Streamline Window Feeder

Streamline Window Feeder

When Browning first bought out their innovative original Window Feeders they were the answer to my question when wanting to top a swim up and keep a shoal of hungry bream grubbing around. The original Classic, UKWF and CWF feeders were all brilliant yet after extensive development these new Streamline Window Feeders are simply outstanding and have to be the most efficient feeder design available. 

Tube shaped and with a solid cap these cast and retrieve like nothing before. Greater distances can now be achieved but more importantly, when going the distance, accuracy can be assured even in a side wind. The larger window and new lead fixing without centre bar ensures this feeder lands correctly allowing the contents to empty quicker and cleaner every time, great when I need to top my swim up with particles such as casters, chopped worms and maggots in order to keep the shoal in my swim for longer. I like to give the contents within a slight smearing of groundbait across the window, just to ensure every little morsel hits the spot.


The Streamline Window Feeder is available in three sizes –

Small – 42mm x 20mm, 15g, 20g & 30g 

Medium – 47.5mm x 23mm, 20g, 35g & 50g 

Large – 55mm x 28mm, 20g, 35g, 50g & 70g

Filipe Passeira


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Window Feeders cast very well, and are ideal when you need to be really accurate.

You can load Window Feeders with a wide range of different baits. I find maggots and chopped worm particularly effective.

bream feeder fishing

When conditions are tough and you need to be really accurate reach for the Window Feeder.

browning hybrid mono

Cenex Hybrid Power Line

Line choice is a very personal decision, but one thing we have notice time and time again is how many of our top anglers rely upon Cenex Hybrid Power line for their big fish work. Whether commercial carp, or big river bream and barbel are the target, any time the going gets tough this is the line of choice. 

Like all Cenex lines, Hybrid Power has an extremely accurate diameter, so you can absolutely rely on what is written on the spool. No more guessing or having to check diameters. 

Knot strength is also very good for such a supple line, and is combined with excellent abrasion resistance. Abrasion isn’t just caused by the line touching snags and rocks, but from contact with landing nets, feeders, in fact, anything that it touches. High abrasion resistance means less rig changes, less lost fish, and more time spent fishing. 

Pole anglers will appreciate the transparent colour of this line that makes it much less conspicuous when the line is vertical in the water column, bringing more bites. 

For 2022 the range of diameters available in the Hybrid Power range has been extended and now covers diameters from 0.10mm / 3lb right up to 0.22mm / 10.3lb in 0.02mm increments. 

Whether you are pole or feeder fishing, whenever you need a line with the extra strength to consistently land bigger fish then Cenex Hybrid Power is the first choice. 


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hook lengths in box

Cenex Hybrid Power is ideal for feeder and pole hooklengths, thanks to its abrasion resistance and clarity.

Cenex hybrid power mono

For demanding situations Cenex Hybrid Power is ultra reliable and the diameters are very accurate.

Jon Whincup big carp

Putting together big weights of strong fish puts a lot of strain on your tackle and will quickly find any weakness, especially in your line.

"The high abrasion resistance makes this line ideal for big fish."

web cover f1s live

Autumn F1's - Match Fishing Live Video

In this new video we join Justin Watkins at Warwickshire’s Tunnel Barn Farm and follow his progress ‘live’ through his match.

With the first frost of the year having occurred the night before, how will the lake fish, and how will Justin adapt his tactics to the tough conditions?

Watch to the end of the video to find out if Justin can turn a good draw into a lake-winning weight.

How To Fish Snake Lakes 1

How To Fish Snake Lakes

The popularity of Snake Lakes, especially with match anglers, has increased massively in recent years, and the one at Puddledock Farm in Essex is a classic example. Many are stocked with a mixed variety, especially the more common silver fish we are use too, some have species such as barbel and ide which offer consistent sport throughout the colder months but here at Puddledock its really an all out carp venue. In this article I will look at how to fish Snake Lakes.

Look for the mud bank

Every swim here is almost identical with a uniform depth and cover down the near side margin and across to the far bank which in this case is around 15m, however some swims do stand out and they are the ones with a clean mud bank on the far side, the ones you wish to draw in a match but rarely do. For today’s session I have headed to a banker swim, peg 29 which is a bit of a walk but does produce bigger than average carp and often weights that frame in matches. 

Critical depth

It’s been cold overnight and the chill in the air indicates winter is just around the corner. This will affect how to fish snake lakes. I’m a little apprehensive just how it will fish but I’m going to approach it in the same way I would a routine match, but expect that I may have to make a few changes throughout the session. That mud bank on the far side will be where I start and first job is to have a good plumb around to find not only the depth, ideally between 12 -14 inches tight to the bank, but an area where I can present a bait effectively. The reason I’m looking for a certain depth is at 12-14 inches the carp don’t have the depth to mess around meaning bites are nice and positive.  Deeper swims will see carp intercepting bait at all depths creating loads of false bites and foul hooked fish, frustrating and time consuming.

