BM 420FD reel 1

Black Magic FD 420 Reel

Black Magic FD 420 Reel

The Black Magic FD range really punches way above their price tag. 

Featuring all the advanced features that you would expect from modern day reels, such as powerful gears, 5-curve line distribution, continuous anti-reverse, finely adjustable front drag, stainless steel handle, anti-twist line roller plus many more this really is the perfect reel for targeting quality fish. 

I use this quality, durable reel for big time bagging on carp dominated venues where it take some serious punishment and it hasn’t let me down once. It’s silky smooth and the reel stem isn’t too long allowing me to have easy, comfortable finger control of the spool when casting and the front drag is easy to adjust and responsive. The line lay is perfect due to the anti-twist line roller and the aluminium spool has a hardened front edge for longer casting distances. 

It’s not just full of features as it looks like a reel that would cost miles more with its graphite body and subdued golden trim associated with the Black Magic range. This reel, as do the others in the range, comes with a spare spool. 

Weighing in at 260g the Black Magic 420 is the smallest in a range of three and has a line capacity of 155m of 0.16mm line, has four ball bearings, a gear ration of 5,1:1 and retrieves 59cm of line per oscillation. 

What more could you want for less than fifty quid?

Colin Sheppard

BM 420FD reel 2
black magic 420fd reel 4
black magic 420fd reel 5

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Big Pit Feeders

Let’s face it, we’ve all had cage feeders that have split, broken or simply exploded on impact with the water, yet in all the years of using Browning’s Big Pit Feeders I can honestly say not one has let me down and when they cost half the price of most other cage feeders on the market, then you really do need to check them out.

Made from an almost indestructible (in a fishing application) clear plastic the Big Pit feeder range consists of three sizes – Mini, Standard and Large, there’s also an Inline version and they range in weight loading of between 15g to 60g. The large holes allow for a quick bait release once landed and the ridges within hold the groundbait in place even when casting to the horizon. The stem of the feeder holds a standard swivel and is of a length to create a boom and reduce any chance of tangling and the weight is evenly spread across the base for accurate casting and securely locked into the design of the feeder to eliminate them letting you down.

I used the 50g Big Pit Large Feeder to great effect recently whilst targeting big bream. Casting out a dozen times to lay a bed down bait it wasn’t long before the bream arrived got their heads down and provided me with some outstanding sport. 

Reliable and affordable, what more do you need from a feeder?

Tim Bruce


Big Pit Feeders have a near-indestructible plastic frame.


There is a Big Pit Feeder for almost every situation.


The weights are carefully moulded to the bottom of the fame and available in a wide range of sizes.

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xitan microbore elastic 1

Xitan Microbore Pole Elastic

Having used solid elastics for many years when fishing for small silver fish I saw little reason to switch to hollow elastic, but eventually I was persuaded to give it a go and instantly felt the difference when using Xitan Microbore Pole Elastic.

Nowadays I’m completely converted as it has numerous advantages. The first is that it lasts far longer than solid elastic; it’s also so much smoother, doesn’t stretch when a rogue carp comes along, has less memory, and doesn’t stick. Microbore is also available in a wide range of different strengths and is much thinner than normal hollow elastic.

Now completely converted, I use it when fishing for silvers, big bream right through to carp. I would highly recommend the green for roach, skimmers and perch, orange for big bream and pink for F1’s and carp.

If you are still using solid elastic then give Microbore elastic a go, you will be pleasantly surprised.  


Xitan Microbore Pole Elastic is available in six diameters –

Lime Green 1.3mm rated 3-5

Orange 1.5mm rated5-7

Pink 1.9mm rated 7-9

Blue/Pearl 2.3mm rated 9-13

Hunter Green 2.7mm rated 13-17

Rocket Red 3.0mm rated 17-21

John Pantrey

xitan microbore elastic 2

Microbore elastic runs smoothly through pole sections without sticking and is lighter than normal hollow elastic.

microbore elastic 3

Microbore is available in a wide range of different diameters, making it suitable for everything from silver fish to big carp.

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Xi landing net handle

Xi-Match Landing Handle

Xi-Match Landing Handle

If you enjoy fishing for silvers, like I do, especially net skimmers and roach then netting them quickly and efficiently is vital. This becomes somewhat harder when there is a side wind or if fishing a canal or river where there’s some flow and if your landing net and handle are too heavy and big it can all become somewhat clumsy.

