Big Pit Standard Feeder

Originally Published in English

The Browning range of cage feeders is second to none, with designs to cover just about every situation. One of my favourites is the Big Pit Std Feeder. This is a nice compact design with a very strong plastic cage that does not crack or break like some designs. The leads are also very securely fixed to the feeder and are flush to the frame, so there is no chance of the line catching. 

The Big Pit Std size is ideal for feeding a pinch of feed capped off with a small amount of groundbait at each end. ‘Bite size’ is a good way of describing the amount of bait. This makes them ideal for roach and skimmer fishing, where I will be casting regularly, and want to introduce just enough feed to concentrate the fish and keep them interested. 

The inside of the moulded frame has small ridges that hold the bait securely, ensuring it stays in the feeder on the cast. 

Another feature that I like are the moulded stems that contain a quality swivel. This is a really tangle-free design that suits a wide range of feeder rigs. Normally, I fish these feeders on a short boom, but they work equally well fished on a twisted loop, or as a paternoster. 

A really useful feeder that is ideal for still and slow-flowing venues where roach and skimmers are the target species. 

Length 30mm

Diameter 25mm

Weights – 20g, 25g, 30g, 40g, 50g

Chris Greensides (Browning Team Ossett)

These feeders are just the right size for most of my silverfish feeder work.

Load them with a mixture of Black Roach and Quick Skimmer.

These feeders cast really well and have proven to be very strong.

"A brilliant feeder for the majority of my winter fishing"

Rig it Right - Bread Disk Leger

An inline method feeder is a deadly rig when the fish in your swim are up for a munch, but what do you do to tempt a bite when they are in a lethargic mood and unwilling to get their heads down?

In winter this can often be what we are faced with and although you may have selected your swim carefully or pulled the hot peg out of the bag, simply tempting a bite or two could see you having a good day or framing. 

This is when you need to rely on a carp’s curiosity and popping a bait up such as a couple of bread discs, right in their faces, can often get the tip pulling round. 


Tim Bruce

  1. Slide a Super Stopper (float stop) onto the mainline (only if safe semi-fixed rigs are allowed). 

2. Then thread the in-line lead on. 

3. Break apart a Connector Swivel, thread the buffer end onto the mainline followed by the connector end.

4. Secure the Connector Swivel using a Grinner knot, remembering to moisten before tightening and then slowly pulling down.

5. With the lead resting against the Connector Bead unclip the Connector Bead.

6. Attach the hook length to the Connector Bead.

"A great presentation when the carp are mid-water"

7. Make sure the hook length is securely mounted within and clip together the Connector Bead.

8. To secure the bread discs, insert a Push Stop Needle into the Push Stop and push through the 8mm punched bread discs.

9. The finished rig should look like this. The Super Stopper (float stop) is positioned an inch away from the lead when its resting against the Connector Swivel and creates a safe, semi-fixed Bolt Rig.


6lb Black Magic Gold Mono

Feeder Leader size 14 Method Push Stop Hook Length

Connector Bead

1.1oz in-line lead.

Super Stopper

Xitan X Shelter Side Tray

First Published in Polish.


Next to my seatbox, I can’t imagine fishing without a quality side tray. Having everything to hand, so that I don’t have to bend down, allows me to concentrate completely on my fishing. 


This is important during the competition, every minute counts, because it may turn out to be at a premium. More than once I have lost or won a competition by just 50 grams. Winning or losing can be down to such fine margins.


So, for me, a side tray is an absolute must have. Having such a tray, we can place the necessary fishing accessories on it. Mine has a measuring cup, a disgorger and a wallet with hooks. In addition, several bait boxes are also kept close at hand. It is an individual matter, everyone organizes a place according to their requirements on the day.


Over a year ago I invested in a decent side tray. I bought the Xitan X Shelter side tray  XL with a cover from Browning. I chose this model for a reason. At the beginning, I had an ordinary, low-end tray. Unfortunately, my needs changed over the years and I had to change that. This tray is much larger than the previous one. Its dimensions are 45cm by 65cm. I can put everything on it with space to spare.


As the years go by, the amount of equipment I need to hand continues to grow. I noticed the lack of space when packing up at the end of a session. You never know what will come in handy during a competition, so it pays to have plenty of room. Returning to the trays, the model I chose has a screen. It is a cover that is permanently attached to a metal frame. The folding screen is waterproof, while the sides are made of fine and strong mesh.


The screen has many advantages. One of them is protection against wind and rain, and the necessary accessories are under it. I am not very fond of an umbrella, I use it as a last resort. If it is pouring with rain during a match I just pull the cover over the tray and the bait and gear is protected. Any rain that does make it onto the tray instantly drains away because of the metal mesh base. 


