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New Video - Catch More with Maggots

Alex Reynolds looks at how to catch more winter carp on the humble red maggots in this new video over on the Browning official YouTube channel.

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New Product Launch - XCITE BF Reels

Looking for the perfect reel for Method feeder fishing? The new Xcite BF free-spool reels are perfect for match fishing for carp and other powerful fish. The free-spool system instantly gives line when engaged to stop carp from smashing the line on vicious bites. 

As you have come to expect from Browning reels, the Xcite has been designed to be a rugged work-horse that will not let you down. The strong construction features a compact carbon graphite body and rotor which houses the precision engineered gears. Line lay on the aluminium spool is faultless, for improved casting distance and accuracy. 

Each spool is fitted with two line-friendly clips. One is a traditional design, whilst the second has a softer construction, enabling the line to release under pressure before the line breaks – a useful innovation when big carp are likely to be encountered. 

The precision front drag can be adjusted to give line consistently and can be relied upon to not let you down. The instant anti-reverse enable fish to be landed faster, and for the tension on the rod tip to be adjusted precisely, so no bites are missed. 

A brilliant addition to the Browning range of reels, just perfect for feeder fishing for big fish. 

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xcite bf reel 4
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20K Bib and Brace

20K Bib and Brace 

If you are a match anger like myself that fish carp dominated commercials you will know only too well how uncomfortable it when bagging up to have a wet lap and legs due to inadequate overalls that are just not waterproof.

Finding a Bib and Brace that’s not only 100% waterproof but also comfortable hasn’t been straight forward, yet the launch of the 20k clothing range seems to have put all my headaches to bed. 

For those who want to know the technical spec here we go – this clothing has a water column of 20’000 mm and is breathable at a rate of 5’000 g/mm2/24h, which basically means that even in the wettest conditions you will stay completely dry on the outside and even after a hectic session of casting and catching you will also stay dry on the inside!

It has adjustable shoulder straps, padded knee and rear areas, top quality waterproof hard wearing zip with Velcro’s fasteners to not only the front but also to the spacious legging bottoms which allows footwear from walking boots to wellies to be worn and secured. There is also a nice area at the front where you can tuck your hands in as well as placing items such a mobile phone which is ideal if it’s raining.  

Produced in the standard Browning colours and being amazingly lightweight and compact means it can be stored within your luggage without taking up to much space.

There’s also a matching jacket for uneatable protection against the elements.

Available in five sizes – 50/M, 52/ L, 54/XL, 56/XXL and 58/XXXL

Alex Reynolds

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20k bib & brace 3
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Pole Position for Snake Lake Carp

From the Archives - Pole Position for Snake Lake Carp

Pondwood Fishery in Berkshire is fast becoming one of my favourite venues, not only because it’s been very kind to me in the matches recently, but being unable to fish my local canals this winter, the Snake Lake here is about as close as it gets to where I love to fish. The only difference is that instead of scratching around in the cold for a few bites on a canal, this lake is full of fish and even on the cruellest of days, a decent net of fish is almost guaranteed. 

The luck of the draw. 

Although this is a snake lake, one thing that is slightly different to others is it does have a few bridges crossing it, which create a number of, what’s known as end pegs throughout its length. These are the ones to pick out of the hat on match days, but even if you do, you still have to get the best out of them to win. I’ve been fortunate to pick a couple of end pegs of late and on both occasions have won the matches, the first being on a very windy day when the extra margin to my left produced 68lb and on the other occasion 52lb came my way fishing to the far bank. 

Target the far margin

As you can imagine, the far bank is the area to target as a large proportion of the fish move here to get away from the disturbance we make when setting up. If conditions allow then expander pellets over micros just off the shelf will be the best method and that’s what I’m going to be doing throughout this short practice session. 

snake lake fishing 2
snake lake fishing 3

Distinguishing between liners and proper bites

Feeding accurately and placing the rig over the top at anything from ten to fourteen metres means that the pole rules here and I’m using my trusted Sphere Zero-G Power Partner. This is teamed up with Xitan Micobore 1.9mm Pink Elastic which has a rating of 7-9, ideal for the average size of fish here, around 12oz but easily capable of controlling the odd bigger carp that is likely to be hooked. The rig I’m using is relatively simple and consists of a short .3g rugby ball shape float, one that has a relatively thick high-viz tip for easily distinguishing between liners and proper bites. This is connected to Cenex 0.16mm Hybrid Power Mono, the six-inch hooklink is Cenex 0.11mm Fluoro Carbon and on the business end is a barbless size 18 hook. I like to use a number of Micro Soft Shot to cock the float as these can be adjusted if needed, yet the most consistent arrangement here is to place six number ten’s, an inch apart on the lower half of the rig, one being placed on the hooklink as this straightens out the loop-to-poop knot used to attach it. I’ve also attached two number eights, three inches above the float, the reason for the back shot is they cut out any surface drift allowing me to keep the float directly above the pole tip and connect with the bites with the slightest of pole lift.  

