CK Carp Waggler

I can’t quite believe that it’s over ten years since I first started using the Commercial King range of shorter rods. Back then they revolutionised my approach when targeting carp on commercial fisheries and have now become standard equipment for anglers on these high stocked venues. 

I was wrong in thinking that these brilliant rods couldn’t get any better, but advances in carbon and fittings have allowed Browning to take these mid range rods to a new level. Let’s first look at the two big upgrades that I’m really impressed with. The first is in the Carp King, as its been renamed, rods handle as all the range now come with the shortened ergonomic handle, similar to those fitted on the high end Sphere range. The reason for shortening the handle on the CK Carp Waggler is simply to allow anglers to cast quicker and the flattened handle makes it so much more comfortable, you can really ‘feel the difference’ when casting and playing fish as so much more is transmitted back to the angler. The second upgrade might seem very small but Browning have listened to their anglers and have straightened the end eye of the rod, something I have been doing for years, so that those annoying moments when the line catches around are eliminated. 

The CK Carp Waggler is 11ft/3.30m and is a two piece rod, like the rest of the CK range, and allows the match angler to arrive with multiple set up rods all rigged and ready to go. Weighing in at just 170g and with a casting weight of 20g it really is a dream to use, ultra slim with a lovely parabolic ‘non-lock’ action, a real all-round carp float rod.

Other features are high quality smooth guides, toned down graphics, keeper ring, plus a cork screw down reel fitting.

If you are looking for a versatile, mid priced, two piece carp float rod then you need to check this, and the rest of the CK range out.

The best has just got better!


Mick Fordham

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CK Carp Waggler 3
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