Summer Clothing

If there is one thing you need to be when fishing a match or simply pleasure fishing is comfortable, and I don’t mean how your tackle station is set up, but just as important is what you are wearing.

A great combination is the Dry Fit Polo Shirt, Sweatpants and if it’s bright and sunny then the Clubber Cap completes the outfit. 

The Dry Fit Polo Shirt comes in five sizes, as do the Sweatpants, M, L, XL, XXL and XXL and has been designed to give plenty of movement in the arm fit making casting and landing fish all day effortless. Made from a quick drying100% Polyester material it’s really comfortable, light, highly breathable making it ideal for those hot summer days as well as classy looking coming in the standard Browning burgundy and black colours.

The Sweatpants, or joggers as I refer to them, are made from a really soft comfortable to the skin material and come with an elastic waistband and cord to tighten accordingly plus wide ankle bands and three pockets, two zipped side pockets and a rear pocket.

If you want to look the part but more importantly be comfortable before, during and after each session then this is the perfect clothing combo!

Alex Reynolds

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summer clothing 3

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