Totally reliable

The rig I’m using for the long line consists of a strong 0.4g homemade rugby ball shaped float connected using two rubbers to Cenex 0.18mm Hybrid Power Mono and I’ve placed a no12 shot directly below this to stop the float moving along with six no8 just above a 3’ Classic Mono hook length. Finishing of the rig is a size 16 barbless Sphere Beast hook with a band directly attached which retains a 6mm hard pellet. One other important addition to the rig is two no8 back-shot attached above the float which keeps the float pinned into position and the elastic I’ve chosen for this line is the No 10 white Stretch 7 Hollow, ideal for carp in the 2lb – 10lb range. 

how to fish snake lakes 2

Always start across to a clean mud bank if possible.  

sphere beast hooks

Sphere Beast Hooks are my choice when carp fishing.

snake lake bait

Bait, micros, 6mm pellets with maggot and groundbait as backup. 

"I look for a clean line across to start with."

commercial pole float

Robust floats are needed and a yellow tip stands out against the mud. 

commercial pole float stotz

A bulk of no8 placed above the hook length.  

How To Fish Snake Lakes 2

Back shot keeps the float pinned in place.

Under control

I’ve also recently switched over to using the one piece Skyline kits that are ideal for this type of fishing, strong, rigid and along with a side pulla gets even the biggest fish under control quickly. They also have depth measurements every four inches which allows me to adjust the rig if needed but also return to the initial plumed depth instantly.

One bite at a time

Having plumed the depth it’s time to head across and feed the swim. This is where many get things wrong and introduce too much feed using a large pot. What this simply does is gets too many fish into the swim which simply leads to prolonged fights from foul hooked fish, many of which are lost at the last moment. What I try to achieve is to get just one or two carp in the swim at any one time and do this by feeding a small kinda pot of micros, just enough to entice that positive un-missable bite. If I don’t get a bite after a few minutes I simply ship back in and feed again with another pot of micros. Don’t press the micros into the pot to firmly, what you want is when releasing these for them to fall out in a steady column above the hookbait. Keep repeating this and it won’t be long before there are signs of carp in the swim, the float sails away and the elastic extends from the pole.  

Instant action

Quite often it takes a little while to get a bite but today first put in and a good fish around 6lb comes to the net. The action continues as an even bigger fish falls a few minutes later but after a dozen fish during the next couple of hours bites slow up, time to start feeding the margin. 

Down the edge

The chilly overnight temperature has certainly toughened things up, it’s certainly not fast and furious like the summer months, yet a switch down the edge starts to produce bites, not on top of the shelf but at the bottom which shows they’re not that keen on coming up in the water. 

The rig down the edge is almost identical apart from a 4×12 float; 4’ hook length, bulk of no10 and a short hair to a bait band along with Xitan blue Microbore Elastic through the top kit. Feeding this line is different as whilst continuing to fish the far bank I start trickling in a few 6mm pellets by hand, just enough to draw a few carp in and start feeding confidently. The reason I found the fish in deeper water was whilst testing the shallow margin I noticed bubbles coming up further out, so keep your eyes open at all times, especially as the seasons change. 

The rain and wind has started to increase and having landed plenty of carp to nearly 10lb I’m happy with what I’ve learnt, winter is on its way and those shallow marks are getting tougher.  I hope this has been useful and given you an insight into how to fish snake lakes.

Alex Reynolds


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stretch 7 elastic

Stretch 7 Hollow, great for the Skyline Kits.   

browning Xitan SLK 1 piece kit

Skyline kits, perfect for commercial carp.  

commercial pole float locking shot

Put a small shot under the float to ensure the float can’t move when playing powerful carp.

Alex’s Tackle – How to Fish Snake Lakes

Sphere Zero-G PT+

Skyline Kits

Cenex 0.18mm Hybrid Power Mono

Cenex 0.16 Classic Mono

Sphere Beast barbless size 16 hook

Stretch 7 Hollow/Xitan Microbore Elastic

.4g/4×12 handmade float


Alex’s Bait

Micro pellet

6mm Hard Pellets


Dead maggots

Alex Reynolds carp

The carp here can run big and often you will find the better fish right on the mud line.

Browning sphere pole roller height

Sphere Pro-File Rollers

The Sphere Pro-File Rollers are the best rollers I have ever used, and have become an essential part of my kit. It is the small details that make all of the difference, designing out problems that I have experienced in the past. 

Take the leg design, for instance. Not only are the legs fully adjustable, but you can completely remove them when faced with a high bank behind you – a common scenario of many rivers. Removing the legs means you can get the rollers really low to the ground, giving a much better angle to work from. 

