Power Partner Competition Returns!

The Browning Power Partner Classic 2021

Fancy bagging a flagship Browning Xitan Z9-3 EACH pole for you and a mate?

The Browning Power Partner Classic is back with a bang!

Last year Ben Holmes and Pat Daley became the first winners of this prestigious competition, and for 2021 we are travelling south to the lovely Rookery Waters and surrounding Cambridgeshire Fenlands.

One angler from each pair will fish Rookery, and the other will fish the Old River Nene. The event is scored on match points, with the winner of each venue scoring one point, down to 60 points for a last.

The date for your diary is October 23rd 2021, and tickets are £100 per pair.

In terms of match specifics, we are keeping our options open for now with regards to Covid, and competitors will be notified of draw arrangements and fishing times closer to the match dates.

In addition to the pole, the event boasts a 100% payout, which will be as follows subject to entry:

1 – £2,000 (plus poles)

2 – £1,000

3 – £800

4 – £700

5 – £600

6 – £500

7 – £400

There will also be an optional superpool covering individual money.

Book on now via the Scorefishing website to reserve your ticket. You don’t want to miss this one!

Rig it Right - Pellet Waggler

If there was ever a method that instantly ripped high density carp commercials apart then it has to be the ‘Pellet Waggler’ however, are you like me and seen a distinctive trend where it just doesn’t seem as consistent or easy as it once was? 

I’m of the thinking that on many a venue carp have simply wised up, they still enjoy mopping up the freebies that are catapulted out but instead of homing in on the splash of a waggler hitting the surface, simply associate this with being caught and cautiously keep their distance. 

This is where floats that still cast well but create far less disturbance and are far less visible in the water come into play and tend to catch the fish off guard. If you too have seen the carp in your venue back of this once devastating method then it’s time to become slightly stealthier as this will see an upturn once again in the amount of carp gracing your net.

The reason for the number of float stops is to stop any movement when casting or striking but allow the depth to be altered and the reason for two pellet bands is simply down to if one breaks you can continue fishing without having to tie on a new hook length all the time.  

Jamie Burt

  1. Thread two float stops onto the mainline; Black Magic 0.19mm (6.60lb) is a great. 

2. Thread a Snap-Link Swivel onto the mainline. 

3. Next on the mainline is a further three tight float stops. 

4. Position these an inch from the first stops. 

5. Create a loop in the mainline by tying a figure of eight overhand knot.

6. Remove around twenty inches of 0.16mm Cenex Power Mono for the hook length. 

7. Thread two Pellet Bands onto the mainline. 

8. Tie these on carefully with a six-turn blood knot before threading on a size 14 Sphere Beast hook. 

9. Attach the hook with a knotless knot, adjusting the hair to suit.

10. By pacing the end of the hook length through the back of the eye creates an aggressive angle.

11. Tie a loop in the hook length and attach to the loop of the mainline.

12. The finished rig should look like this.

The components you will need.

Black Magic S-Line 35 Pole Roller

For quick sessions, or when the pack size has to be a bit smaller, the most compact of the S-Line pole roller is the a brilliant choice.

Compact, and at the same time stable, this is a great roller for tight banks, yet without sacrificing any of the flexibility of larger rollers. With soft EVA rollers to protect the pole and extendable legs for height adjustment, it is a great choice, especially when fishing at shorter lengths.

Martin Siwon

The rollers run very smoothly, and having vertical uprights that also revolve makes shipping in and out much easier.

The legs are fully adjustable to give you a stable roller on even the most uneven banks.

A quality roller is important for efficient fishing, but it doesn’t need to be huge, or cost a fortune, when fishing at shorter ranges.

Experts Guide to Feeder Choice

Feeder fishing has seen a huge increase in popularity over the last few years across Europe and in the UK. This trend I expect has come with the advent of international events such as the Feeder World Championships and national events like Feedermasters and Feeder King to name but a few.

This popularity increase has seen anglers looking to trusted Brands such as Browning to innovate in tackle, rigs and baits to help give them the edge on the bank and it’s more than fair to say that Browning have been on the forefront of tackle innovation for this area of our sport.

The vast range of feeder rods in the Browning rage offer something to complement everyone’s style and budget, from the high end competition Sphere range built on the slimmest, lightest and high-modulus carbon blanks available, the Black Viper range of rods for distance casting giving the angler both strength and sensitivity, the Argon & Black Magic ranges bringing quality, performance and versatility at a very affordable price point and finally the Commercial King range of rods to target the many carp focused venues.

