Specimen Bream on the Feeder

This week we join Ethan Etherington for a brilliant bag-up session catching some specimen gravel pit bream on the feeder.


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cenex lines

Guide to Cenex Lines

Guide to Cenex Lines

The ever popular Cenex lines such as Classic Mono, Hybrid Power Mono and the fantastic Fluoro Carbon Hook Line are often raved about and reviewed, yet there is so much more to the growing Cenex range than just these, if fact there are four more, Feeder Braid Sinking, Low Stretch Mono, Method Mono and Feeder Mono, all of which I use on a regular basis and are such great mainlines.

Let’s take a closer look and discuss when and where I use them and where they could compliment your fishing and increase your catch rate.

Cenex Feeder Braid Sinking

I first started using this braid when fishing the matches in Ireland, often on big windswept venues where conditions at times couldn’t get much worse. The reason being was I needed a mainline that sunk, withstood the constant crashing of waves around the rod tip bit most importantly gave me instant bite detection. It gave me a massive advantage over using mono and is my first choice when fishing large venues for big fish such as bream. It has a lovely round profile which loads well on the spool and great for casting long distances. It really is a superb zero stretch feeder fishing braid which sinks straight from the spool so no bedding in needed, is extremely strong and has an exceptional fine diameter.

Available in three diameters on 150m spools –

0.08mm 10lb

0.10mm 12lb

0.12mm 15lb

cenex feeder braid

Mono/braid? Can’t make your mind up? Try this.  

cenex low stretch mono

My go to reel line on big venues. 

Cenex Low Stretch Mono

This mainline is a great for the angler that doesn’t feel comfortable using a braided mainline but understands its advantages and needs an in between option. I use this line on venues where braided mainlines are banned as it’s pre-stretched, creating an ultra-low stretch mono that boosts bite detection. Many use this when fishing at distance as it’s an easier-to-use alternative to braid and its low diameter, abrasion resistance and smooth surface fishing all heighten the experience. 

Available in four diameters on 150m spools –

0.14mm 4.60lb

0.16mm 5.80lb

0.18mm 6.90lb

0.20mm 8.50lb

Cenex Method Mono

This specialist Co-polymer reel line is one I use when I know it’s going to take some beating, such as bagging bigger than average carp from a commercial. It really is a dependable line that cuts through the surface tension and immediately sinks. An added advantage is its camou-coloured, great for the match or specimen angler that needs to be as inconspicuous as possible and once again its fine diameter and super soft feel make it a mainline to be reckoned with. 

Available in four diameters on 150m spools –

0.20mm 8.10lb

0.22mm 10.40lb

0.24mm 12.80lb

0.26mm 15.00lb

cenex feeder mono

Hit the horizon with this one.

cenex feeder mono

One for some serious punishment.

cenex lines

Cenex Feeder Mono

If you’re looking for a quality, medium-stretch, sinking mono for feeder fishing then this is the one. Its special smooth surface seal increase casting distance, improves the retrieve and is highly abrasion resistant so it’s up taking some serious punishment. Being very supple it’s also become very popular with anglers fishing the waggler at medium to long distances and I’ve used it to great effect fishing the slider in really deep venues!

Available in eight diameters on 150m spools –

0.14mm 4.00lb

0.16mm 5.00lb

0.18mm 6.00lb

0.20mm 7.40lb

0.22mm 9.70lb

0.24mm 11.80lb

0.26mm 12.80lb

0.28mm 13.70lb

If you haven’t tried these then you really need to check them out!


Tim Bruce

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hybrid elastic for commercials

Choose the Right Elastic for Commercial Fisheries

Choose the Right Elastic for Commercial Fisheries

Alex Reynolds takes a look at the brilliant new Browning Hybrid elastic and how to choose the right diameter of elastic for Commercial Fishery work throughout the year.


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New Video Out Now - Feeder Fishing for Bream

In this weeks new video we join Jim Hall in session at the lovely Messingham Sands where Jim enjoys a lovely days feeder fishing for the venues prolific bream and silvers.


Follow Jim as he adjusts he tactics during the day, demonstrating why feeder choice is so important, and looks at different baits with some interesting result ….


