Xenos Feeder Rest System

Finding the right feeder rest can be tricky, and most of us end up carrying a range of different ones to cover every eventuality. The Xenos Feeder Rest System has been developed to try and cut down on the amount of gear you need to carry without limiting your options. In fact, with this rest you can cover every angle! 

The core of the system is the moulded central block. The machined brass threads accept a range of different EVA sections that cradle the rod without damaging the surface. You can add the EVA sections in any configuration that you want. With two of each 15cm smooth, 15cm ribbed and 10cm profiled sections the permutations are endless! 

For rough conditions, strong flows, or Method fishing the rest is supplied with angled ends that can be added. 

If you are a river angler faced with long walks, or just looking for the ultimate versatile feeder rest then be sure to check out the Xenos Feeder Rest System.

Xenos feeder rest 1
Xenos feeder rest 4
Xenos feeder rest 7
Xenos feeder rest 2
Xenos feeder rest 5
Xenos feeder rest 8
Xenos feeder rest 3
Xenos feeder rest 6
Xenos feeder rest 9

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