slow sinking feeder

Bob Nudd on the Slow Sinking Feeder

Bob Nudd on the Slow Sinking Feeder

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Join Bob Nudd at the stunning Pisces Country Park as he fishes for rudd using the brilliant slow sinking feeder. Such a great way to catch fish that are up in the water column at this time of the year.


A lovely film on this all-action tactic.


20k clothing 1

NEW FOR 2022 - 20K Bib & Brace and Jacket

20K Bib & Brace and Jacket

Finding an all-year round Bib and Brace/Jacket combo, one that’s not over padded, but lightweight, comfortable but more importantly 100% waterproof isn’t easy. How many times in the past have I been totally perplexed with all the jargon promoting oh it’s this and it’s that, only to find that when it really comes down to the facts, it’s actually only shower proof!

For those who want to know the technical spec here we go – this clothing has a water column of 20’000 mm and is breathable at a rate of 5’000 g/mm2/24h, which basically means that even in the wettest conditions you will stay completely dry on the outside and even after a hectic session of casting and catching you will also stay dry on the inside!

This clothing is oozing with features; let’s start with the Bib and Brace. It has adjustable shoulder straps, padded knee and rear areas, top quality waterproof hard wearing zip with Velcro’s fasteners to not only the front but also to the spacious legging bottoms which allows footwear from walking boots to wellies to be worn and secured.  The Jacket once again has the top quality waterproof hard wearing full length front zip with Velcro’s fasteners along with three zipped pockets, two external plus one internal. The cuffs are adjustable and can be fastened with Velcro’s fasteners to stop moisture running up your arms. The hood isn’t oversized like so many others, so no fear of it obscuring your vision whilst on the move or fishing and can be tightened and adjustable by not just Velcro’s strips but elasticated securing system at the rear, neck as well as the waist area.  

Both come in black with the typical Browning colours and being so lightweight and compact they can be stored within your luggage without taking up to much space, great for those days when the weather forecast is a bit on the iffy side!

Available in five sizes – M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

20k clothing 2
20k clothing 3
20k clothing 4
20k clothing 5
20k clothing 6

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natural baits 1

Catch Loads of Carp on Natural Baits

Catch Loads of Carp on Natural Baits

Although paste fishing on commercial fisheries for carp has really taken off and on its day is difficult to beat there are times when fishing natural baits, such as maggots, worms and corn can score highly as well. 

Speed fishing

One of the advantages of using natural baits is that more often than not, the bait stays on the hook after a capture meaning that an angler can put together a run of fish very quickly, as opposed to having to change bait and carefully ship this into position.  

Venue choice

Today I have come to Greenridge Farm Fishery near Romsey in Hampshire, a venue which is popular with match anglers, one where I compete on a regular basis and where match weights can exceed 400lb! Its predominantly small carp between 3-5lb that feature here so, as well as a brilliant paste venue, it’s also one where due to the lack of nuisance fish, baits such as maggot and worm can be used effectively. 

Edge activity

My standard approach on a match day would be to start long whilst feeding an edge line down each side and a two-plus-one line straight out. The reason for starting long is that after all the commotion of anglers setting up the fish tend to back off, so starting long can produce a few fish from the off, and often these can be the bigger fish that can weigh over 10lb. This long line isn’t one to spend too much time on though as these fish love food and it won’t be long before the margin lines start to show signs of fish activity. 

What lies below?

First job, and very important is to plumb up each of my four lines so I’m fishing hard on the bottom, around two inches over depth, and so that I can adjust this depth and make small changes throughout the match I mark the position of the float tip against my pole using a Tipex pen. When pole fishing I like to use a heavy plummet, it just gives me a more accurate feel for not just depth but also the makeup of what I’m fishing over, be it hard ground or deep silt.  

natural baits 2
natural baits 3
natural baits 4
natural baits 5

Almost identical

The rigs I use for all lines are almost identical as the depth doesn’t vary much and are made up of Preston 4×14 edge floats, Cenex 0.18mm Hybrid Power Mono to a 0.16mm six-inch hook length and a Sphere size 12 or 14 barbless Beast hook. The float is shotted with a bulk just above the hook length and I tend to leave plenty of tip showing so that I can distinguish between line bites and proper bites. These are teamed up with a Sphere Zero-G F1+ pole and 1.6mm Hybrid red elastic which has a rating of between 10 and 12. 