The angled stubby ends have done away with the annoying, and potentially costly, problem of poles blowing off rollers when faced with a cross-wind. Even butt sections are safely cradled under the angled roller, stopping the pole from crashing to the floor. 

This is a really stable roller, and although there is a hook fitted in the centre bar, from which you can hang a bag to really anchor it down, I have never needed to use this. That said, I can see it coming in useful when fishing in Ireland on a big sheet of water where the wind can really get up. 

After some serious use my Sphere rollers are still performing like new, and have become essential bits of kit for me. Great rollers available in both double and triple widths. 

Tom Noton


High quality, professional level, pole rollers, The unique design allows the rollers to be adjusted and adapted to suit every bank side situation. The Sphere Pro-File rollers feature: 

• Special leg design allows the rollers to be used at all heights – from totally flat on the ground up to their maximum height. 

• End plates with feet/spikes allowing the rollers to be used with the legs completely removed or folded 

• Quality, heavy-duty, build to ensure the rollers are ultra stable at all heights 

• Large sectioned telescopic legs have reliable cam-lock fittings 

• A profiled EVA roller design which eliminates the need for vertical rollers – which can damage pole sections. 

• Roller sections fitted with multiple bearings for totally smooth operation

• Total efficiency while fishing and complete protection for your pole. Available in 2 sizes/ heights to suit all needs. 


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Browning sphere pole roller low

The legs of the Pro-File rollers can be removed to get it really close to the ground – ideal for steep banks.

Browning sphere pole rollers

Sphere Pro-File rollers are available in two and three section designs, ideal for front and rear rollers.

"These rollers are an essential part of my kit."

Browning sphere pole roller lever

The Sphere rollers have very easy to use lever-locks on the legs to give the perfect height.

Browning sphere pole roller 2

The angled design of the uprights stops butt sections blowing off the roller in a strong cross-wind.

Browning sphere pole roller level

The spirit-level and anchor point are nice features that add to the versatility of these rollers.

Browning sphere pole roller 1

The rollers run on ball races, which turn with virtually no friction, making shipping very smooth.

Jon Whincup beast hooks

Sphere Beast Hook

When I am looking for a strong but light hook the Sphere Beast hook is my choice. Available in both eyed and spade-end versions, the barbless Beast is ideal for hard-fighting carp from spring to late autumn. 

There is something special about the steel used in these hooks. They are very light for such a strong hook, yet they keep their points very well and hook changes are almost a thing of the past. 

The attention to detail is also very good. Spades are formed perfectly, and the eyes are well closed, reducing line breakages significantly. 

The eyed version is ideal for hair-rigging, especially for Method feeder fishing. I like the spade-end version when fishing soft pellets on the pole. Being a light hook the weight doesn’t effect the movement of the bait as much as some other patterns. 

Hook shape is very much a personal preference, but I have noted that I get few hook-pulls with patterns like this that have a short shank, and in-turned point, which is especially noticeable when Method fishing. 

One more thing to note is that the Sphere Beast hook is available in an unusual size 13. You might think this is a big deal, but the difference in size is quite noticeable, and I have found it very useful. 

A really useful hook, especially as it is available in both eyed and spade versions. Good value too as you get 15 hooks in each pack. 


● The perfect big fish hook, use them for carp and barbel

● Short shank, wide gape, in-turned point

● Made using fine Japanese steel for unrivalled strength to weight

● Teflon coating helps you hit more bites

● Available in both eyed and spade-end barbless versions in sizes 8 to 16. 

● Available in barbed spade-end version in sizes 8 to 16

● Fifteen hooks per pack


What makes the Sphere Beast hook so special?

The popular Sphere Beast hooks are now also available in a barbless version. With their straight design, wide gape and Japanese high-performance steel, they have quickly become the number one when it comes to landing feisty fish such as carp and barbel in difficult conditions. The special feature of the barbless Sphere Beast is the Teflon coating that guarantees particularly easy penetration into the mouth of the fish. As a result, the hook holds particularly firmly and pull-outs are significantly reduced.


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sphere beast hook eyed and spade

The Sphere Beast hook is available in both eyed and spade-end versions.

sphere beast eye

Quality control on all of the Sphere hooks is second to none.

"The unusual size 13 has proven to be really useful for pellet fishing."

sphere beast hook 1

There is something about the shape of the Beast hook that means I lose less fish.

sphere beast hook spade

The spade version of the Sphere Beast is ideal for pole fishing for carp with expander pellets.

Browning Sphere Luggage

Sphere Luggage Range

It is no wonder that so many anglers choose the Browning Sphere Luggage range. Designed by and for competition anglers, Europe-wide. A supreme range of luggage that is not only robust enough to handle the wear and tear of fishing weak-in weak-out, but has been designed to cover all the gear you need.

Made from a super rough PVC material, with a unique carbon effect, the luggage looks the business and is incredibly strong. From the accessory bags, to the pole holdalls and carryalls, store your gear safely and in style. 


