Silverlite landing net handle 1

Silverlite Landing Net Handle

Silverlite Landing Net Handle

The first thing that you notice about the Silverlite handle is how incredibly slim it is. Even at four metres long the handle is pencil-thin, yet incredibly strong and stiff. If you are looking for a handle that is not only light but easy to move around then this is the one.

The three piece design gives the option to use the handle at either its full length or with just two section. It really comes into its own at full length though, allowing you to net fish quicker, especially when fishing deep venue with top 4 kits. 

The spreader block has been beefed up and is internally pinned for added strength and longevity. A spiral wrap adds further strength and stiffness to the handle, so it can soak up use day after day.

If you are looking for the best and that extra 1% then be sure to check out the Silverlite handle at your local Browning Stockist.

Silverlite handle 2

The metal thread has been reinforced and internally pinned.

Silverlite handle 3

Despite being incredibly slim, the high grade materials mean this handle is incredibly strong and stiff.

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Black Magic MSF reel

Black Magic MSF Reels

Black Magic MSF Reels

Browning have been producing top quality match reels for many years, reels such as the Black Viper and Sphere MgTi, however realizing that many anglers nowadays are looking, not just for a reel that is reliable and long lasting but one that’s affordable so have included in the range, not just high end reels but mid and budget ones too.

The Black Magic MSF330 is one of three in this affordable range and includes many of the features that are found in the high end reels, such as two spring loaded line clips, high capacity spool (160m/0.16mm line), silky smooth easily adjustable front drag and powerful gears to name a few. Its compact size and weight, just 238g is ideal for match anglers like myself who like to take a variety of made up rods to cover every eventuality when heading out to a match. It will also appeal to those on a budget who demand the very best as well as the general all-rounder who’s looking for a reel that is ideal for not just feeder work but float work as well.

At first glance you would think this is an expensive reel as it looks fantastic with subtle gold flashes standing out against its grey body and a quick turn of the handle transmits a really smooth balanced feel. Other features include three ball bearings, CNC stainless steel handle, anti-twist line roller; s-curve line distribution for fantastic line lay, continuous anti-reverse, 5.1:1 gear ratio, the list is endless. 

If you are looking for a quality compact affordable reel, one that’s going to last, then it’s worth checking, not just the superb Black Magic MSF range out but all the Browning reels as these guys really do know what they are doing!

Alex Reynolds

Black Magic MSF 5
Black Magic MSF reel 2

Line lay is excellent, and the spools are fitted with a quality line clip.

Black Magic MSF reel 3

The drag is super-smooth, with precision engineering throughout the reel.

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Xi-Box 36 Compact web

Xi-Box 36 Compact - Long Term Review

Alex Reynolds takes a look at his Browning Xi-Box 36 Compact in this new video – a great box for those looking for functionality in a compact package. 


Click the play button below to watch now.


Find out more here –


Browning’s “Xi-Box” – High quality, space efficient, compact seatboxes. 

The Xi-Box 36 Compact is top of the Xi-Box range. It has been designed to have a small “footprint”, so easier to fit in a car, carry, or use on platforms than traditional cassette style boxes. 

The design is very strong and rigid with 36mm legs and specially designed clamps. The top frame of the box can be height adjusted to maintain a comfortable seating position if trays are added or removed. 

The Xi-Box 36 Compact features : 

• 36mm telescopic legs with hinged mudfeet for total stability 

• Sliding footplate • Secure non-slip locking systems with large easy-to-grip knobs 

• Fixed mesh tray on bottom frame for under-box storage while fishing 

• Spirit levels and adjustable seat height for total comfort 

• 2 x 3cm plus 1 x 6cm side drawers 

• 1 x 4cm plus 1 x 3m tray units 

• Additional trays available

cenex feeder mono 1

Cenex Feeder Mono

The Cenex range of lines offers not just unbeatable hook lengths but also a number of specialists mainline such as the Cenex Feeder Mono. 


Created with a low-friction, smooth surface it improves casting and retrieve performance and is highly abrasion resistance so great for fishing in situation where the line needs to take some serious wear such as catching lots of commercial carp or fishing close to far bank cover. It’s medium-stretch offers better bite detection, so also good when targeting shy biting fish and it sinks really well making it less conspicuous to cautious fish.

Its super suppleness also lends itself to float fishing at distance and has become very popular with anglers targeting carp on the pellet waggler or the more conventional waggler species such as tench and bream.

Available in a range of popular diameters on 150m spools ranging between 0.14mm (4.00lb) and 0.28mm (13.70lb).

Tim Bruce

cenex feeder mono 2
cenex feeder mono 3

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match riddles 1

Match Riddles

Available in three mesh sizes, theBrowning match  Riddles perfectly fit Browning’s 17 litre bait buckets, making getting your bait perfectly prepared easier than ever before. 

The mesh is made from rustproof stainless steel and is securely riveted to the strong plastic frame. The design has been carefully thought out to remove potential dead-spots where bait can collect and build up over time. 

Choose the right size mesh for every application:

2x2mm mesh – Ideal for sieving dry groundbait and for riddling pinkies.