Practice makes perfect

Everything so far will sound very simple, which it is, however the difficult part is how to  get the best out of the swim and this comes down to feeding. Generally I will start three lines using groundbait, and the one that seems to work for me is Champion’s Method Formula Fish. I mix this up on the damp side using a whisk as I don’t want it to be too active, proffering it to hit the bottom and create a carpet of feed. Each of these lines will see a big pot full of groundbait introduced at the start but not before adding a few dead maggots to the pot, as I want my loose feed to be on top of the carpet of bait when it lies on the bottom. The forth line will be fed more cautiously with just a small pot of micros and if I have to go down on this line my hookbait will probably double corn. Once the fish arrive in the swim, which should be after around twenty minutes, it’s all about getting into a routine. This may be taking two fish from a line before feeding and moving to another, often the best plan, to having one of those red-letter days when you just continue to catch on the same line and absolutely smash the venue to bits. Knowing what routine and when to feed and switch all comes down to practice, the more you fish, the sooner you will know what is best. 

Reds are best

As for hook bait you really can’t beat dead red maggots and I place between five and twelve on the hook or if this isn’t producing as quickly as I would like double worm, basically one big red worm pinched in half and placed on the hook. A good baiting and catching plan would be to feed a big pot of groundbait, plus a pinch or dead reds, take a couple of fish, feed again, switch line and repeat. Obviously this means using a lot of bait and three kilo of groundbait would be about right for a five hour match. As previously mentioned the good thing about using natural baits is that if you miss a bite you can simply lower the rig back down as the bait won’t have come of unlike paste fishing. 

Carp carnage

Today’s practice session has been unlike match conditions as the far bank line just hasn’t produced. The two-plus-one line produced a good run of smaller carp, but then it started to fizz as the carp started to rip into the silt, not ideal, and if I picked this peg out of the hat in future would feed on a more sparingly fashion. Having continuously fed the left hand margin with a pot full of groundbait every ten minutes has seen it come good as once I made the switch it’s been carp carnage all the way. 

Colin Sheppard

Colin’s Tackle

Sphere Zero-G  F1+ Pole

Hybrid 1.6mm 10-12 Rating Elastic

Cenex 0.18mm & 0.16mm Hybrid Power Mono

Sphere Size 14 & 12 Beast Barbless Hooks

4 x 14 Inline Edge Pole Float


Colin’s Bait

Red worm

Dead Red Maggot


Micro Pellets

Champion’s Feeder 

natural baits 6
hybrid elastic
sphere beast

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sphere multikit 1

Sphere Multi-Kits

Sphere Multi-Kits

The Browning Sphere Multi Kits have several brilliant advantages that will improve the performance of your pole and give you a great deal of flexibility in how you fish. 

Firstly, these kits are very strong and well up to the rigours of catching big weights of carp, week in, week out. Reinforcement has been added to the ends of the sections for increased strength and reduced wear when adding and removing the kit. There is also a woven carbon reinforced area positioned for fitting a puller bush, which again helps increase the life of these top kits. 

The kits have a full 2.75m length, but thanks to the unique Duo Bush system they do not require any cutting back, even when fitting heavy elastics. Use the smaller black inner bush when fishing with solid elastics and lighter Micro Bore elastics, or remove this leaving the white outer bush when using bigger diameter hollow elastics, such as the heavier Stretch 7 range. 

If you own a Browning pole and are looking to add some extra top kits then the Multi Kits are an absolute must. Really flexible and really strong, they are a brilliant piece of kit. 