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big roach 1

Trotting for roach on small streams

Trotting for roach on small streams - Justin Watkins

Every winter the tiny river Bourne, a tributary of the mighty river Thames see’s a massive migration of silver fish into it. This is probably to get away from predation, but for whatever reason it’s great news for anglers as it offers some fantastic fishing, predominantly for roach. 

For me it gives me some diversity and gets me away from the stillwater match scene and allows me to step back in time and remember the days when fishing such venues was commonplace. There’s a few miles of free fishing here at Chertsey Meads and today I’ve headed for the middle section which gets me away from the more pressured swims, however the swims are far tighter often with low overhanging trees to contest with. 

Bait couldn’t be easier, maggots and it allows me to use up any leftovers from the weekends matches. Bread punch is an option, especially when the rivers running really clear but today it has some colour which is good.

roach catch 1
stick float

Use a decent sized float so that you can hold the rig back without it being pulled off its line.

hooks to nylon

Sphere Match Hooks to Nylon are my choice for river fishing with maggots.

"On these tiny streams it’s a good idea to be stealthy..."

Tackle wise is also relatively simple and I’ve coupled my13ft Black Magic CFX match rod up with a Sphere MgTi 920 reel loaded with a 3lb floating mainline. At the business end is a 4×14 alloy stem stick, attached with three rubbers and this is shotted shirt button style with the size of shot decreasing as it nears the hook and the space between increasing which allows the bait falls through the water naturally and when edged through the swim the bait is slightly ahead of the float which makes hitting fast roach bites easier. Hook length is a pre-tied and shortened Sphere Match size 16 barbed hook containing two red maggots.  


On these tiny streams it’s a good idea to be stealthy and although I have bought a seat box this was set up well away from the bank and quietly poisoned along with everything else so the fish weren’t spooked straight away. In all honesty if I was going to fish all day then I would bring just the minimal amount of kit and rove around yet with just three hours at my disposal, and with a reliable swim available I’ve opted to stay put and try and build it slowly.

First few trots through with a lighter rig simply see’s tiny bleak and roach so a quick change to a heavier float and upping the feed slightly slowly see’s a few better roach netted. Ninety minutes later and the roach are coming thick and fast, mostly net fish to around 12oz along with the odd skimmer and perch. If I had more time I would be doing this so much more as it’s so enjoyable and rewarding and come the end of the session I’m amazed at what I’ve caught from such a small stream, there must be getting on for 20lb in the net including my first ever silver bream!

If you have a river close by then it’s really worth checking out, especially where it flows though rural areas as these can be full of fish at this time of year.

Justin Watkins

sphere reel

Treat your line so that it floats as this allows for a clean strike when you get a bite.

maggots for fishing

A couple of pints of maggots are all you need for this simple fishing.

big roach fishing

Small streams can hold some surprisingly big roach.

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fluoro carbon line 1

Why Use Cenex Fluoro Carbon Hook Line?

Why Use Cenex Fluoro Carbon Hook Line?

Fluorocarbon lines have really caught on in recent years, thanks to their unique properties that make them useful in some situations, especially when feeder fishing. 

At first glance, fluorocarbon looks no different to a clear nylon, but there are some differences. Fluoro’ is much harder than nylon, giving it more abrasion resistance. It also resists kinking and twisting, which reduces the hook length from spinning up on the retrieve.

Fluoro has a higher density than nylon, so it sinks faster and tends to lay flat on the bottom – ideal of feeder fishing. It is also almost invisible in water, although this is probably more important when float fishing, or catching fish on the drop, than it is when the hook length is against the Lake bed. 

You can use most standard knots that you would use with nylon with fluoro’. One benefit is that you only need to make one pass through the eye of a hook or swivel to get high knot strength, compared to two turns with nylon. A single turn beds down better and tends to cause less ‘pig-tailing’ when the knot is tightened. 

Whilst it might be a little more expensive than nylon, fluorocarbon is a really useful material that can make a difference whether you are targeting roach on the drop, or feeder fishing for big barbel. 