4x4mm mesh – Perfecting for riddling maggots and for preparing casters.

6x6mm mesh – Remove lumps and aerate your groundbait mixes with this coarser mesh. 

match riddles 2

The Riddles fit perfectly in Browning’s 17l bait buckets.

match riddles 3

With three sizes of mesh, there is a riddle for every bait application.

match riddles 4

Use the 6mm mesh for riddling groundbait.

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Silverlite Jens Koschnick Feeder Rods

Take a look at the new Jens Koschnick Feeder Rods in this short video. Click the play button below to watch now.


These rods are based upon the World Champion feeder rod series developed by Jens Koschnick for Browning in 2016.


The range now includes 3 models, all of which have been customised to Jens’ requirements. The old rods have been optimised for length, action and design according to Jens’ vision. The new blanks set themselves apart with the most precise casting properties. Specific areas above the handle have been stiffened. However, the overall soft action required by Jens in the last third of the rods has been retained.


Don’t let your eyes deceive you. Despite the delicate appearance and pleasant action, the rods can take brutal loads and are also suitable for targeting carp.


The insert of the tips remains at the familiar 2.2mm, allowing you to use tips from the World Champion series. However, as an innovation, there are tips available for the Silverlite feeder rods with different ring diamaters. The 3.15m and 3.5m model are supplied with small rings as per the World Champion Range. The 3.85m version comes with big rings.

Shallow Fishing - Tips & Tricks 2022

Jim Hall visits the prolific Lindholme Lakes and spends the day on the famous Bonsai lake in search and carp and F1’s shallow.


Jim looks at the rigs and tactics you need for shallow fishing, including the Jigga rig.


Hit the play button below to watch the video now, or head over to the Browning YouTube channel to watch this and hundreds more tactical videos.

1. The Multipocket bag has a huge capacity

Sphere Large Multi-Pocket Bag

Sphere Large Multi-Pocket Bag

It is amazing just how much gear I can take with me much of the time, especially when fishing festivals and matches away from home. On many venues the conditions have a heavy influence on the gear I need on the day, and so slimming down is simply not an option. Recently I have swapped to the new Sphere luggage range and I must say that it is without doubt the best gear that I have ever used.


What I particularly like about the Sphere range is the quality of the material and fittings used. Very often a good bag or holdall can be let down by a zip, poor stitching or a buckle breaking, but there are no such weak points on this range. The material, with its distinctive carbon-effect look, is also incredibly tough, reinforced in all the high-wear places, such as the base and corners and it’s wipe clean too!


One of my favourites from the range is the Multipocket Bag. This has proven to be ideal for storing the mountain of gear that I tend to carry with me. Available in two sizes, the Compact 85 litre version is ideal for most situations, with the Large 110 litre version being ideal when you need maximum capacity. The dimensions of both bags are perfect for sitting on a barrow, making transportation really easy with all of my gear stored in a single bag. The side pockets also help me keep kit organised and I know exactly where everything is.


The carry handles positioned at each end of the bag are a really useful touch, enabling me to easily lift the loaded bag out of the car and off the barrow. The reinforced base, with plastic runners that mean that material isn’t in contact with the ground or your car boot, will reduce wear and tear.


For me this is a great example of a simple product done right. It might not be the cheapest, but in the long run I can see the Sphere range lasting the distance – mine looks as good now as it did a year ago when it first hit the bank – it’s also keeping my gear in tip-top condition for many years to come.


Kye Jerrom

4. The zips are super-strong and will give years of service

The zips on the Sphere luggage are superb quality and over-sized for maximum strength.

2. The end pockets have a big capacity on their own

The end pockets have a large capacity for catapults and other items that you want to have close to hand.

5. The Large Multipocket bag has a huge 100 litre capacity

If you are looking for the ultimate luggage then Sphere is it.

6. The Sphere luggage range is designed to be the 'best of the best'

Available in two sizes, the Sphere Multi-Pocket carryall is a must-have.

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cenex low stretch mono 1

Cenex Low Stretch Mono

Cenex Low Stretch Mono 

Cenex Low Stretch Mono is a brilliant alternative to using braid as it offers many of the advantages that braid provides and allows an angler an in-between to both allowing them to see if switching from mono to braid is for them. It’s also brilliant if you are on a venue where braid is banned, especially if you’re fishing at distances and need to exaggerate bites.

Specifically designed for feeder fishing this ultra low pre-stretched reel line is extremely abrasion resistant has a smooth surface that aids both line lay on the reel and effortless casting at distance. 

In contrast to mono all bites will be massively exaggerated, especially useful for shy biting fish such as roach and skimmers.

Available in four diameters on 150m spools –

0.14mm – 4.60lb

0.16mm – 5.80lb

0.18mm – 6.90lb

0.20mm – 8.50lb


Tim Bruce

cenex low stretch mono 2

This low diameter line has less stretch than normal lines, giving better bite registration and longer casting distances.

cenex low stretch mono 3

This is a brilliant line for feeder fishing, really accentuating bites.

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kennet & avon 1

The Brilliant Kennet & Avon!

Pole fishing on the brilliant Kennet & Avon Canal.