The Sphere Luggage range comprises the following items: 

  • Multipocket Carryalls
  • Multipocket Holdalls
  • Rod Carriers
  • Roller  Accessory Bags
  • Accessory Bags
  • Cool Bait Bag
  • Multi-Net & Tray Bag

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Sphere Pole Holdall

The Sphere Multipocket Holdalls are available in 6+ and 12+ tube sizes.

Sphere Multi net & Tray bag

Carry your side trays and nets in the Sphere Large Multi Net & Tray Bag.

Sphere Cool Bag

The insulated lining of the Sphere Cool Bait Bag will keep fresh baits, like maggots and casters in top condition.

"Really smart, and very durable, that's the Sphere range."

Sphere multipocket carryall

The Sphere Large Multipocket Carryall has a huge capacity that swallows everything.

Sphere Accessory Bag

The Accessory Bag is large enough to hold six large bait tubs, along with bags of groundbait, pellets and other bait.

Sphere Roller & Accessory Bag

Carry your rollers and accessory arms in the Sphere Roller & Accessory Bag.

ossett win winter league

Ossett Win Regional Winter League

Browning-backed Ossett win regional winter league final round, and the overall Angling Trust regional league.

The sixth and final round was meant to be on the Selby canal, however with flood conditions on the Selby it was moved to the Thorne section of the Stainforth and Keadby canal. 

On the day the team put in another sterling performance to win the round with six section wins, a 3rd place, and a 4th to finish with 13 points. Daiwa Dons claimed second place, with Drennan Barnsley Blacks in third.  

Helen Dagnall showed her class winning her section and the match with 14lb. John Ibbotson came in with 10lb for third overall and another section win. 

Mr consistent Ben Taylor went on to win his section again, which puts him on three sections in three matches at Thorne. He was also fifth overall. 

Micheal Bower also won his section for the second match on the bounce, followed by Ray Marklew with another section win, and finally John Goodwin also putting in a section winning performance. 

The team win on the day put Ossett level with Barnsley Blacks after six rounds with the league win going to Ossett on section count backs.

A great result for the team as we draw to the end of a very successful year. 

Thanks again to John Waterhouse and team on running a great league yet again. Always a thankless task, but always run smoothly.


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ossett win winter league

Roach and skimmers dominated on the Stainforth & Keadby Canal.

Ossett put on a great performance in the sixth round.

Ossett put in a brilliant performance in the sixth round to draw level with Barnsley. The result went down to a count back of section wins over the six rounds.

Match Fishing Live - Autumn Carp Pole Fishing Tactics

Join Jim Hall throughout the recent Browning Teams match at Rookery Waters in Cambridgeshire.


Having never fished the venue before, how will Jim’s years of commercial fishing experience translate into this new venue? Having drawn a decent peg, can he put together a good performance?

We follow Jim right through his match to see how it unfolds, his thinking and the tactics he uses.


Hit the play button below to watch now, or find it on the Browning Europe YouTube channel.

pole fishing for carp

SLK-P 2/1 Duo Pulla Top Kits

The Browning SLK-P 2/1 Duo Pulla top kits are absolutely brilliant if you are looking to add more set-ups to your pole. These top-two’s are very cost effective and are compatible with the higher-end Browning pole range.

I have to admit that the commercial carp fisheries I fish really do put every piece of my equipment through its paces. Top-kits are probably exposed to more punishment than almost any other item of tackle. This isn’t just the stress of landing big weights of hard-fighting carp, but also continual wear and tear in use. This is where kits made from quality carbon come into their own. Stress points on the ends of the sections are reinforced, helping to reduce wear and chipping.

Fitted with the brilliant Duo Bush system, no cutting back is required with these kits. Use the smaller 4.5mm inner black bush when using fine diameter solid elastics or lighter Microbore. Remove the inner bush and use the larger 5.5mm outer bush when bigger diameter hollow elastics are required. 

The SLK-P 2/1 Duo Pulla Top Kits even come with a woven carbon reinforced area for adding a Pulla bush, extending the lifespan of the kit considerably.

These top kits really do give me a great deal of flexibility without breaking the bank. They make a great addition to my Sphere pole. 

Length: 2.60m

Closed length: 1.45m

Weight: 49g

Sections: Top two

Duo Bush diameter: 4.5mm/5.5mm

Alex Reynolds


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Browning SLK-P Top Kit

The SLK-P 2/1 Duo Pulla kits are great value and cover all of my commercial carp fishing.

sphere exo pole

Using top kits that don’t need cutting back means I can change rigs without worrying about fishing the right line.

sphere pulla bung

The reinforcing around the Pulla Bung area helps reduce wear and prolong the life of the kits.

pole fishing for carp

Top kits have a tough life, but the SLK-P top-two’s are well up to the wear and tear of carp bagging.