uni rig line 1

Black Magic Uni Rig Line

Black Magic Uni Rig Line

Designed specifically for making pole rigs and for hooklengths, this precision engineered line has a very consistent diameter, great knot strength and a pure transparent colour, making it very difficult to spot underwater. 

The 300 metre spools are great value with the length meaning that you can also use this as a reel line too.

Available in diameters from 0.12mm (2.45lb) to 0.25mm (9.8lb), covering everything from light silverfish rigs to carp margin rigs.

A fantastic line that will take your rigs to the next level.


Black Magic Uni Rig Line 2

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xcite bf reel

SNEAK PEAK - Xcite BF Reels - Coming Soon

SNEAK PEAK - Xcite BF Reels - Coming Soon

Here is a first look at the new Browning Xcite BF Free spools reels that will be hitting our Retailers across Europe soon.


Featuring a new line clip system that releases the line when under maximum pressure to avoid breakages, these reels are going to be perfect for all forms of feeder and bomb fishing for big carp in open water.


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tidefest 1

Tidefest Second Place for Colin Sheppard

Tidefest Second Place for Colin Sheppard

Congratulations to Colin Sheppard for an excellent second place in last weekends Tidefest on the lower river Thames. The annual competition is one that Colin targets every year and with a good draw he put together a string of good bream on the feeder for the runner-up spot.

tidefest 2
tidefest 3

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Jayson Greatorex

Jayson Greatorex New Browning Media Manager

Jayson Greatorex New Browning Media Manager

Tostedt. Zebco Europe has appointed Jayson Greatorex as European Media Manager for its well-known match fishing brand Browning. Jayson is now supporting the responsible product and marketing managers and building the brand presence on all platforms. He will work closely with internal staff, as well as external agencies and the large team of Browning consultants and sponsored anglers. His fishing media experience and the past five years as a consultant at Matrix made him the perfect candidate for this role at Browning.

Martin Puchter, Marketing Manager Zebco Europe: “We are happy to have Jayson in our team and push our media activities. We know him for a long time and he is the perfect puzzle piece to fill in. It is a great opportunity for the Browning brand and part of our strategy to extend our marketing efforts.”

Christian Dörr, Browning Brand Manager: “Thanks to his many years of experience in the match fishing scene and the associated professional reporting in various media, Jayson Greatorex is the ideal choice for the position of Browning Media Manager. For that reason, I am sure that Jayson will do an excellent job and help to further establish the Browning brand in the market.”

Jayson Greatorex: “I am absolutely delighted to be working with one of the leading tackle brands of Europe and really looking forward to contributing new and fresh ideas, working alongside a great dedicated team and now being paid for something I love.”

Image: Christian Dörr (l.), Browning Brand Manager, and new arrival Jayson Greatorex (r.), Browning Media Manager.

Jayson Greatorex

Feeder Club World Championship 2022 – Loreo, Italy

Quite close to the date we, Browning Team Austria, were confirmed as being able to compete in this years Feeder Club World Championship in Loreo Italy at the Canale Bianco. With the short notice, the preparations were all the more intensive. Bait had to be ordered, quarters organized and of course the food and additional material had to be ordered. Thanks again to Zebco Europe, who were able to deliver immediately with their great support.

The team consisted of 6 anglers:

  • Litschl Mario
  • Steyrer Andreas
  • Eberl Rafael
  • Füsselberger Harald
  • Arthur Csepei
  • Jürgen Fröschl

Stefan and Kilian Füsselberger joined us as coaches and Ploberger Stefan, Putz Philipp and Günther Adolf as additional bank runners.



The information that we had about the venue fuelled our anticipation even more. The main fish were skimmers and bream up to 1.5kg. Bonus fish, such as carp and mullet, were to be expected, and spiny catfish were also plentiful.

The Canale Bianco is a tidal canal that runs near the River Po. The water depth varied from 3m to 5m and the average width is about 70m. Steep banks and rock packs don’t exactly make accessibility easy, but overall it’s a fair venue that I had not seen before.


Sunday morning we made our way to “sunny” Italy, the road trip turned out to be a six-hour non-stop drive for us. Arriving at our quarters, we set ourselves up as practically as possible. The fridges we had brought with us were set up, the bait cared for, cartons of food stowed away and the grill fired up.

The role of each individual team member was quickly assigned, one tended the bait, the other made the food and the rest took care of the physical well-being. It worked very well for the week. You can only do that as a TEAM. Thanks again to my friends for that.


The fishing would be with blockend swimfeeders of 20gr. up to 40 gr. for close range fishing up to 30m. For fishing further out speed feeders and window feeders of 50 gr. up to 70 grams were needed!