It’s a real treat for me to head to my favourite canal and with certain stretches of the middle reaches of the Kennet and Avon staying open during the traditional close season it’s always a trip I look forward to. It’s not just refreshing to get away from the busy commercial match scene, you rarely if ever see another angler at this time of year here, but it’s just great being able to unwind in the peaceful, unrushed countryside. 

Pole Position

The stretch I’m fishing today is close to Hungerford in West Berkshire and I’ve chosen this swim for two reasons, the first is it has a mooed boat opposite, one I hope won’t be moving, along with a lock to my left, an end peg so to speak which is always a good area at anytime of the year. My only concern is the colour of the water which has a strange brownish tinge to it, an algae bloom I suspect, but at least I can still see around eighteen inches down. 

Perch Attack

Knowing this canal has a reputation for big perch I’m going to have at least one line with these in mind and the root system extending into the water from a bank side tree to my right looks the perfect area. I’m going to prime this spot first with a big cupful of chopped worms plus a few casters which I hope will draw in any bonus fish throughout the day. The canal is quite low; it might be too shallow here, so if it fails to produce I will switch to a more central line down the middle to my right with chopped lobworm.  The rig I m using for my inside perch line is Stretch 7 No8 elastic, a 0.5g float, size 14 Sphere Beast hook with the mainline and hook length created from Cenex Classic Mono in 0.14mm and 0.12mm diameters. 


kennet & avon pole fishing 2

With a boat moored on the opposite bank this was an interesting swim with plenty of options.

kennet & avon pole fishing 3

Bait choice consisted on mainly larger, more positive, baits, such as maggots, casters and worms as I was hoping for a good stamp of fish.

Boat Line

My second line of attack is right over to the far bank moored boat, one I’m going to kick start hopefully with a big cupful of casters and then on a regular basis pult a few more over the top. This line really could produce anything from that bonus big perch right through to net roach and skimmers. The rig I’ve set up for this consists of 0.3g float size 18 hook, Microbore lime green elastic and Cenex Classic Mono in diameters 0.10mm and 0.08mm.

In the Deeps

My final line, and one that I’m hoping will attract mainly skimmers, is straight down the middle in the deepest water, a maggot line which I’ve kicked started with a small ball of Quick Skimmer groundbait. The rig for this is a 4×12 float, with a strung out bulk of no11 shot plus two tiny dropper shot. Once again the line consists of 0.10mm/0.08mm Classic Mono, size 20 hook and Microbore lime green elastic and the pole for all three lines is my trusted Sphere Zero-G F1+. 

On the Move

A quick look down the edge on the worm line produces just one small perch and line down the side of the boat is strangely quiet, however it seems that most of the fish are in the deeper water as bites are coming frequently from small roach, skimmers and perch. Unfortunately the boat on the far bank isn’t staying, it’s a risk we take which doesn’t always work in our favour, as after an hour it’s on the move and as expected kills sport for a while. Another look down the edge produces nothing so the lobworm line is activated for later in the session. Introducing a small ball of groundbait in the deeper water every ten minutes along with steadily pulting pinkies and big maggot over the top on a little and often basis gets the bites coming again. The fish, mostly skimmers and roach are slowly getting bigger and then as expected something bigger grabs the pinkie hookbait and see’s the elastic extend and it’s not long before a perch, probably around 1lb 8oz falls into the waiting net. 

kennet & avon pole fishing 4

Microbore lime green is ideal for my lighter rigs.

"as well as catching some quality fish in beautiful surroundings it’s time to head home one happy angler"

Toothy Encounter

Strangely just when I’m putting a weight together the bites dry up leaving me scratching my head. Time to check out the lobworm line! Straight away the float buries and a big fish is hooked, let’s hope it’s a big perch but the speed of this fish has me thinking otherwise and after a tense fight a pike is somehow bundled into the net. Now I know why the swim died so suddenly! The pike is released well away from the swim and once again after feeding the bites return with some nice net perch showing along with the odd gudgeon and a surprise minnow, now I haven’t caught one of these for years. 

Heading Home Happy

The early morning cloud cover has now given way to bright blue skies, however with the minnow, hearing my first cuckoo of the year as well as catching some quality fish in beautiful surroundings it’s time to head home one happy angler.

Colin Sheppard

sphere beast hooks

Sphere Beast hooks are ideal for worm fishing when hard-fighting fish can be expected.

cenex hybrid mono

You can’t beat Cenex Hybrid Mono in demanding situations with hard-fighting fish.

sphere f1+ pole

The Sphere F1 Plus pole handles everything that I can throw at it and is incredibly well balanced and stiff.

Colin’s Tackle

Sphere Zero-G F1+ Pole

No8 Stretch 7 Elastic

Xitan Micobore Lime Green 3-5 Elastic

Cenex Hybrid Power Mono 0.14mm/0.12mm

Cenex Classic Mono 0.10mm/0.08mm

Sphere Beast size 14 Hook

Sphere Feeder size 18 Ultra Lite Hook


Colin’s Bait




Champion’s Feeder Quick Skimmer Groundbait

kennet & avon 7

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