Cenex Fluoro Carbon Hook Line is available in the following diameters:

0.07mm – 0.5kg / 1.1lb

0.09mm – 0.85kg / 1.87lb

0.11mm – 1.25kg / 2.7lb

0.13mm – 1.6kb / 3.5lb

0.15mm – 2.1kb / 4.6lb

0.17mm – 2.95kg / 6.5lb

0.19mm – 3.45kg / 7.6lb

0.21mm – 3.95lb / 8.7lb

0.23mm – 4.65lb / 10.2lb

fluoro carbon line 1

Cenex Fluoro Carbon is available in a wide range of diameters covering all eventualities.

fluoro carbon line

Fluorocarbon is harder and stiffer than nylon. It is also very clear and knots well.

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coldwater bread tactics 1

Coldwater Bread Tactics

Coldwater Bread Tactics - Commercial Carp in Spring

Whenever I’m heading to a new venue or one that I haven’t fished for years, especially if I’m competing in a future match then I will always head out beforehand for at least a walk round, if not a few hours practicing.  

First impressions

Just that initial glimpse of the lake will tell me loads as if the water is gin clear then I know that the fish are probably shoaled up tightly together, not moving or feeding much and that a stand out target bait will probably be best such as bread, especially if its carp dominated. The clarity of the water also tells me that if I’m not pegged on the fish then I will probably end up scratching around for a few silvers. Clear water also means in most cases that carp will be under or very close to any cover such as overhanging trees and bushes so straight away I get a good idea of the water even before wetting a line.

Logical swim choice

Today I find myself in such a situation, a lake I’ve only fished twice in the past and that was in the summer and one that I have a match on the following week.  A quick look at the lake and as expected its gin clear and there are no signs of fish but two thirds of the way down the lake there are lots of bushes on the far bank so this is where I’m going to set up. 

Leading around

First job is to get a rough idea of the topography of the lake so all I do is set up a light feeder rod, attach a small bomb and have a cast around. The time the lead takes to hit bottom gives me a rough idea of depth and by dragging this slowly across the bottom reveals not only what the bottom of the lake is made up off but also if there are any snags to avoid. This only takes a few minutes but it reveals so much and is worth doing on any new venue before fishing.

coldwater bread tactics 3
coldwater bread pole

If you can find some cover the fish won’t be far away.

pole dobbing 2

First line of attack the pole and a bit of dobbing.


Xitan ex-s top kits 1 piece top kits, great when you need to try different approaches.

What’s going to work?

Although I have maggot, expander pellet, corn and caster as bait, first out of the bag is going to be bread as knowing this venue is carp dominated a bit of dobbing on the pole shouldn’t go unnoticed if there are any carp around. I’m also going to set up a feeder rod and will try both the straight bomb and a small cage feeder filled with liquidised bread as I need to work out what works best. Presenting the hook bait on the pole couldn’t be easier and using a small punch I press out a few 4mm discs at a time and pass the hook through one. On the feeder I will be placing two or three of the punched bread discs onto a hair and securing these with a Quick Stop.

Instant action

First tactic to try is dobbing half way across to the far bank cover which is the deepest part of the swim. I’m using my trusted Sphere Zero-G F1+ Pole teamed up with Xitan 2ex-s 1 piece Top Kits loaded with no10 Stretch 7 Elastic. The float for dobbing needs to be light with a slim body and mine today is a 4×12 which is shotted with no12 shots placed at equal intervals between float and hook. This gives a natural fall of the bait and as each tiny shot settles it registers on the float producing a very positive but delicate rig. At the business end I m using a light size 16 hook attached to 0.12mm Cenex Hybrid Power Mono and the mainline is the same but in a 0.14mm diameter.  I’m not expecting too much action as I’ve not seen any fish top whilst setting up so when the float sails away seconds after settling and the elastic extends from the pole top I’m taken back somewhat. Lifting and dropping as well as trying different lines in the swim produces a couple more quick carp before this tactic dries up, I’m guessing they have spooked in the clear water. Can I get them back by introducing some liquidised bread, no, as all this does is attracts small silvers.

stretch 7 elastic

No 10 Stretch 7 Elastic, my choice today. 

cenex hybrid power mono

Cenex Hybrid Power Mono, reliable line.  

split shot

Strung out micro shot creates a natural drop of the hookbait.  