However, the items of tackle I want to talk through are some of the feeders from the extensive Browning range.

Long gone are the days when you would simply clip on a feeder from your box, normally the first to hand and fish with it for the duration of your session with minimal thought or understanding of its application or design. Advances in feeder fishing tactics, methods and results have shown us the importance of thinking about getting the most from our fishing with considerations such as;

  • Size of feeder – to regulate the amount of feed going into your peg each cast.
  • Type of feeder – to match what you are trying to achieve, by example a cage feeder to release a column of bait or a window feeder to concentrate bait on the deck.
  • Weight of feeder – ability to cast and hit the same spot all day in changing conditions, or to regulate how long it takes your feeder to settle or to hold in a current on flowing venues.

Careful thought needs to be applied in reading your venue, your intended quarry, the time of year and most importantly the feeding response of the fish, all of which will help you to understand what feeder to use and when to change your feeder during a session. A couple of examples of this would be, do I start with a big feeder to put down a volume of feed and then change to a smaller feeder when the fish arrive to help them target your hook bait rather than have them occupied by large volumes of bait going in each cast? Or do I start with a small feeder with regular casts to feel my way into a session?

Similarly it’s important to read the weather conditions like, you have the fish feeding at a range then during the session find you are suddenly struggling to hit this due to a change in wind strength or direction, you then need to step up feeder weight or design (from a standard to a Pro Cast shape) to enable you to achieve the original distance where you have the fish feeding.

Think carefully about the size of feeder. This is an easy way to control the amount of bait you are using.

The weight of the feeder will influence the distance that you can accurately cast, but needs to be balanced with the right rod.

Xenos feeders come in a huge range of different weights, from short range fishing on still waters, to heavy models designed for fishing fast flowing rivers.

"Choosing the right feeder can make or break your session."

Window feeders allow you to precisely control the speed of bait release.

Big Pit Mini Feeders, great for feeling your way into a match.

Pellet Feeders, great for a quick bite and when you are regularly casting.

All of these things are to be considered when feeder fishing, however the good news is that there is a feeder in the Browning range to help with each and every situation you will face as a feeder angler and below are some of the most common feeders I use in my fishing situations.

Browning Xenos Wire Specialist Feeder (20, 30, 40, 50, 60 & 80grm in the rage)  This range of feeders are your typical wire 5 hole cage feeder ideal for use on medium depth venues where you want to create a column of feed through the water to attract fish into your swim from far and wide.

Browning Xenos Landi Wire Feeder (5, 8, 10, 15 & 20grm) – Again a cage style feeder 4 hole feeder with a slimmer profile as the Specialist feeder carrying less bait each cast but again for medium depth venues.

Browning Xenos Wire Pro Cast (30, 40, 50, 60 & 70grm) – A 5 hole cage feeder with a bullet weight at the bottom of the feeder, again for the same application as the Specialist and Landi but this feeder will help greatly with casting in a cross or head wind where accuracy is vital

Browning Big Pit Mini Feeder (15, 20, 25, 30, 40grm) – This small profile plastic 3 hole feeder is perfect for shallow venues and indeed in cooler weather where the fish only want a small amount of feed as an attractor rather than to feed them. These feeders are also ideal on venues with silty bottoms where the more robust Xenos wire feeders may dig in.

Browning Window and Streamline Window Feeders (15, 20, 35, 50 & 70grm) – These feeders are unique in design and for medium to deep venues where you want to concentrate fish on the bottom. The plastic feeder has a unique window that allows you to fill it with particles and cap it off with a smear of groundbait. With the feeder weighted at the base it casts like an arrow in all conditions and can be fished with unparalleled accuracy.

Browning Pellet Feeder (15, 20, 30 & 50grm) – This inline feeder allows you to use in conjunction with short 4-6” hooklengths with micro pellets, the idea is to enable you to push your hook bait into the feeder, cap it off with micro pellets which will on emptying on the lake bed push your hook bait out into the attractive pile of pellet feed.

Browning Hydrus Metal Method Feeder (30, 40 & 60grm) – In line method feeder built in a solid metal material which adds strength and durability when repeatedly casting tight to islands or features. Again to be fished with 4-6” hooklengths with groundbait or pellets moulded around the feeder frame.

