Cenex Hybrid Power Mono

Cenex Hybrid Power Mono has become a firm favourite for pole anglers for their pole rigs and hook lengths. 

I’ve been using it for many years and it really is a reliable, abrasion resistant, ultra strong line that just won’t let you down. Although is strength in relation to its diameter is amazing there are a few other qualities that I love, the first being just how supple it is which creates perfect hook bait presentation. This suppleness also allows knots to be bedded down resulting in unbelievable knot strength and being transparent it just adds to the list of benefits and reasons why when it’s used more fish end up in the net!

Coming on 100m spools it really is value for money and a line that all anglers need to check out.

Available in seven popular diameters –

0.10mm 3lb/1.37kg

0.12mm 3.7lb/1.7kg

0.14mm 5.6lb/2.55kg

0.16mm 6.6lb/3kg

0.18mm 8.5lb/3.9kg

0.20mm 9.2lb/4.2kg

0.22mm 10.3lb/4.7kg

Alex Reynolds

hybrid power mono 2

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