The rods used were the same for us all. Jens Koschnick Silverlite and World Champion rods for short range, Sphere and Xenos feeder rods for long range. Sphere and Black Viper reels with thin braided lines, plus standard pass-through rigs with thin Fluoro Carbon leaders completed the rig. Everything from the Browning range.

For me personally, the training days looked very different. I was able to catch weights from 2kg to 8kg. Coordinating with the team, we tested different distances, feeding rhythms and of course we also fished different baits, both in the feed and on the hook. From maggot and pinkie, to worms and bloodworm fishing, we tried a wide range of tactics. The results clearly showed that some tactics were much better than others. So after three days of training we has developed a concrete plan that we wanted to finalise on the Thursday. But it always turns out differently than you think. The strong wind that has been blowing in from the sea for the past few days had brought a lot of salt water into the canal, which the fish didn’t like at all. The training day was therefore useless.

Precise plumbing was the key to success. You had to find the ledge at about 11m to 17m and fish a clean area. More lines at about 25m to 40m were found where the ground was a little harder – you could tell this because  a 30gr. lead skipped across the bottom and didn’t stick in the soft mud when pulled. But everyone has their own tricks to find the best structure for them. A quick tip – take the time to plumb, it pays off.

Saturday, the first day of competition. Our coaches drove to the draw, each individual angler had his or her role, so it was very relaxed to start the first day. I didn’t fish on Saturday, so I took care of Mario with Stefan in sector A, who had drawn the bottom peg – A1. My job as a bank runner was to monitor what was happening in Mario’s sector and, if necessary, to send him this information. In short, the angler can concentrate on his angling, but still have all the necessary information about where he is in the sector and what is happening around him. It can only work that way, as the teams that are at the forefront show us again and again, there are often more supervisors than anglers on the water.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go so well for two of our five anglers, and so we ended Saturday in 29th place out of 43 teams. Not what we had hoped for. But our goal of ending up among the top 15 teams was still possible.

On Sunday I was to fish on peg B27,  in the upper sub-sector B. My tactic was clear, feed three lines at the beginning and gradually work my way out. Unfortunately, I didn’t do well. I lost too many fish, then the line died and my rhythm was gone. After three hours of hard fishing, and after consulting my bank runner, I put everything on one card. With my 3.90m Sphere rod I cast a 70g window feeder to the opposite side of the canal. Strong tackle for big fish was he plan. When, after ten minutes the first carp picked up my bait and my 0.22mm leader cut off on the mussels, my mood hit rock-bottom. Carry on, I heard a voice from behind. The next cast and the next bite. Then I hooked a carp. my pulse was at 180 bpm, but after landing the fish the stress began to fall away. I managed to catch a good bream and a good size catfish before the last ten minutes of the event. I lengthened the cast by a meter, baited with two large pieces of worm and hoped for a last fish.  I tempted a bite shortly afterwards and was able to land the fish three minutes before the end. That was cool.

In the end it was enough for 8th place in the 22nd person sector, but it was even better that everyone in the team had achieved a good place. It turned out that we ended up in 5th place in Sunday’s ranking, which ultimately brought us 13th place in the overall ranking. So we were happy to have reached our goal.

In the evening we all drove together to the award ceremony. The ambiance was amazing and we spent the last evening in Italy with a great vibe, a crowning finish I think. The social component with the international anglers alone made the  trip worthwhile.


Jürgen Fröschl

Team Browning Austria

Browning Digital Catalogue 2022

The new place for products – Browning Digital Catalogue.


Recently launched, the new Browning Digital Catalogue brings together all of the information, reviews and videos of Browning’s extensive range of products all in one place!

If you are looking for information on any of Browning’s products then the Digital Catalogue should be your destination.

You can check out the Digital Catalogue here – https://tackle-box.eu/en/




The Digital Catalogue contains detailed information on every current Browning product.

Find out more about the technical innovations found in Browning’s products.

Learn more about Browning’s products in these detailed product videos and articles.

Golden start for Tom Noton at Messingham Sands

Tom Noton tells us about his brilliant first match at Messingham Sands –


Brilliant day on the bank again today! 

My first time visiting the incredible Messingham Sands Fishery; and what a place it is! I have seen some awesome silverfish weights over the last few seasons and fancied a dabble myself. 

I booked on to the open match on Islands Lake. Twenty people fishing, with me drawing peg 37 on the end of the arm – a nice peg with plenty of open water to go at. James Hall and Kyle Hartley supplied me with some great information. Thanks men. 

I fed my usual Sonubaits F1 and Thatchers grounbait mix on two lines. 