Speed fishing for silvers is all about getting every part of your equipment right and if you want to get the best out of every situation then you really do need to get your hands on the Xi-Match handle as it’s so light, long and strong. At full length this 3 piece handle stretches to 4m and its ultra slim, yet still retains amazing rigidity and it only weighs 293g!

Other points to mention are the reinforced joints, anti-slip surface at the base of the handle and joint protectors which all contribute to making this the best ever silver fish handle I’ve ever used and team it up with a Silverlite Ghost net and you have a winning combination. 

John Pantrey

xi landing net handle 2

The thin diameter and stiffness of this 4m handle makes it very easy to move through the water.

xi handle joints

The joints are reinforced for extra strength.

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Browning Fishing Spring Product Launches

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We have some brilliant new products coming to our Retailers across Europe over the coming months and you can find exclusive details online now!


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big roach 1

Trotting for roach on small streams

Trotting for roach on small streams - Justin Watkins

Every winter the tiny river Bourne, a tributary of the mighty river Thames see’s a massive migration of silver fish into it. This is probably to get away from predation, but for whatever reason it’s great news for anglers as it offers some fantastic fishing, predominantly for roach. 

For me it gives me some diversity and gets me away from the stillwater match scene and allows me to step back in time and remember the days when fishing such venues was commonplace. There’s a few miles of free fishing here at Chertsey Meads and today I’ve headed for the middle section which gets me away from the more pressured swims, however the swims are far tighter often with low overhanging trees to contest with. 

Bait couldn’t be easier, maggots and it allows me to use up any leftovers from the weekends matches. Bread punch is an option, especially when the rivers running really clear but today it has some colour which is good.

roach catch 1
stick float

Use a decent sized float so that you can hold the rig back without it being pulled off its line.

hooks to nylon

Sphere Match Hooks to Nylon are my choice for river fishing with maggots.

"On these tiny streams it’s a good idea to be stealthy..."

Tackle wise is also relatively simple and I’ve coupled my13ft Black Magic CFX match rod up with a Sphere MgTi 920 reel loaded with a 3lb floating mainline. At the business end is a 4×14 alloy stem stick, attached with three rubbers and this is shotted shirt button style with the size of shot decreasing as it nears the hook and the space between increasing which allows the bait falls through the water naturally and when edged through the swim the bait is slightly ahead of the float which makes hitting fast roach bites easier. Hook length is a pre-tied and shortened Sphere Match size 16 barbed hook containing two red maggots.  


On these tiny streams it’s a good idea to be stealthy and although I have bought a seat box this was set up well away from the bank and quietly poisoned along with everything else so the fish weren’t spooked straight away. In all honesty if I was going to fish all day then I would bring just the minimal amount of kit and rove around yet with just three hours at my disposal, and with a reliable swim available I’ve opted to stay put and try and build it slowly.

First few trots through with a lighter rig simply see’s tiny bleak and roach so a quick change to a heavier float and upping the feed slightly slowly see’s a few better roach netted. Ninety minutes later and the roach are coming thick and fast, mostly net fish to around 12oz along with the odd skimmer and perch. If I had more time I would be doing this so much more as it’s so enjoyable and rewarding and come the end of the session I’m amazed at what I’ve caught from such a small stream, there must be getting on for 20lb in the net including my first ever silver bream!

If you have a river close by then it’s really worth checking out, especially where it flows though rural areas as these can be full of fish at this time of year.

Justin Watkins

sphere reel

Treat your line so that it floats as this allows for a clean strike when you get a bite.

maggots for fishing

A couple of pints of maggots are all you need for this simple fishing.

big roach fishing

Small streams can hold some surprisingly big roach.

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hybrid mono 2

Cenex Hybrid Power Mono

Cenex Hybrid Power Mono

Cenex lines have grown rapidly in popularity with match anglers since there launch and there’s a reason for this, they are simply lines that you can rely on. 

My favourite for my pole rigs is Cenex Hybrid Power Mono, just check the diameter and you will find them to be true and accurate and it’s extremely strong and abrasion resistant, yet it’s remarkably supple allowing perfect bait presentation and never kinks.

