Monster Danish Rudd for Peter Hansen

Despite the cold weather this April, Browning-backed Danish angler Peter Hansen has been enjoying some great rudd fishing sport, and recently landed an absolute giant of 45.5cm and 1.85kg.

Peter had already visited the lake several times this Spring, catching some nice rudd to around 1kg, but it was on his latest trip that he struck gold. 

Feeder fishing at 50-metres in two metres of water, with a bunch of maggots on the hook, the huge rudd couldn’t resist Peter’s succulent carpet of bait, consisting of 3/4 Champion’s Choice Big Fish and Champion’s Choice Black Magic, laced with sweetcorn and maggots. 

Peter’s set-up comprised a 60g Xenos Pro Cast Feeder, to a size 10 Sphere Beast hook and 0.28mm hooklength, to give Peter a good chance of also landing any of the lakes resident carp. 

A truly stunning fish. Congratulations Peter! 

Peter’s rudd feeder rig.

What an amazing fish for Peter.

Brilliant Result for Browning Youth Team in the Commercial Fishery National

The Browning Youth team recently became the first youth squad to compete in the National Commercial Fishery Championships, and despite being up against some of the strongest anglers in commercial fishing, came away with a brilliant result!

Team Manager, Paul Etherington, gives us an insight into how the match unfolded.


We entered this event as the first ever Youth only team to compete at this level, no other youth or junior squad has ever attempted this event. We wanted as a team to compete at the highest level and against the best anglers in the UK as a team. 

Our team has a mixture of experience, youth, and determination to succeed. The other differing factor with our team compared to others is that we are split across the North and South of the UK. So, unlike other teams, who have more time to practice, we are more limited by school, college and for a few now, work getting in the way.

The draw was made live on the Angling Trust competitions page the day before the event. A random draw for the teams, and then a second draw for our peg set, which is a defined set of pegs across all lakes being used. 

We were handed peg set 8. Fortunately, our manager Carl Shepherdson knows the venue, and we also have two Lindholme regulars within the main Browning UK Team in Jim Hall and Rich Kerridge so they both gave us valuable information on how to approach each lake. 

We had a chat amongst our group and we all agreed mid-table would be a fantastic achievement and a good target to aim for, especially knowing the calibre and company we were in.

As it usually does, the weather wasn’t too kind to us with a hard frost overnight. It looked to change the mood slightly among many when turning up in the morning, but we didn’t let that bother us as we were focussed on getting the job done for each other. 

In our peg set we didn’t have any pegs that were deemed to be ‘run as fast as you can’, like-wise, none that wanted to send you ‘wheel spinning out of the car park home’, it was a good steady set of pegs. 

The plan was to just fish a steady match and keep the bites coming from whatever species was happy to feed at that point – it’s valuable to think of the team points rather than individual glory in events like this.

Come 4 o’clock the nerves started to increase as we all started to message each other to try and work out how we had done. Both our managers Carl and Paul Etherington were keeping up-to-date and posting via the Angling Trusts scoring website live online. 

The first lot of results to come through left several of the team towards the top half of their sections, which was good and the team were placed 7th. We then started to think it wasn’t going to be, as a couple of lads had a really hard day. What we thought were bad results turned out to be, over a couple of sections, decent results, it’s just unfortunate only your 11 or 12 peg section counted for points.

Ninety minutes after the all-out the weigh-in was complete. As with all National events the top three in each section and top 10 overall are not announced to allow the staff to check and ensure any points and monies to be paid out are correct. 

We had Matt Mollart, Will Marchant, Charlie Sibley and Tommy Clark each in the top three of their sections, and we knew by this point that 7th was the lowest we could come, but had to wait nervously to find out the final result.

Come 6.30pm and the final results were in. We had done it, coming 7th overall as a team out of 23 on our first attempt against some of the best teams in commercial match fishing. We were only one point away from 6th, something we felt we could have achieved, a couple of lads ruing some lost fish, but every team could say the same. 

We couldn’t believe that we had made the top 10 in the Commercial National, and not only that had Matt, Charlie and Tommy finishing 3rd in their sections and Will coming 2nd in his. Overall, from 230 anglers, Matt Mollart who had only turned 16 a few days prior to the event came 20th, Charlie Sibley 24th and Will Marchant 40th. One of our other team anglers Josh Derry fished for his adult team on the day and also came 2nd in his section and 25th overall. We couldn’t believe we had beaten our main Browning UK Team as well, who had one of the strongest line-ups in the field, so we feel privileged.

Each of us played a huge part and for our first event as a Browning backed team, we hope this is the start of many more to come. 

We would like to thank Simon Henton for giving us this opportunity, George Kenrick for the product support we have received, Jim Hall and Rich Kerridge for the info to help us to this result and each other for coming together and ensuring we work as a team.