Tim Bruce

New Video - Method Feeder Tips & Tricks

Join Browning’s Jim Hall as he enjoys a brilliant days Method feeder fishing at Westlands Farm Fishery in South Yorkshire.

Jim runs through loads of tips and tactics that will help you catch more fish this year on this very effective method, whether you are in search of carp, F1’s or bream.

Watch the video below.

Sphere Multi-Pocket Holdall

It’s amazing the contrasts in venues that I tend to fish these days. One day I might be scratching around on a canal for silver fish, then the next on a commercial full of big carp. Trying to cover every situation with just a single pole or a few top kits is impossible and the last thing I need is to leave something at home, only to realise its needed at the crucial moment so I need a holdall that will take everything needed to cover every eventuality. 

Since swapping over to the Sphere luggage range I have to say that I’m completely satisfied, as who ever looked at this luggage has certainly created a range that not only has an innovative design but has also looked at all previous weak points, before creating a product that not only looks really stylish with its carbon effect finish but will certainly last the test of time.

What I really like about the Sphere range is it’s obviously been designed by a match angler, one that has pin-pointed all the fast wear areas, reinforced these as well as using the very best fittings and products throughout. I really like the Sphere Multipocket Holdall as it protects all my valuable poles and top kits. The large padded main compartment accommodates twelve tubes and the integrated front compartment divides into one full length and two half length pockets which are ideal for handles, legs, mini-ext etc.  The outer shell is completely smooth, wipes clean and has no annoying sagging pockets and the high quality; heavy-duty zips open 90% of the holdall’s length eliminating any zip failure at the base. The padded shoulder strap is easy to adjust, comfortable, strong and reliable, there’s even a pull handle on the reinforced base and a Velcro’s connecting carry handle making this big piece of kit easy to manoeuvre around the swim or in and out of my car.

Created for the serious angler that demands the best and although not the cheapest around it certainly covers everything the modern day match angler requires plus much more and being made from the very best products and fittings available, this holdall is going to give me many years of satisfying usage. 

Available in two sizes – a 6+ tube single compartment and an X large 12+ compartment.

Jamie Burt

This is a seriously big holdall that can carry all my gear with ease.

As you would expect, the zips are top-notch.

The straps and stitching are well up to the job of carrying such a large, and potentially heavy, holdall.

"Available in either six rod or twelve rod sizes."

All of the handles have thick padding.

The name says it all.

Xitan Z8-3 Advance Pole

Last year we put the brilliant Xitan Z8-3 Advance pole through its paces with Craig ‚Trig‘ Edmunds at the brilliant Viaduct Fishery in Somerset.

To start, Trig fished for the abundant big skimmers that can quickly build a weight here, whilst he kept the feed going in regularly to encourage the big carp to come up shallow.

After a few hours he had more than thirty pounds of bream in the net, all caught at 16 metres on the deck. Despite the bites being finicky at times, the Z8-3 proved that its strength is not at the expense of stiffness, as Trig hit the bites time and time again.

With the odd big swirl indicating that the carp had turned up it was time to switch to the shallow rigs with pellet, fished long. Soon the float shot under and the powerful microbore elastic was pouring out as a big carp did its best to make its escape. Soon a double-figure bruiser was safely in the net, and over the next couple of hours some really big, wily old carp followed it. All this time the pole handled everything that was thrown at it. A truely masterful performance.


You can watch how Trig got on, and how the pole also performed in the hands of Nick Crooks on the river Trent in search of roach, in the video below.

First up, were Viaduct’s big skimmers, great weight builders that just love pellets.

The Square Pole Protectors make fishing long, even in a crosswind a much easier experience and enable you to fish a shorter line with ease.

"The Z8-3 is a true allrounder."

Big carp are no match for the Xitan Z8-3 Advance.

The Xitan Z8-3 Advance comes with a brilliant spares package.

Xitan Z8-3 Key features 

• The perfect choice for anglers needing a top performing pole with higher levels of strength and durability. 

• Suitable for all types of fishing ideal for both carp and “natural” river type fishing etc. 

• Light, stiff, well balanced and very responsive at all lengths to a genuine 16 metres. 