Heavy plummet

Fishing the float and presenting your bait in a swim perfectly would just not be possible without the use of a plummet and when pole fishing its best to use a heavy one as you can feel the plummet hit bottom and adjust the float accordingly. Making a mental note of the depth, even making a mark on the pole, is important as to keep the fish coming throughout the session I will need to adjust the depth constantly, yet the marker allows me to return to dead-depth instantly without having to plumb-up again. 

Constant adjustments

Bait today is simple, 2mm micros that will be fed through a small feed pot and 4mm expanders for the hook which were prepared last night, along with some liquidised corn as back-up. To start with I’m going to introduce around twenty micros and within seconds I’m into my first fish, a carp around a pound. More follow but getting the best out of the swim is all about feeding, when to increase or reduce the amount of micros. There are no set rules here, as every day is different but like today, if you start foul hooking fish it’s because the fish have come up in the water, so when this happens its best to cut back on the feed and if it continues then adjusting the shotting can help but better still you need to take a few inches of the depth and offer the hookbait higher up in the water. This may mean fewer bites, but the ones you get from then on should be proper ones. Foul-hookers need to be avoided at all costs as they simply ruin not just the swim but often the rig as well as eating into the time you have on the bank. 

Plenty of bites

Today’s three hour session has been a little frustrating at times, as I’ve experienced far too many foul hooked fish yet by constantly adjusting the rig, the depth the bait is presented, as well as how I have fed has kept the fish coming. 

A frosty start followed by a bright morning is never going to be easy, but by heading to a well stocked commercial and picking the right swim usually means plenty of bites.


John Brownlie

snake lake fishing 4
snake lake fishing 5

John’s Tackle

Sphere Zero-G Power Partner

Xitan Microbore 1.9mm Pink Pole Elastic

Cenex 0.16mm Hybrid Power Mono 

Cenex 0.11mm Fluoro Carbon

.3g Pole Float

Size 18 Barbless Hook

John’s Bait

2mm Micro Pellets

4mm Expander Pellets 

snake lake fishing 6
snake lake fishing 7

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Black Magic Uni Reel Line

Black Magic Uni Reel Line

If you are looking for a tough, no nonsense reel line, specially for feeder and heavier float fishing, then the new Black Magic Uni Reel Line will be perfect. A supple, yet abrasion resistant line with a consistently high knot strength, this is a great all-rounder, and better still, it is supplied on great value bulk spools too. 

The dark brown colour blends in really well with most lake beds and the line sinks naturally, cutting through the surface film easily. Like all Browning lines, it has an accurate diameter and breaking strain, taking the guess-work out of choosing the right line for the job. 

Available in diameters between 0.17mm (4.5lb) and 0.27mm (12.6lb) with between 680m and 490m per spool. 

black magic reel line 1

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XI-Match Hollow Elastic

XI-Match Hollow Elastic

If you loved Brownings Hybrid Elastic then you will love the new high quality Hollow Elastic. 

It has a stretch factor of more than 700% making loosing fish from hook pulls almost impossible, even when they catch you by surprise and head out into the middle of the lake in a split second. Its outstanding buffering properties allow the angler to fine down that little bit more, keeping the bites coming and putting more fish in the net at the end of the day. 

Coming in 6m lengths it allows up to three kits to be fitted and unlike many other hollow types of elastic has an incredible long service life span. Each size is colour coded for instant recognition. 


Alex Reynolds

xi-match hollow 2

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Autumn Feeder Fishing For Silvers

Autumn Feeder Fishing For Silvers

Fishing for skimmer bream might not be everyone’s first choice but I love them and they can be life savers when the water temperature drops.