The Browning Youth Commercial National Team are:

Ethan Etherington

Josh Paling

Charlie Sibley

Matt Mollart

Adam Tollitt

Owen Newman

Tommy Clark

Will Marchant

Tyler Bird

Joe Peake


Team Managers

Carl Shepherdson

Paul Etherington

"we hope this is the start of many more to come."

New Big River Block Feeder


A specially designed feeder for fishing in moderately fast-flowing rivers, where extra weight is often required. The stainless steel cage is extremely durable and casts straight and true for improved accuracy.

This feeder is available in a range of different weights and has a diameter of 3cm and a length of 3.3cm. The mesh size of 6mm ensures that your bait reaches the river bed intact before it begins to be released. 

The rounded corners of the feeder give improved stability and help the feeder cut through the air improving casting distance.

Available in weights from 80 grams to 140 grams.

These feeders cast incredibly accurately, and are ideal for moderate flows are larger rivers.

The stainless steel cage is very strong.

"River anglers will love these."

The shape has been designed to give improved distance and accuracy.

The cage size is ideal for most river fishing scenarios.

New Xitan Extreme Margin 9.5m Pole

Introducing the new Xitan Extreme Margin 9.5m pole

Looking to catch BIG carp in the margins this year, but also want a power-pole that can be fished at range? The new Xitan Extreme Margin is the perfect partner for all existing Xitan poles, giving you the option of using it as a dedicated margin pole, or as a partner to your main Xitan pole.

The Xitan Xtreme Margin 9.5 is a high quality and very strong pole for margin and “short” fishing. All sections have increased wall strength and a visible spiral carbon reinforcing, yet the Xtreme Margin still weighs less than 500gr at 8.7m, making it one of the lightest margin poles available. This light weight has also made the pole very popular with anglers wanting a good quality and excellent value “all-round short pole” for general fishing. 

This latest version is supplied with large bore power kits fitted with Browning’s unique Duo-bush. This PTFE bush allows the tip size to be adjusted to take a wide range of elastic sizes – including thick hollow grades. 

The top kits are now also pre-fitted with our directional pulla bush, so just fit elastic and you are ready to fish! 

The Xtreme Margin is fully section compatible with all current and past Xitan poles so is the perfect summer partner or back-up pole for Xitan owners. 

• The first choice for anglers needing a good quality, strong, but remarkably light, “short” pole for margin or general fishing

• Built to the same quality standards as other Xitan poles with special carbon reinforcing to add strength

• Supplied with a reversible Pole Protector section which fits the final two sections to add strength and protect from damage 

• Supplied with large bore “pulla” power kits, pre-fitted with Browning’s unique Duo-bush, 

which accepts the heaviest elastics without cutting

• Fully section compatible with all current and past Xitan poles so a perfect summer partner or backup pole. 

  • Elastic rating 20+
  • Supplied in a dedicated pole holdall


Find out more at:

New Video now Live - Spring Pole Fishing for Carp

Join Craig Edmunds as he enjoys a lovely days fishing at Hill View Fishery in Tewkesbury.

Starting on the long pole, Trig looks at the baits he likes to use at this time of the year, before moving onto his margin line later in the session in search of some proper beasts!

You can watch the video below now, or find it on the Browning Europe YouTube channel.

Power Partner Competition Returns!

The Browning Power Partner Classic 2021

Fancy bagging a flagship Browning Xitan Z9-3 EACH pole for you and a mate?

The Browning Power Partner Classic is back with a bang!

Last year Ben Holmes and Pat Daley became the first winners of this prestigious competition, and for 2021 we are travelling south to the lovely Rookery Waters and surrounding Cambridgeshire Fenlands.

One angler from each pair will fish Rookery, and the other will fish the Old River Nene. The event is scored on match points, with the winner of each venue scoring one point, down to 60 points for a last.

The date for your diary is October 23rd 2021, and tickets are £100 per pair.

In terms of match specifics, we are keeping our options open for now with regards to Covid, and competitors will be notified of draw arrangements and fishing times closer to the match dates.

In addition to the pole, the event boasts a 100% payout, which will be as follows subject to entry:

1 – £2,000 (plus poles)

2 – £1,000

3 – £800

4 – £700

5 – £600

6 – £500

7 – £400

There will also be an optional superpool covering individual money.

Book on now via the Scorefishing website to reserve your ticket. You don’t want to miss this one!

Catch Bream on the Helicopter Feeder

In this new video over on our YouTube channel Justin Watkins enjoys a brilliant Spring session in search of bream on the helicopter feeder at Bagshot Lea.


Click on the play button below to watch now.

New Products for Spring 2021

We have some great new products hitting our Retailers’s across Europe in the next few weeks, and you can find details of the new Xitan Z9-3 Advance Pole, the Hyper Carp HC40-2 pole and our new one-piece top kits in our new product guide below.