"The trend today seems to be a couple of fish from each area."

Time to switch

Time to head over to the far bank with a straight bomb and once again this tactics produces straight away. I’m using is a Sphere 10ft Bomb Rod which is great as being two piece it can be carried ready made up which saves time on the bank. I’ve teamed this up with a Black Magic MSF 340 Reel loaded with 0.19mm (6.6lb) Black Magic Gold mono and the rig itself consists of a 10g bomb attached to a small Quick Change Swivel coming to rest against a Connected Bead. Attached to this is the hook length created from Hybrid Power 0.14mm Mono which has a size 16 hook tied knotless knot style leaving a short hair that has a Quick Stop attached to it. Unfortunately as with the pole line after a couple of carp this dries up so time to attach a small feeder and introduce some crumb. A couple more carp follow before the feed attracts some decent skimmers showing at least I know that if I’m not on carp in the match I can at least attract the silvers and hopefully build a half decent weight of these.  

Alternating the lines

For the next few hours I hold back on introducing any feed and simply alternate between dobbing on the pole and casting a straight bomb at different spots along the far bank features. The trend today seems to catch a couple of carp on either tactic before it dries up and a tactical switch is needed to keep them coming, so the practice session has revealed loads for the coming match and at least I now know how to approach it on the day in a positive manner.

Colin Sheppard

liquidised bread feed

Feed for the feeder, fine liquidised bread.

sieving liquidised bread

Pass this through a fine riddle to remove any lumps.

bread discs

Discs on the hair will pop up straight off the bomb/feeder.

Colin’s Tackle

Sphere Zero-G F1+ Pole

Xitan 2ex-s 1 Piece Top Kit

No 10 Stretch 7 Hollow Elastic

0.14mm Cenex Hybrid Power Mono 

0.12mm Cenex Hybrid Power Mono

Light Size 16 Barbless Hook

4×14 Slim Bodied Pole Float

Sphere 10ft Bomb Rod

Black Magic MSF 320 Reel

Black Magic Gold 0.19mm (6.6lb) Mono

10g Bomb

Small Quick Change Swivel

Connector Bead

0.14mm Cenex Hybrid Power Mono 

Light Size 16 Barbless Hook

Quick Stop

spring bread carp

Instant action on the dobbing rig.  


Proper weight makers if the carp don’t turn up.  

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distance marker sticks 1

Improve Your Accuracy with Distance Marker Sticks

Improve Your Accuracy with Distance Marker Sticks

We all know how important accuracy can be when feeder fishing. Land your feeder on a dinner plate and each payload of bait builds up the swim, concentrating the fish just where you want them, rather than spreading bait all over the swim. You can really improve your accuracy with Distance Marker Sticks.

Browning reels feature ‘line-friendly’ clips on the spools that are designed for clipping up to ensure that every cast lands ‘on the money’. Some, like the new Black Viper SLC have two clips, enabling you to fish two different lines with the same set-up. Yes, what happens if you hook and big fish and have to unclip the line to let a fish run, or crack off and need to retackle, or simply want to set up two rods at exactly the same distance? 

Most anglers now realise that counting the number of turns on the retrieve is not the most accurate way of gauging distance. If you want to be really accurate then Distance Marker Sticks are the way to go. 

Whilst we tend to think of using sticks when fishing at long range, they can be equally useful when clipping up to fish to far margin features, or in open water on smaller venues. When using shorter rods reduce the distance between the sticks from the standard four metres down to two metres so it is easier to make the turns. 

The Browning sticks come with line-friendly ribs that hold the line securely and avoid bunching up, that can cause tangles as you wind the line back onto the reel. 

The solid machined points also make it easy to push the sticks into stony banks with ease. 

Always make a note of how many turns you have made, including the length of the final partial turn, so that you can get back to the same spot should you need to retackle. 

