The Best Landing Net Combo for Carp?

Match fishing on commercials today, especially on carp oriented venues, is all about speed, and every few seconds that can be saved during its duration simply means more fish in the net and the difference between winning and coming absolutely nowhere.

One area of concern has to be landing fish as when you finally get a carp under control and it surfaces you need to get that net under it ultra quick. If the handle is too short or heavy this can be a serious problem. Once in the net comes another time consuming problem as if the mesh is too big then often is the case of your banded pellet getting caught within the mesh or worse still breaking. 

Finding not just a landing net handle that is light and strong enough to solve this problem but also a net that’s big enough for sizable carp but also light as well as having a fine mesh can be difficult, or so you thought!

Take a look at the Hyper Carp XTR landing net handle and Black Magic Compact Pan net as if, what’s been mentioned before, is an irritating situation that you find yourself in then your problems have just been solved!


The XTR handle itself is long, 4m in fact and comes in three sections. It weighs an incredible 370g and isn’t just at home on carp commercials but also on running water, especially those with steep high banks, and as for its strength, rigidity and robustness, well its simply mind blowing. Moving this through the water is effortless, doesn’t bend even under the strain of a very big carp and when most handles would just break under the strain this handle simply makes light work of everything thrown at it which is all down to its reinforced spiral winding construction.  


As for the Black Magic Compact Pan net, well it teams up with the XTR handle perfectly, not too big (L 44cm x W 38cm) but big enough to drop an oversized bonus carp in if needed. Another point I love is it’s not too deep, just 24cm, which means I can unhook each carp easily before lowering and releasing into the keepnet. As previously mentioned the mesh is soft, strong and fine, just 2mm, which eliminates those teething problems of caught up/broken hairs! 

Having had this net for years I’ve certainly used and abused it and being robust, light and strong it’s withstood everything I’ve thrown at it as has the Hyper Carp XTR landing net handle. 

 If you want the best handle/net combination then you’ve just found it!

Alex Reynolds

The Best Landing Net Combo for Carp 2

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