• Supplied with Browning’s unique and “elbow friendly” Square Pole Protectors (SQPPs) 

• Carbon over-wrapped male & female joints on all sections to strengthen and minimise wear 

• Carbon reinforced “grip” areas on lower sections at the most common breakage area 

• Supplied with pre-bushed Single Length Kits fitted with a unique Duo-bush allowing a choice of tip size 

• Pulla kits fitted with an innovative directional PTFE bush – ultra-smooth operation without moving parts 

• The Xitan Z8-3 has conventional length butt sections of 1.85m 

• Supplied in the latest, full sized, top quality Xitan pole holdall 

• Elastic rating 16+. Fully section compatible with current and previous Xitan Power poles 

Rig it Right - Soft Pellet Method Rig

Pellets really come into their own during spring when the water temperature starts to rise and the carp go on a feeding spree to build up reserves for the spawning ritual.

Shallow, high stocked commercials are the first to spring into action and there’s no better way to get your angling fix and practice for the coming match calendar than these.

Colin Sheppard is a regular to such fisheries and here he reveals the method that has seen him frame so many times.

  1. Pass the mainline, in this case 0.21mm (8lb) Black Magic Gold, through a 20g Hydrus Method Feeder.

2. Tie on using a Uni Knot a 12mm Feeder Connector Swivel to the end of the mainline.

3. Remove a length of 0.18mm Hybrid Power Mono from its spool to create the hook length.

4. Attach using an overhand knot a small Push Stop to one end.

5. Passing the other end of the hooklink through the back of a size 14 Beast barbless eyed hook, pull down, adjust the length of hair needed and secure by tying a seven turn knotless knot. 

6. Adjust the hook length to three inches create a loop by tying a figure of eight overhand knot.

"A great Method Feeder rig for soft hook baits."

7. Place this loop over the Feeder Connector Swivel.

8. Pull down securing sleeve on the swivel and secure.

9. Mount soft hooker pellet by passing the Push Stop and Needle slowly through.

10. Remove needle and secure Push Stop.

11. The finished rig should look like this.

The components you will need.

Connector Bead

If there’s one small item of terminal tackle that has made a significant difference in my fishing it has to be the introduction of these Connector Beads as they have replaced the need for swivels and beads in many areas of my fishing. The rounded part, that is threaded on to the mainline replaces the need for a bead, acting as a buffer for running leads and feeders and the connector end of the bead, that pushes into this and is attached to the mainline safely secures the hook length. 

What’s brilliant about this bead is it allows me to swap a hook length in seconds, saving time and allows me to ring the changes instantly to find out exactly how the fish want the bait being presented. Previous Connector Beads I’ve used have been made of hard plastic and were really difficult to pull apart but these are made from a much softer material which can be easily pulled apart.

They are available in two sizes, medium and large, green in colour, extremely reliable and come in packs of ten.

Michael Colsino

Connector Beads are available in two sizes.

The precision engineered design gives a very strong connection.

The ideal connector for straight bomb or Method Feeder fishing.

"What’s brilliant about this bead is it allows me to swap a hook length in seconds."

Sphere Double Rod Carrier

First published in English

The Sphere luggage range has gained a reputation for being extremely tough and really well designed, by anglers, for anglers. I use a lot of the range, and one of my favourites is the Double Rod Carrier. 

Like most anglers, I like to carry my rods made up and ready to go, yet they need to be protected and not damaged in transit. The padded and rigid design of this case means that rods and reels are held securely and won’t get knocked on the way to my peg. Although the bag is designed to carry two rods, I have found that you can actually squeeze a third one in at a push should you need to. 

The ‘carbon-effect’ material used on all of the Sphere range looks fantastic, and has proven to be extremely hard wearing. Better still, it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and is very water resistant. 

All of the webbing straps are really securely stitched to the bag and the zips are nice and chunky, meaning they won’t let you down. 

If you are looking to invest in some really top-notch luggage then make sure you take a look at the Sphere range, you won’t be disappointed. 

Models available: 

160cm long – suitable for two-piece rods up to 10ft in length

190cm long – suitable for two-piece rods up to 12ft in length

Really smart and built from top quality materials so it will stand the test of time.

The padded and reinforced walls offer brilliant protection for made-up rods and reels.

They eye-catching carbon-effect material is wipe-clean and water resistant.

"The best range of luggage that I have ever used."

All of the handles and straps are top quality and box stitched.

The zips are really strong and won’t let you down.

Sphere – when you want the best.