Sphere Multi-Kits

The Browning Sphere Multi Kits have several brilliant advantages that will improve the performance of your pole and give you a great deal of flexibility in how you fish. 

Firstly, these kits are very strong and well up to the rigours of catching big weights of carp, week in, week out. Reinforcement has been added to the ends of the sections for increased strength and reduced wear when adding and removing the kit. There is also a woven carbon reinforced area positioned for fitting a puller bush, which again helps increase the life of these top kits. 

The kits have a full 2.75m length, but thanks to the unique Duo Bush system they do not require any cutting back, even when fitting heavy elastics. Use the smaller black inner bush when fishing with solid elastics and lighter Micro Bore elastics, or remove this leaving the white outer bush when using bigger diameter hollow elastics, such as the heavier Stretch 7 range. 

If you own a Browning pole and are looking to add some extra top kits then the Multi Kits are an absolute must. Really flexible and really strong, they are a brilliant piece of kit. 

Pole Compatibility

Sphere Poles

Xitan Poles

2eX-S Poles

Black Magic Poles

Length : 2.75m

Closed length : 1.75m

Weight : 43 grams

Sections: Top two

Duo Bush diameter : 3.9mm / 4.5mm

sphere multikit 2
sphere multikit 5
sphere multikit 3
sphere multikit 4

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