Originally available in five popular sizes however due to popularity and demand two new sizes have become available, 0.10mm which is exceptionally strong for its fine diameter and brilliant for targeting silvers and skimmer. The 0.22mm is ideal for the carp match angler putting big weights together and needs a line that simply won’t let him down. 

Is there a better line for pole rigs and hook lengths, well if there is I don’t know about it!

Cenex Hybrid Power Mono is available in the following diameters –

0.10mm 1.37kg/3.00lb 

0.12mm 1.70kg/3.70lb

0.14mm 2.55kg/5.60lb

0.16mm 3.00kg/6.60lb

0.18mm 3.90kg/8.50lb

0.20mm 4.20kg/9.20lb

0.22mm 4.70kg/10.30lb

John Pantrey

hybrid mono 1

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Xenos jet feeder 1

Xenos Jet Feeder

As the name suggests, the Xenos Jet Feeder is designed to go the distance. One of the longest casting feeders that Browning have developed, thanks to its fantastic aerodynamic shape and moulded nose weight, which gives maximum stability on the cast.

The ring-shaped weight also make the feeder very easy to load, as the groundbait can be compressed from both ends. It also empties very quickly, for the same reason. 

One little talked about benefit, is that this feeder is also very snag-resistant, as it rises quickly from the bottom when retrieved, making it ideal for venues, like many in Ireland, where there is a distinct ledge at distance. 

The plastic frame is very robust and will not crack, and the specially coated weight will not chip or crack. 

A brilliant feeder for long range fishing available in weights from 20 grams to 50 grams. 

xenos jet feeder 2

The aerodynamic, moulded design of the Xenos Jet Feeder makes it easy to load, and casts long distances and with great accuracy.

xenos jet feeder 3

Ideal for long range fishing with the paternoster rigs.

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jk feeder rod 2

Silverlite Jens Koschnick Feeder Rod 12’ 6’’

Silverlite Jens Koschnick Feeder Rod 12’ 6’’ 

Developed in conjunction with Jens’, the Silverlite Jens Koschnick Feeder Rod 12’ 6’’ rods are designed for the angler looking to catch shy-biting silverfish on the feeder in the most demanding situations. The designed has been optimised to offer brilliant casting performance, thanks to the butt and lower mid-section having the back-bone to cast feeders up to 60 grams without folding. The Upper mid-section and tip are softer, helping to spot shy-bites and reduce the number of fish coming adrift on the retrieve. 

Whilst the action is optimised for feeder fishing for bream, roach and other silvers, these rods pack enough punch to handle big F1’s and rogue carp too. The optimised blank really can handle everything! 

The 12’ 6’’ model has been fitted throughout with larger diameter SiC rings, making it ideal for combining with modern ‘Big Pit’ style feeder reels, with their large diameter spools. Quiver tips are available with both larger and standard ringing. 

The exceptional finish and quality fittings add to the overall package, making these serious rods for the aspiring match angler, without the a wallet-busting price tag. 

Silverlite Jens Koschnick Feeder Rod 12’ 6’’ / 3.85m model is fitted with large diameter rings throughout for casting performance. 

Tips compatible with original 2.2mm diameter World Champion series rods.

Casting Weight – 60 grams

Quiver tips – 0.5oz, 1.0oz, 1.5oz

silverlight feeder casting
jk feeder rod 3
jk feeder rod 5
jk feeder rod 7
jk feeder rod 4
jk feeder rod 6
jk feeder rod 8

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feeder rest deluxe

Feeder Rod Rest Deluxe

Feeder Rod Rest Deluxe

The Feeder Rod Rest Deluxe has become invaluable this winter as it holds the rod firmly in place when even the strongest of wind has been blowing. 

The compact foam groves allow the rod to be placed down without fear of damage and the numerous groves allows fine adjustment of the rod without the chance of moving the feeder. The raised ends also protect the rod if a savage bite comes along, commonplace on the carp venues I fish a lot when using the method feeder. 

The Feeder Rod Rest Deluxe is also useful on flowing venues when the rod needs to be positioned high and the elements are against you and although strong its extremely light which is great if having a distance to travel to your swim.

 Colin Sheppard

feeder rod rest 2
feeder rest deluxe

A brilliant design that allows me to tension the tip perfectly.

feeder rest deluxe 4

The small raised parts give numerous rod positions and hold the rod securely even when you are getting vicious bites from carp.

feeder rest deluxe 5

The raised ends really lock the rod in place.

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