Pole Compatibility

Sphere Poles

Xitan Poles

2eX-S Poles

Black Magic Poles

Length : 2.75m

Closed length : 1.75m

Weight : 43 grams

Sections: Top two

Duo Bush diameter : 3.9mm / 4.5mm

sphere multikit 2
sphere multikit 5
sphere multikit 3
sphere multikit 4

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tidefest 1

Tidefest Second Place for Colin Sheppard

Tidefest Second Place for Colin Sheppard

Congratulations to Colin Sheppard for an excellent second place in last weekends Tidefest on the lower river Thames. The annual competition is one that Colin targets every year and with a good draw he put together a string of good bream on the feeder for the runner-up spot.

tidefest 2
tidefest 3

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hydrus method feeder

Hydrus Method Feeder

Hydrus Method Feeder

The Hydrus Method Feeders are my favourite when fishing at range or when the swim in front is very silty.

No spillage

The raised sides hold groundbait or pellets firmly in place, with no spillage when casting distances of up to seventy yards with the heaviest 80g version. These feeders also tend to sink slower coming to rest on the bottom and not burying into the silt so you can rest assured that every providing perfect presentation. 

Versatile and accurate

They cast really well also as when filled the wider end becomes heaviest so accuracy is ensured. This wider end also allows a fish to approach the feeder and easily suck in the hookbait and loose feed and being inline you can fish these easily as a running or semi-fixed bolt rig. 

There is a Mould that allows groundbait and pellets to be loaded neatly, however when speed fishing or casting at range I prefer to add a little feed, before adding the hookbait then simply compressing more bait within in the palm of my hand. 

Length 6cm

Width 3cm

Weight 20g/30g/50g/80g

 Colin Sheppard – Browning Team Crowsport

hydrus feeder 2
hydrus feeder 3
hydrus feeder 4
hydrus feeder 6

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sphere hook range

Sphere Beast hooks

The awesome Sphere Beast hooks are available in three different versions, to cover the majority of your big carp and barbel rigs. Designed to cope with the demands of landing big fish without drama, the custom design and Japanese high-tensile steel enable the wire gauge to be impressively thin for such a strong hook. With needle-sharp points, which retain their points longer, these are exceptional hooks for both pole and feeder work for big fish. 

Choose between barbless Sphere Beast hooks in both eyed and spade-end versions, for commercial fisheries, or the spade-end only barbed version that is ideal for river feeder and float work for barbel and big chub.

Sphere Beast hooks are available in sizes 8 to 16, including a useful size 13 for medium-sized baits, such as pellets.


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Jim Hall playing big carp
sphere beast hair rig
Jim Hall netting carp
sphere beast hooks

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Silverlite Plus Pole

Are you looking for a great value all-round pole, ideal for taming big carp, but with the finesse for catching silver long too? Then check out this video from the legendary Bob Nudd on the Browning Silverlite Plus Pole.


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Ethan big carp

Big Carp on Paste

Big Carp on Paste

There are loads of venues were catching numbers of small carp can be enjoyed, but what really gets me excited is being able to head to a natural water were big carp, and I mean the possibility of landing a twenty, can be hooked and successfully landed on the pole, and Nyewood Ponds in West Sussex is one such venue.

No weaknesses

Targeting carp of this size means that the tackle used has to be up to the job and mine consists of the Sphere Zero-G Power Partner pole, ideal when extra strength is required and perfect for margin fishing for proper lumps. This has to be teamed up with suitable elastic and my choice is the 2.50mm Green Stretch 7 Hollow which has a rating of 12+. The rig itself cannot have any weaknesses, hence the reason for using Cenex 0.20mm Hybrid Power Mono straight through to a size 10 Sphere Beast barbless eyed hook. The float I use for fishing is a Mike Nolan .3g slim paste and a very important point here is that I use no shot down the line, simply allowing the big lump of paste to shot the float. Once plumed up the float will obviously cock at different positions depending on the lump of paste used, but don’t worry about having plenty of tip showing as you will be able to see everything that’s happening below the surface and when a proper bite comes along the float will simply disappear in the blink of an eye. Another advantage of using no shot is that when the paste falls off the float will rise in the water, even laying flat on the surface!

