Distance Marker Sticks

Distance sticks have become an essential for most feeder anglers, enabling several rods to be set up at exactly the same distance easily. These new sticks from Browning have been carefully thought through to make marking up as simple as possible. 

When setting up the screw-in solid points make getting the sticks securely into hard ground really easy, even on gravel pits. A t-bar is supplied with each set at the tops of the sticks have a solid oversized button for pushing the sticks into softer ground. 

Supplied with a 4m tape to give the exact distance between the sticks every time. Metre markers make it easy to set up at intermediate distances. We particularly like the fact that the tape is four metres as when using shorter rods it is easy to double this round so the sticks can be positioned at two metres apart.

Tangles can be an issue with some sticks, especially when using fine braided lines, but the ribbed finish on these Marker Sticks means that each turn of line falls into a groove and is held securely – perfect! 

If you are looking for a really well designed set of sticks then check these out at your local Browning Stockist. 

distance marker sticks 1
distance marker sticks 3
distance marker sticks 4

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