Starting on a little groundbait feeder, I had a couple of nice skimmers early, and a rogue tench. 

I dropped in on the pole and it was immediately good. Loose feeding plenty of bait kept me catching quality fish for a really enjoyable day. 

It slowed up in the last hour, but I managed to nick a few nice stamp fish short. 

I finished up with a cracking net of breams, skimmers, roach, hybrids, crucians, and tench for 54lb 11oz and a match win.

What a great introduction to a new venue. Well done to Steve Wright who was second and Jamie Wilde who was 3rd.

I can’t wait to go back to this phenomenal venue. 

Slide on!

Tom Noton

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ossett win winter league

Ossett Win Regional Winter League

Browning-backed Ossett win regional winter league final round, and the overall Angling Trust regional league.

The sixth and final round was meant to be on the Selby canal, however with flood conditions on the Selby it was moved to the Thorne section of the Stainforth and Keadby canal. 

On the day the team put in another sterling performance to win the round with six section wins, a 3rd place, and a 4th to finish with 13 points. Daiwa Dons claimed second place, with Drennan Barnsley Blacks in third.  

Helen Dagnall showed her class winning her section and the match with 14lb. John Ibbotson came in with 10lb for third overall and another section win. 

Mr consistent Ben Taylor went on to win his section again, which puts him on three sections in three matches at Thorne. He was also fifth overall. 

Micheal Bower also won his section for the second match on the bounce, followed by Ray Marklew with another section win, and finally John Goodwin also putting in a section winning performance. 

The team win on the day put Ossett level with Barnsley Blacks after six rounds with the league win going to Ossett on section count backs.

A great result for the team as we draw to the end of a very successful year. 

Thanks again to John Waterhouse and team on running a great league yet again. Always a thankless task, but always run smoothly.


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ossett win winter league

Roach and skimmers dominated on the Stainforth & Keadby Canal.

Ossett put on a great performance in the sixth round.

Ossett put in a brilliant performance in the sixth round to draw level with Barnsley. The result went down to a count back of section wins over the six rounds.

Browning team ossett

Browning Teams Match

Last week saw the annual Browning Teams Match and get-together at the lovely Rookery Waters in Cambridgeshire. After having to be cancelled in 2020, owing to Covid restrictions, it was great to have Browning-backed anglers together for this social day, with a sneak-peak at lots of new products for 2022, followed by a teams of seven match spread across the various lakes on the complex.

Ossett came out with the bragging-rights with a fantastic 13-point score to take the win. It was close at the top with Wickford coming a close second, Browning’s individually sponsored anglers in third and Browning West Midlands in fourth place.

Individual winner was Jim Hall with a brilliant 178lb 2oz caught on the long-pole and pellet from peg 28 on Jay Lake.


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Browning team Jim Hall

Browning’s Jim Hall with one of the carp from his winning weight.

Browning team netting carp

Carp and F1’s made up the weights across the four lakes.

"Browning teams met up for this annual event."

browning teams Kye Jerrom

Browning Hot Rods’ Kye Jerrom fishing to the far margin on Jay lake.

browning teams Rory Jones

Rory Jones fishing for Browning’s Individuals team.

Browning power partner old river nene 1

Browning Power Partner Match

What a brilliant day at the awesome Rookery Waters and Old River Nene in March, Cambridgeshire for the second Browning Power Partner match. Fifty five pairs competed across the two venues in this unique event that sees the aggregate score for each pair across the two venues decide the winners.

As expected, it was a close run race, with several pairs in the running right up to the final whistle. In the end it was Pemb Wrighting and Graham Smith who took the title with a brilliant 6-point score. They went home with two Xitan Z9-3 16m pole packages and £2000 in cash. A big congratulations to Pemb and Graham.


Results for the Browning Power Partner Match on the day were:


1- Pemb Wrighting and Graham Smith 6 points

2- Tom Moretti and Darren Davis 10 points 

3- Jay Fensom and Ben Bray 12 points

4- Tony Waiting and Tony Waiting jr 20 points

5- James Howarth and Andy Geldart 22 points 

6- Adam Playford and Ray Malle 

6- Phil Speakman and Paul Law  both pairs had 24 points and exactly the same weight of 147lb 11oz 

We would like to thank every pair who attended and hope you all enjoyed the event. We look forward to seeing you next year.


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Browning power partner old river nene 2

Roach and skimmers made up the weights for the anglers on the Old River Nene at March.

Browning Power Partner Winners

Browning Power Partner winning pair Pemb Wrighting and Graham Smith with Browning’s Paul Mcbrinn.