Open mind

Today I’ve come to a local club venue, one that regularly holds matches and where in the depth of winter bags of silvers can exceed 40lb, however anyone that has fished for skimmers will already know that they can be somewhat frustrating. One day they will be crawling up the rod, the next creating no pattern and registering the tiniest of bites. Knowing this is very important and you have to approach each session with an open mind as well as bringing along an array of baits if you want to get the best out of your peg.

Natural baits

The standard selection of hook bait I take when I know skimmers are the target consists of dead and live maggots, preferably reds, casters and worms. Pellets do pay a part in hookbait during the warmer months but once the water temperature drops I prefer natural baits, however I do add a few small pellets into the feeder along with chopped worms and a few dead maggots. The groundbait I tend to use early winter is Sonubaits Super Crush Green that I mix before leaving home with bottled water, before passing through a sieve a couple of times to make it light, fluffy and very fine.   

Timing casts 

At the start of each session I like to clip up and make half a dozen accurate casts simply to activate the swim. I then get into a routine of casting every three minutes and hope that the skimmers will turn up fairly quickly. When they do bites can come quicker than three minutes, however when the water is really clear and cold I may push each cast to a slightly longer period, yet with skimmers it’s more of when will they turn up than will they turn up so it pays to be positive. 

feeder fishing for skimmers 2
feeder fishing for skimmers 3
feeder fishing for skimmers 4

Long and traditional

Bites can vary from steady pull rounds to the shyest of taps so I prefer to use a braided mainline and have loaded my Black Viper Compact reel with Cenex 0.08mm Sinking braid and have teamed this up with a 12’ Sphere Medium Feeder, the perfect rod for feeder fishing for skimmers. As for the rig it’s a simple running feeder set up with a few tweaks. Firstly I still feel that when skimmer fishing its best to have quite a long hook length and mine is a couple of feet of 0.16mm Cenex Hybrid Power down to a size 16 Classic hook which is the perfect size to allow me to alternate between worm, caster a double red dead maggot. Further up the line is a short twizzel boom and the free running feeder link comes to rest against a small Stotz shot that protects the knot to the twizzel boom. The feeder bead that runs on the braided mainline has a short length of stiff line from it down to a link swivel and both knots are protected with a short length of clear tubing. This acts as a boom and reduces tangles considerably and the swivel link allows me to swap from different sized feeders throughout the session. 

Peas in a pod

As expected today’s session has seen double red dead maggot produce most bites and as on many occasions the bites have been really shy but the braided mainline has exaggerated these allowing me to read the conditions and keep in touch with the fish. Unfortunately the stamp of skimmers has been quite small today and have been like peas in a pod, all around 6-8oz but once they got their heads down its been one a chuck letting me build a decent bag of fish.  

Tim Bruce

Tim’s Tackle

Sphere 12’ Medium Feeder Rod

Black Viper Compact Reel

0.08mm Cenex Sinking Braid

0.16mm Cenex Hybrid Power Mono

Size 16 Sphere Classic Hook

Xenos Jet Feeders


Tim’s Bait

Dead/Live Red Maggots



Micro Pellets 

Sonubaits Super Crush Green Groundbait

feeder fishing for skimmers 5
feeder fishing for skimmers 6
feeder fishing for skimmers 7

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New Video - Feeder Fishing for Skimmers

Look out for this new video over on the Browning Official YouTube channel (find it here).


This week Tim Bruce looks at how to catch skimmers on the feeder as we head into winter. These small bream can be relied upon to feed in even the coldest winter conditions, making them great weight builders in winter matches.

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Warm and Stylish - New Browning Bobble Hat

Bobble Hat

There’s nothing worse than a cold wind catching the back of your neck, it simply chills you to the bone, making concentrating on the job in hand, catching fishing almost impossible. That’s why protecting your neck and head is vitally important now that winter has arrived and Browning Bobble Hat, which is made from a comfortable, knotted elastic fabric, will keep you warm even on the coldest of days.

The thick breathable fabric allows good air circulation and the elastic, one fit size allows it to be pulled down protecting the neck area or folded up for additional warmth exposing the Browning logo which stands out from the standard Browning colours. 

Alex Reynolds

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bobble hat 3
bobble hat 4

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on the box

New On The Box Video Out Now

This week we join Nick Crooks and Tom Noton at Hallcroft Fishery in a much-requested ‘On The Box’ video with Nick talking through his autumn / winter tactics on this brilliant venues whilst Tom ask the questions that really get to the nitty-gritty of Nick’s approach.


Hit the play button below to watch now, or find the video on the Browning YouTube channel.

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