New Product Launch - XCITE BF Reels

Looking for the perfect reel for Method feeder fishing? The new Xcite BF free-spool reels are perfect for match fishing for carp and other powerful fish. The free-spool system instantly gives line when engaged to stop carp from smashing the line on vicious bites. 

As you have come to expect from Browning reels, the Xcite has been designed to be a rugged work-horse that will not let you down. The strong construction features a compact carbon graphite body and rotor which houses the precision engineered gears. Line lay on the aluminium spool is faultless, for improved casting distance and accuracy. 

Each spool is fitted with two line-friendly clips. One is a traditional design, whilst the second has a softer construction, enabling the line to release under pressure before the line breaks – a useful innovation when big carp are likely to be encountered. 

The precision front drag can be adjusted to give line consistently and can be relied upon to not let you down. The instant anti-reverse enable fish to be landed faster, and for the tension on the rod tip to be adjusted precisely, so no bites are missed. 

A brilliant addition to the Browning range of reels, just perfect for feeder fishing for big fish. 

xcite bf reel 2
xcite bf reel 3
xcite bf reel 4
xcite bf reel 5
xcite bf reel 6

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