A brilliant, yet simple product that every feeder angler should have in their holdall. 

distance marker sticks 2

The distances marked on the tape supplied with the Distance Marker Sticks enables you to be extremely accurate.

distance marker sticks 3

When using shorter rods halve the distance between the sticks to make it easier to wrap the line around them.

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Whincup winter elastic

Winter Elastic Choice for Commercials

Winter Elastic Choice for Commercials

In winter my elastic choice for commercials sees me drop down slightly, as the carp are a bit more ponderous and less likely to charge around the swim. Balancing with the lighter 0.14mm and 0.16mm Cenex Hybrid Power hooklengths that I use in the cold, the Xitan Microbore in Blue / Pearl (2.3mm) rated 9-13, is spot on. For lighter work for F1’s the pink (1.9mm), rated 7-9 is ideal. 

I normally use Microbore elastics through my top-two Sphere Multi-kits with a puller bung, enabling me to control the fish as they get within netting range. 

Microbore really lives up to its name. It is much thinner than other hollow elastics that I have used in the past, which not only gives it a more consistent stretch, but crucially also means that it is a lot lighter. When fishing long I can really feel the difference that the reduced weight makes; a great edge to have. 

One thing to note with all elastics is to tension them by giving them a good stretch before setting up your top kits. This initial stretching will mean that when you rig up the kits the elastic will be at the right tension straight away and won’t stretch a little and droop beyond the pole tip when you have landed a couple of good fish. 

If you haven’t tried it yet then give the Xitan Microbore a try. It is my winter elastic choice for commercial fishing. 

Jon Whincup

winter elastic microbore

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popped up bread rig main

Popped-Up Bread Rig

Rig it Right - Popped-Up Bread Rig

Fishing a popped-up bread rig is a brilliant tactic in the winter months for carp and big F1’s, because the fish spend a lot more time a little way off the bottom than we might imagine. 

The blatant bread bait should be popped up straight off the lead, right in the face of any passing fish. It is essential that the bread is as buoyant as possible, so always leave the punched bread to expand before casting out. It can pay to make up a few hooklengths to allow a quick change between casts. I use a Warburtons sliced loaf, which is quite tough and nice and buoyant. 

There is no need for a big hook when fishing with bread, in fact the lighter the hook the better. I use a Sphere Beast in a size16, which is plenty enough to tame the biggest carp I am likely to hook.

I have found that a 20 gram bomb is about right, creating enough resistance to prick the carp, and  not making too much disturbance when I cast out. 

Because we are not introducing any feed try casting around the swim looking for fish. Once you have caught one, or had an indication it can be worth trying that spot again and the chances are more fish will be around. 

I know it can take a bit of confidence to fish with just popped-up bread, but believe me it is a brilliant tactic when the conditions are cold and the carp are not responding to other tactics. 

Tight Lines! 

Jim Hall

Cenex Hybrid Power mono

  1. I use Cenex Hybrid Power Mono in 0.14mm diameter for my bread and corn hooklengths. 

quick stop

2. Tie a Quick Stop onto a 40cm length of Hybrid Power using a small loop knot.

popped up bread hair

3. Tie on the size 16 Sphere Beast Eyed Barbless hook using a knotless knot. Make sure the hair is long enough to easily take three bread disks.

popped up bread loop

4. Tie a small overhand loop in the other end of the hooklength, giving a total length of about 30cm. Use a figure-of-eight loop for maximum strength.

popped up bread inline

5. Thread an inline bomb onto the end of the 0.20mm main line. 

popped up bread lead size

6. Having experimented with different weights, I find 20 grams is right, with enough weight to set the hook, without making too much splash.

popped up bread quick bead

7. Tie a Quick Change Bead to the end of the main line. 

popped up bread running rig

8. On most venues the rules dictate that the rig is free-running, with the bomb resting against the Quick Change Bead on the cast.

popped up bread in punch

9. Punch three 10mm disks of bread. It is very important to leave them in the punch for a few minutes to allow the bread to expand.

popped up bread on hair

10. Thread the bread disks onto the hair. There should be room on the hair for the bread to expand once it is cast out and becomes wet. 

popped up bread carp

Big carp like this can be your reward for fishing popped-up bread in winter.

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