Cenex Feeder Mono

There are times when a braided main line is not needed for feeder fishing especially when fishing at shore ranges, and in tough environments, like rivers and deep glacial lakes. That is when we reach for the Cenex Feeder Mono. Especially designed for feeder fishing, this line has a set of characteristics that set it apart from most lines, and make it ideal for fishing on the tip. 

Designed specifically for feeder fishing.

Medium stretch for better bite indication and smooth casting.

Use as a main line or as a shock leader.

Super-smooth surface finish for improved casting performance.

Naturally sinking formula makes it easier to tighten up and sink the line.

High abrasion resistance for improved durability.

Cenex Feeder Mono is available in diameters between 0.14mm (4lb) and 0.28mm (13.7lb) on 150m spools.

cenex feeder mono 2

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