I’ve been really impressed with the Xenox Feeder But and Rest system as they can be altered to suit every occasion, whether I’m fishing a commercial for shy biting silvers right through to those rod wrenching commercial carp bites. 

The Feeder Rod Butt can be used either as a butt rest or as a general front rod rest. Personally I use it predominantly as a butt rest as it holds the rod stead-fast and in the same position every time. The lateral rod saver ears are especially good as the rod just can go anywhere, giving me the peace of mind that if, on those rare occasions, I’m not looking at the tip when a violent bites comes, the rod just can’t go move, yet it still allows me to pick the rod up easily. 

The Feeder Rest System has been thought through toughly as it now means that I only need to take this system with me whether I’m heading to a river or commercial as it can be set up in so many ways. In the winter when I’m fishing clipped up for shy biting silvers I go for the 15cm smooth EVA supports as they allow me to simply drop the rod onto the rest and tighten down to the tip without having to move the rod. The 15cm ribbed and profiled EVA supports come into play when carp fishing on commercials or on really windy days, as the rod sits firmly into position without fear of moving. This system allows the angler to have the rest set up with two supports or just one and I can see it being a real asset to the river angler that has to fish with the rod high in the air. As with the Butt Rest this system comes complete with lateral rod ears that can be adjusted into different position for additional peace of mind or for extra stability on windy days. 

Both Feeder Rests come in the expected black and Browning colour with high quality brass screws compatible with all feeder arms and bank sticks.  

No more carting around numerous feeder rests as this system covers everything you will ever need.

John Pantrey

Xenos feeder rest 2
xenos butt rest 3
xenos butt rest 3

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