The screen protects me from such situations in the rain. Additionally, it works well in hot weather. Summer temperatures can be tough when fishing. The cover prevents bait from boiling in the sun, and protects groundbait from drying out. It is also worth mentioning that during a match, no one can see the baits that I am using. The side tray in the set has two telescopic legs. This allows it to be spread over any terrain. The legs are ended with feet that ensure stability also on steep ground.


The Xitan version is a solid model. The massive base and good cover from the screen will make me use it for many years. In addition, it fits on seatbox legs from 25mm to 36mm. Which is really useful if you decide to change your seatbox system in the future. 


Tight lines! 


Paweł Daab Fishing_our_passion TEAM BROWNING

Mix it Right - River Feeder Groundbait

Originally Published in English.


When targeting silverfish, particularly dace, on the river Trent I need a groundbait that is sticky enough to hold well in a cage feeder, but which is quickly washed out once the feeder comes to rest on the bottom. What I don’t want is a mix that comes out of the feeder on the drop, as this will be quickly washed downstream, taking the fish with it. I also want a mix that allows me to pack as much feed, mostly maggots, chopped worm, and caster, into the feeder with just the minimum of groundbait plugging the ends. Fortunately, a combination of two of the excellent Browning groundbaits suits this job perfectly. 

I use an equal combination of Champion’s Choice Black Magic and Champion’s Feeder Quick Skimmer. The Black Magic is a really dark, classic-style silverfish groundbait that blends in really well with the bottom and has a pungent spicy aroma. In contrast the Quick Skimmer has a fine texture and a sweet aroma that the fish really like. The combination of the two produces a mix that  has a firm consistency, ideal for plugging a cage feeder. 

Here is how I go about mixing this groundbait. 

Tom Noton

  1. Use a combination of one bag of Black Magic and one bag of Quick Skimmer. 

2. Put the groundbaits in a large groundbait bowl and mix the two together really well. 

3. Slowly add river water to the groundbait mix. Take it steady, as you can always add more liquid, but you can’t take it out.

4. Ideally, use a whisk attached to an electric drill to really mix the groundbait well and break up any lumps. If you don’t have a whisk use your hands, and mix it really well. 

5. Once the groundbait has started to bind together and has been really well mixed run it through a maggot riddle to remove any later lumps.

6. Discard any lumps that are trapped by the riddle – These will be wetter bits of groundbait that can make the mix too soggy.

"Use equal amounts of Quick Skimmer & Black Magic."

7. Leave the groundbait to stand for at least ten minutes, It may well need a little extra water added as the mix absorbs the liquid. 

8. The finished mix should have a fluffy texture, but bind when compressed.

9. Fill the centre of the feeder with a mixture of maggots, chopped worm and caster. 

10. Plug the ends of the Xenos Wire Specialist cage feeder with a little groundbait. I wrap electrical tape around the wire mesh to ensure the bait isn’t released until the feeder is resting on the river bed. 

The feeder can be brilliant when the fish are beyond float range, or the conditions make float control difficult.

Silvers Up in the Water

First Published in English. 


I’m in my element catching silvers on the float and if I can catch these on running line then all the better. Today I’m at Southend Farm Fishery, close to Waltham Abbey in Essex. It’s one of the most consistent and fair silver fish venue I know where winter silver fish matches are usually won with well over 40lb of fish. It’s also a great carp venue, however these need to be avoided at all cost as they take up valuable fishing time trying to land them so feeding is crucial as if you over do it, you risk attracting these.

The main Match Lake is relatively deep, I’ve got just over 10ft in front at around twenty yards which is perfect for feeding little and often through a catapult, attracting the roach and getting then competing high in the water. The lake also contains lots of skimmers, bream and perch which also feed up in the water so you can see how easy it is to put a big weight together.

Cereal based groundbait

To get the bream into my swim I introduce six balls of groundbait, three being off a dry consistency as I want to create lots of cloud as they descend in the water and three mixed heavier with a little added black leam to add weight and get them to the bottom before breaking down. My groundbait mix is made up of half a bag of Champion’s Choice Black Magic to one bag of Gardon, both being cereal based along with some dead bronze maggots. Before adding water to the mix I will riddle it dry, removing any large particles then slowly add water and whisk two or three times to get the right consistency. There is a reason for using a cereal based groundbait and that is that it doesn’t attract too many carp into the swim like a fishmeal based mix would. Introducing groundbait into the swim at the start might sound strange, especially as I will be targeting silvers up in the water but I need to get the bigger skimmers and bream into my swim first before feeding in a way that will draw then up of the deck and feeding mid water. 

Cereal based groundbait will attract the silvers and keep the carp away, hopefully! 

A dozen or more casters will follow straight after each cast.

Keep casting to keep catching.

