Skyline One-Piece Top Kits

There has been a definite shift amongst Commercial Anglers towards using one-piece top kits for some styles of fishing over recent years. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for this, and the benefits these kits have. 

One-piece kits replace the standard top two supplied with a pole, reducing the length by roughly a metre in most cases. The steeper taper of a one-piece kits obviously stiffens up the pole, and gives extra strength – ideal when big weights are expected. 

Browning kits come fitted with the brilliant Duo Bush as standard, so there is no need to cut back the pole to fit even large diameter elastics. As you wold expect, they are also fitted with side puller bushes, making elastication very easy. 

Browning’s one-piece kits come in either a standard carbon finish, or with a Skyline grey finish that blends in well with the colour of the sky, making them ideal when shallow fishing. The Skyline kits also feature coloured depth bands at 10cm intervals, making it easy to set the depth perfectly on multiple kits. 

Talking of multiple kits, another benefit of one-piece kits is that make it easy to store rigs ready-rigged on the kit. This makes getting organised on the bank so much easier,, and although you can do this with two-piece kits, nothing is simpler than a one-piece configuration. 

Finally, there is the price. One-piece kits are obviously great value and a lot cheaper than two-piece kits. Any time when maximum length isn’t required, especially when you are using heavier elastics for big weight fishing, the one-piece kits make a great solution. 

Skyline One-Piece Top Kits 2
Skyline One-Piece Top Kits 3
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Skyline One-Piece Top Kits 5

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