Xi-Box 36 Compact - Big capacity, small footprint.

If you fish a lot of natural venues then long walks over rough ground, often with styles and other obstacles to overcome will be nothing new for you. Transporting a big seatbox in these conditions can be a real challenge, so given the choice, I prefer a more compact box such as the Xi-Box 36. The compact design of this box, plus its reduced weight, make it ideal for natural venues. 

Although the box is smaller the 36mm legs mean that it is incredibly stable and I have never felt compromised when fishing on soft or steep banks, thanks to the six telescopic legs that have oversized mud feet, keeping me really stable. The inbuilt spirit levels are another useful feature, enabling me to get the position of the box spot-on. 

As you would expect, the box is supplied in a great tray configuration for natural venues, with a full range of trays and other accessories available enabling you to customise the box to your needs. 

One other factor that is worth noting is that if you regularly travel with a friend the smaller size of this box means that you can get two, plus all your other gear, in the back of a regular estate car.

Rory Jones

Xi-Box compact 2

36mm legs all round make for a very stable box on any kind of bank.

Xi-Box compact 3

Get the perfect seating position with the independently adjustable height.

The Xi-Box 36 Compact is top of the Xi-Box range. It has been designed to have a small “footprint”, so easier to fit in a car, carry, or use on platforms than traditional cassette style boxes. The design is very strong and rigid with 36mm legs and specially designed clamps. The top frame of the box can be height adjusted to maintain a comfortable seating position if trays are added or removed.

The Xi-Box 36 Compact features :

• 36mm telescopic legs with hinged mud feet for total stability

• Sliding footplate

• Secure non-slip locking systems with large easy-to-grip knobs

• Fixed mesh tray on bottom frame for under-box storage while fishing

• Spirit levels and adjustable seat height for total comfort

• 2 x 3cm plus 1 x 6cm side drawers

• 1 x 4cm plus 1 x 3m tray units

• Additional trays available

Xi-Box 4

The extra large hand wheels make adjusting the box very easy.

xi-box 5

The box has a cassette-style foot plate that retracts under the frame for storage.

xi-box 6

The spirit levels are a nice touch for ensuring the box is spot-on level.

xi-box 8

Extra large adjustable mud feet give maximum stability.

xi-box 9

The box comes with plenty of storage, but extra draws can be added if required.

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