starting out targeting silverfish, it was a shrewd tactical change to targeting the venues larger bream that paid off handsomely just twenty minutes later when Mandy netted a section-winning bream that also placed her second overall. A fantastic result for the rising Dutch angler.

New Series: What the Browning anglers are missing right now

Perfect angling equipment and accessories for champion anglers of the present and future. Place your trust in the experience of a global brand whose equipment is synonymous with quality and winning championships.

We start with the one and only Bob Nudd whose love of the river Yare and the fabulous roach fishing it has to offer is being missed more than ever.

Bob Nudd with a fantastic catch or Tidal River Yare roach.

Tim Bruce with a cracking early spring carp.

Andy Blay with a proper feeder caught bream.

"Each feature will include some great tactical advice."

Next up is Andy Blay of Team Crowsport who missing not only the completive nature of match fishing but the preparation needed prior to each one, before Tim Bruce of Team Wickford  completes this week’s anglers and talks about catching big carp down the edge on the pole.

Each feature will include some great tactical advice as well as the tackle needed to get the best out of each session.

Next week there will be more three more top class anglers talking about what they are up to, and you never know we all might be allowed back out to cast a line and enjoy our sport again.