Hyper Carp HC40-2 Pole

For when only the strongest poles can compete – the new Hyper Carp HC4-2

Hyper Carp HC 40 – for many years, this name has been synonymous with concentrated and uncompromising power in pole building at Browning. With the new model, the Hyper Carp HC 40-2, this tradition is successfully continued. It comes into play wherever normal “power poles” prove to be too weak. 

Since there is no upper limit to the elastic strength, even the strongest set-ups can be used with full confidence. The Hyper Carp HC 40-2 will withstand all situations with even the biggest fish. 

Thanks to latest carbon technologies, this pole is now even more balanced and easier to hold. 

As a further evolution, the length of the 2-piece top kits is now 2.60m, which is the optimal kit length for a large variety of waters. 

The sleek black design makes this pole look like it really means business. Built for whatever you can throw at it. 

Pole Package

  • 11.5m Hypercarp HC40-2 pole
  • Reversible Pole Protector for sections 4 and 5
  • Reversible Pole Protector for sections 6 and 7
  • HC 40-2 2.60m Cupping Kit
  • HC 40-2 2.60m 5.5/4.5mm Duo Kit

Thanks to latest carbon technologies, this pole is now even more balanced and easier to hold. 

As a further evolution, the length of the 2-piece top kits is now 2.60m, which is the optimal kit length for a large variety of waters. 

"Thanks to latest carbon technologies, this pole is now even more balanced and easier to hold."

The New Xitan Z9-3 Advance Pole

Originally Published in English

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Xitan Z9-3 Advance, a reliable and truly top-end pole that will never let you down!

The Xitan Z9-3 is the third generation of the famous “Z9” and reflects Browning’s strategy of continuously improving pole performance by taking advantage of the latest carbon technology and features. Like previous “9s”, the “-3” is a truly “top end” pole, but for this new generation we have been able for further reduce weight and improve both rigidity and response by applying the latest carbon technology developed for our outstanding Sphere poles. 

As you would expect the new Z9-3 is fully section compatible with current and previous Xitan power poles. 

However, the legendary Z9 strength, durability and general “toughness” has not been sacrificed, the Z9-3 is still the perfect choice for anglers that want a top performing, strong and totally reliable competition pole that will give many years service. Suitable for both natural and carp venues, with a true elastic rating of 16+.

To further increase strength and reduce wear and tear we have added carbon over-wrapped male & female joints on all sections. Carbon reinforced grips areas have also been added on the lower sections to protect the areas that are more commonly damaged. 

The Z9-3 now incorporates many of the advanced features found on our Sphere poles, including our unique “Tactile Precision Points” – raised areas on sections that can be felt when shipping out the pole – allowing accurate feeding and fishing without looking down for painted marks. 

Of course, being a Browning pole the Z9-3 includes our famous square “elbow friendly” Pole Protector sections which make holding a long pole so easy and comfortable.

As you would expect from a Browning pole, the Z9-3 has a comprehensive package, including our two-piece pre-bushed Duo-bush top kits and are fitted with an innovative directional PTFE puller bush. 

The Xitan Z9-3 has conventional length butt sections of 1.75m and is supplied in the latest, full-size, top quality Xitan pole holdall• 

The Legend Lives On! 

Use of the latest cutting-edge carbons has allowed us to further improve stiffness and balance.

Joints and pressure points have been strengthened with extra carbon wraps.

Duo Kits with our revolutionary dual bush system come as standard.

"The Z9-3 now incorporates many of the advanced features found on our Sphere poles."

The Z9-3 is equally at home catching carp as it is silver fish.

The Z9-3 inherits many of the features found on the more expensive sphere poles.

Z9-3 Advance Set (16m UK set):

• 16m Xitan Advance Z9-3 pole

• Xitan Square Pole Protector, suitable for 14.5m and 16m

• Xitan Square Pole Protector, suitable for 13m

• Reversible, round Xitan Pole Protector, suitable for the 9.5 and 11m sections

• 7x Xitan SLKA 2.60m, 2/1 kit, 4.5/3.9mm Duo Bush 

• 4x Xitan SLKP 1.85m 1pc kit, Duo Bush 4.5/3.9mm

• 2x Power C/3 full length sections

• Xitan SLK Cupping Kit 2.6m

• 1x Pole Cup Set

• Xitan 10 Tube Multipocket Rod Holdall


European 13m Package

  • 13m Xitan Advance Z9-3 pole
  • Xitan Squate Pole Protector to fit 13m
  • Reversible, round Xitan Pole Protector, suitable for the 9.5 and 11m sections
  • 2x Xitan SLKL 5.90m 4/1 kits
  • 4x Xitan SLKP 1.85m 1pc kit, Duo Bush 4.5/3.9mm
  • 4x Uni Top Kit 2/1 DL, 3.0m, 5.5/4.9mm
  • 2x Power C/3 Full length sections
  • 1x SLKL 2/1 3.0m Cupping Kit
  • 1x Pole Cup Set
  • Xitan Multipocket Rod Holdall