Boils and tails

Having full confidence that my tackle will land anything hooked it’s simply a case of presenting a bait where the big carp are, and that’s right down the margin, close to any bank side vegetation. It still amazes me how a big carp can almost without any disturbance enter a really shallow swim but they do, however once they start feeding they usually give themselves away with the surface boiling or even poking their tails out of the water! 

margin fishing_16
paste 1
paste 2

The right consistency

As for bait, it has to be something big as this venue is home of loads of skimmers and roach and this is where the paste approach really does pick out the biggest fish. I like to initially mix my paste up on the firm side and prefer a groundbait paste, especially when I’m expecting instant bites, as it can be used really wet. If I were to have to wait for bites then I would use a pellet based paste as it creates a firmer hookbait. To get the correct consistency I simply add the same amount of lake water to groundbait and today I’m using Sonubaits Supercrush Green. I add the groundbait to the water, mix well and then leave for ten minutes which allows the particles to absorb all the moisture. Once the ten minutes is up, I will knead a little, before making into three of four balls. These are placed on my side tray and each one, as the day progresses, will be placed into a bait box in which water is added to create the desired wet consist, one where the paste will cling to the hook for a few minutes. Word of warning, if you add water to all the paste at one time and add too much, making it too wet, then it’s really difficult, almost impossible to get this into a smooth firmer paste that will stick to the hook, hence the reason for splitting into more than one ball! Once the swim has been activated, and on this venue I introduce a big pot full of corn and 6mm pellets from a height to create some noise, I simply place my hookbait into a mini cup and lower carefully into position.

Instant alterations

Fortunately the depth of this venue doesn’t change much so the great thing here is that I can alternate three lines using the same top kit and rig. All I do is after plumbing the first line is position the float up against the pole section and using a Tipex marker, mark the pole, simply repeating the process for the other two lines. This means that if a big carp gives itself away whilst I’m fishing a different line I can quickly move the float to the correct depth and offer a big ball of paste literally within seconds!

sphere beast hooks
hybrid power mono

The session

A typical morning session on this lake could see a dozen or more double figured carp being landed and last week I dropped the net under two nineteen pounders within minutes! Today however is completely different as its absolutely scorching and many of the bigger fish are cruising around on the surface, yet by altering the lines and feeding throughout the session I’ve kept the fish coming. Most have been in the 5-7lb bracket but I have been able to tempt one of the bigger commons in the lake which goes to show with balanced tackle, the right bait and fishing right down the edge those clever big fish just won’t go unnoticed.


Ethan Etherington

Ethan’s Tackle

Sphere Power Partner Pole

Stretch 7 Green 2.50mm Elastic

Cenex 0.20mm Hybrid Power Mono

Float .3g Mike Nolan 

Sphere size 10 barbless Beast  


Ethan’s Bait

Sonubaits Supercrush Green Groundbait Paste


6mm Pellets

power partner pole

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xitan waterproof keepnet bag 3

Xitan Waterproof Net Bags

Xitan Waterproof Net Bags

Carrying the several landing nets and keepnets that are often needed to cover all your venues can be a pain, but these X-large Xitan Waterproof Net Bags are just the ticket, with room inside for four keepnets and a bunch of landing nets in the two compartments. 

Often, it is not possible to dry nets out completely at the end of a session, so the waterproof material, welded design and waterproof zips will not only keep the damp inside, but the smell too. Once you get home hang the nets out to dry fully before your next session and be sure to dip them if possible. 

All of the stress points on the net bags have been welded and reinforced to handle the weight of several wet nets. The zips are extra chunky, along with being waterproof.

All in all, this is a brilliant bag for carrying all of your nets at a great price. 

Browning’s Xitan luggage range combines very practical designs plus unique and useful features.

The Xitan Waterproof Keepnet Bag features :- 

Made in strong but soft waterproof material with welded seams 

Wide opening zip top and welded carry handles 

Single size will accommodate 2 standard sized keepnets plus net head

XL size will accommodate 4 standard sized keepnets plus net head 

Material: 300D Polyester 

Single – 60cm length x 15cm wide x 60cm high

X-Large – 60cm length x 33cm wide x 60cm high

xitan waterproof keepnebag 1
xitan waterproof keepnebag 2
xitan waterproof keepnet bag 4
xitan waterproof keepnet bag 5

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