Windproof Fleece Jacket

Autumn is upon us and already there’s a chill in the air so now is the time to get your winter clothing sorted as it’s no fun being cold.

The first thing I do when looking for a new fleece jacket is to blow as hard as I can through the material and if I can feel my breath then there is one certainty, it’s not windproof and it’s not going to keep you warm on those chilly windy days. First test over and this new Windproof Fleece Jacket passed with flying colours. The next test was to make sure that all possible areas that could let cold air in and warm air out could be sealed and once again these had all been looked at as the hood and waste could both be tightened with elasticated locking cords. The sleeve’s are another potential air inlet/outlet, where locking cords aren’t the best solution, yet this jacket has been fitted with integrated stretching wrist bands that are not only comfortable, keep the warm air in, but eliminate any moisture from entering which is a major uncomfortable problem when pole fishing. 

This jacket has plenty of other features including three zipped pockets, two externally on either side that are fleece lined for additional warmth and one inner which is ideal for keys, phone etc. All the zips are of the highest quality, totally reliable and made in a way that eliminates them getting jammed, as well as being water resistant.

Another big plus is the thick fleece hood isn’t oversized like so many others, so it fits perfectly and doesn’t droop in front of your eyes. It’s also attached to a high collar allowing the hood to be pushed back but still retaining that optimal protection even in the worst weather around the neck area.

With the onset of winter approaching us fast there is one thing I’m confident about and that’s is that on those chilly, windy days I’m going to be nice and warm and doing what I love, catching fish.

Available in five sizes – M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

John Pantrey

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