Black Magic Specialist 10m Pole

The Black Magic Allround pole has been a best-seller for Browning, and we have really outdone ourselves with the new Black Magic Specialist 10m. This brilliant short / margin pole has many of the features you would find on our top-end poles. Well balanced, yet with massive reserves of power, this pole is just at home bagging up with skimmers as it is margin fishing for big carp. 

Supplied with two extra top kits, each of which is fitted with Browning’s innovative Duo Bush system, that can take elastic to 20+, and are pre-fitted with side puller bushes. In the pole you will find Browning’s new pre-bushed Speed Kit, which gives the pole incredible poise. We have even added a cupping kit for the total package. With all of the kits pre-bushed there is no need to cut the pole back, even when using heavy elastics. 

Look closely and you will notice that the pole not only features a spiral strengthening wrap, but each of the section ends have been reinforced too for maximum strength and longevity. All this in a pole that weighs only 735 grams at 10 metres. 

The section alignment markers enable the pole to be assembled perfectly every time, and the Precision Points on the butt section mean you can ship out to the perfect distance every time. 

If you are new to pole fishing and looking for a brilliant package that will cover your needs, or looking for a second carp pole for margin and short work, then check out the Black Magic Specialist, you won’t be disappointed! 

Black Magic Specialist 10m Pole 2
Black Magic Specialist 10m Pole 3
Black Magic Specialist 10m Pole 4

Precision Points enable shipping out to the same distance every time.

Black Magic Specialist 10m Pole 5

Use the Section Alignment Points to get maximum stiffness every time.

Black Magic Specialist 10m Pole 6

The Black Magic Specialist has many of the features of Browning’s top-end poles.

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