Today my swim is full of skimmers. 

"I am in my element today, it is a bite a chuck."

The Sphere 13’ Match rod, an anglers dream.  

Plenty of skimmers today.  

Feeding is the key to unlocking a swim.  

A brilliant team

My tackle for this type of fishing consists of the amazing Sphere 13’ Match rod teamed up with a Sphere MgTi 940 reel loaded with 0.12mm Cenex Classic Mono. The rod is extremely light and the reel silky smooth, a brilliant team when you will be casting every minute or less for the duration of a six hour match or practice session. At the business end I have a 0.08mm Cenex Classic Mono hook length with a fine wire barbless size 18 hook attached and my float, a 2g Insert Peacock Waggler that is attached to a float adapter trapped between a couple of Xitan Super Oval Stoppers. As for shotting this is simply a string of no9 shot, placed shirt button style with the gap slowly increasing as they get closer to the hook as this creates a much more natural drop of the hookbait that will be a single caster. 

Unlocking the swim

Having introduced the groundbait at the start it’s left to do its business whilst I set up and I can already see a few bubbles on the surface, a sure sign that there are skimmers and hopefully a few bigger bream feeding. It’s time to cast out and I’m starting quite deep initially, around six feet as it will take time to get the bigger fish high in the water. A normal session will see small roach caught but catapulting around a dozen casters on a little-and-often basis will attract bigger fish; it’s just a case of wading through these small fish at the start. As I feel my way into the session I will be slowly fishing closer to the surface and at the end of the session quite often will be picking bigger roach to over a pound, skimmers even bream just two feet down! Feeding really is the key to unlocking the swim and I will be casting first before catapulting a dozen casters over the top, it’s all about getting into a rhythm and working the swim all the time.  

Today’s been a typical session where an abundance of small roach slowly were replaced with a few net roach, more skimmers than usual along with the odd slightly better bream. My best match weight here is 55lb, a day when I found quality net roach in front of me from the start, yet today it’s been harder but with a good twenty plus pound of silvers for my efforts, I’m not complaining.


Paul Hyde

Casting to the clip then two turns of the handle puts me in the feeding zone. 

Cenex Classic Mono, strong and fine, great for this style of fishing.

Xitan Super Stoppers are ideal for locking float onto the mainline.

Casters and hemp with maggot as a backup.  

Paul’s Tackle

Sphere 13’ Match Rod 

Sphere MgTi 940 Reel

Cenex 0.12mm Classic Mono

Cenex 0.08mm Classic Mono

Size 18 fine wire barbless hook

2g insert peacock waggler

Xitan Super Stoppers

Paul’s Bait

Champion’s Choice Black Magic Groundbait

Champion’s Choice Gardon Groundbait




A cracking net of fish all caught up in the water.    

Sphere Large Accessory Bag

Originally Published in English

These bags have proven to be a really useful way of carrying loads of different accessories, that can often get jumbled up in larger carryalls. The size is just right to fit on a barrow, with enough room for feeder rests, box attachments, catapults, and a whole host of other bits ’n’ bobs. As a rough idea, they are big enough to hold six large bait tubs, which gives some idea of the size. 

As with all of the the Sphere luggage range, the design and build is top-notch. I have been using these bags for quite some time now, and they have handled the normal wear and tear really well. The smart ‘carbon-effect’ material is really tough, wipe clean and water resistant. The carry handles are nice and strong and well stitched, eliminating any potential weak points. The zips are also nice and chunky, ideal for those cold winter days when poor quality zippers will often let you down. 

A really simple, yet well thought out piece of kit, made from quality materials to give years of service. 

Dimensions – 55cm x 22cm x 20cm

Capacity 22 litres

Chris Greensides

These bags are just the right size to fit on a barrow.

I can store all my accessories in these bags.

Despite a great deal of use, these bags are still going strong.

"Great quality bags that will last for many years."

Xi-Dry Polar Bib & Brace

Originally Published in English.

When the weather takes a turn for the worst the last thing an angler needs is not to have adequate clothing to keep them dry and warm. Ever since wearing the Xi Dry WR 10 Bib ‘n Brace I have to say that I’m ready for anything the weather can throw at me but better still is that I can still fish effectively without being restricted. 

This Bib ‘n Brace fits perfectly, is completely waterproof, lightweight and the breathable material allows me to keep casting and working the swim without sweating, something that would inevitably result in getting cold through the cooler months. The zipped pockets are completely waterproof, great for my mobile phone and car keys and the padded knees protect me when kneeling down. Other great features are the Velcro’s adjustable fasteners around the legs,  poppers that protect the main front zip and the easy to adjust over the shoulder straps. 

Well tailored, well thought out and everything an active angler requires.

Available in three sizes XL, XXL, XXXL and just part of a fantastic range of Xi-Dry clothing that won’t let you down.

Paul Hyde

Waterproof quality zips all-round.

Hardwearing protective knee pads. 

Popper at the front protects the main zip. 

Easy to adjust and non-slip over the shoulder and rear straps.  

Smart, understated, embroidery.

Completely protected, comfortable and unrestricted to fish effectively.  

"Keeps me warm and dry right through the winter"

Rory Jones Joins the Browning Team

Tostedt. We are pleased to announce that Rory Jones has joined the Browning team. Rory is currently the World’s top-ranked under-25 angler, having honed his skills over the last ten years at international level. His precocious talent has already seen him become an integral member of the Senior England Squad. Rory is also no stranger to the top-tier of domestic competitions, with wins in both UK and Irish festivals to his name.


Rory, from Herefordshire, fishes a wide range of venues, but counts big wild rivers and lakes as his favorites. COVID restrictions permitting, he is particularly looking forward to tackling the huge Welsh reservoirs in the Teams of 4 Feeder League, and fishing the Norfolk rivers later in the year. Closer to home he will be putting the new Sphere Silverlite System Whip through its paces on his local river Wye in search of bumper weights of prime roach and dace.


Simon Henton of Zebco said “Rory is an amazing young talent and we are delighted that he has chosen to fish in Browning colors. We look forward to a long and successful association with one of the country’s leading match anglers”.

Rig it Right - River Cage Feeder

Originally Published in English.


This is the rig that Tom Noton of Browning Hot Rods uses to such great effect of on big rivers, such as the Trent, Wye and Severn. It works best on rivers with a reasonable depth and flow for dace, roach and perch, although don’t be surprised if the odd chub or even barbel puts in an appearance. Load the feeder with a mixture of Champion’s Choice Black Magic and Champion’s Feeder Quick Skimmer, with chopped worm, caster, hemp and maggot feed. Try fishing maggot or caster on the hook.

Tom Noton

1. Thread the Rig Stops and Clip Swivel onto a 6m length of the Black Magic Shock Leader with two stops below the swivel.

2. Thread the Feeder Connector Swivel onto the end of the shock leader below the Rig Stops.

3. Create a 10cm twisted boom with the Feeder Connector Swivel trapped at the bottom.

4. Use a medium-sized Wire Specialist Feeder with enough weight to just hold bottom. Wrap tape around the feeder to make sure the feed is not released until the feeder has settled on the river bed.

5. Cut off a 120cm length of 0.12mm Cenex Hybrid Power line to make up the hooklength.

6. Tie the Sphere Feeder Ultra Lite hook to the end of the end of the hooklength using a spade-end hook knot.

7. Tie a small loop in the other end of of the hooklength, this allows the hooklength to be changed instantly.

8. Attach the hooklength loop to the Feeder Connector Swivel.

9. Connect the feeder using the Clip Swivel. You can adjust the total distance between the feeder and the hook by moving the Rig Stops. 

10. Attach the shockleader to the main line braid using a double four-turn grinner knot. 

"A brilliant feeder rig for silvers on large rivers."


Xenos Wire Specialist Feeder

0.12mm Cenex Hybrid Mono

8lb Black Magic Line for shockleader

Size 12 Sphere Ultra Lite Feeder Hook

Feeder Connector Swivel

Quick Change Feeder Link

Browning Big Pit Feeders

Originally Published in Polish.


The swimfeeder’s innovative  large holes give improved bait release underwater. The special internal ribbing effectively prevents the bait from releasing during the cast. A rectangular weight holds the frame of the feeder securely. The semi-circular upper part gives great casting accuracy, and the deep-seated swivel minimises tangling.

The entire series includes 4 different models: mini, standard, large and inline. 



The mini size is ideal for early spring, autumn and winter fishing when the fish are only eating a small amount of food. The length of the basket is 2.4 cm. They are available in the following weights: 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40 g. 



The ideal size for fishing when you want to feed a medium-sized portion. Length 3 cm, diameter 2.5 cm. They are available in weights: 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50 g. 



This large model, which is great for feeding more groundbait, can also be used for pre-baiting in winter in canals or lakes, as well as in early spring and late autumn. Length 4 cm, diameter 3 cm. They come in weights of 20, 25, 30, 40, 50 and 60 g. 



The cage, which we can fish in two ways, as the name suggests, the main line goes through the center of the cage, and is held in place with a swivel. Semi-fix the swivel into the feeder to create a bolt-effect. Leave the feeder free-running by leaving the swivel outside of the feeder. Very good results are obtained when fishing with groundbait ‚Method-style‘ on commercial fisheries. 

Length 3 cm, diameter 2.5 cm. They are available in weights: 20, 25, 30 and 40 g.