The Sphere Hook Range

If you’re not aware of the Browning Sphere range of hooks then you really need to as soon as possible.

All eventualities covered

The range consists of six superb hooks that have been developed by some of the top feeder and match specialists to bring to you a hook that will cover every angling situation. My top two have to be the Beast and the Match as I tend to fish carp dominated commercials but if you prefer to fish for silver, feeder fish for bream, even spend most of your time on more natural venues then the Ultra Lite, Ultra Strong, Classic or CPF LS will have its place.

As its name suggest, well almost!

The Beast is everything it says, a hook that you can rely on when putting a big weight of hard fighting carp together, keeping its point and not bending out so one that will seriously save you time when needed. The barbless range comes with the option of eyed or spade end in sizes from 8 right through to a 16 with a popular size 13 as well. The barbed range is spade end only and comes in the same sizes 8 – 16. Made from black nickel it’s amazingly strong, yet it’s not made from a heavy gauge hook so has some finesse as well. It has the popular slight in-turned beaked point which is super sharp and once in, it’s not coming out! A great hook for pellet fishing and in these days when pennies are getting tighter they are amazing value for money and come in packets containing 15!

The all-rounder

The Match variety is another of my favourites, especially when feeder fishing for carp as it’s amazingly light in weight but super strong. The razor sharp hook point is longer than the beast ensuring a secure hook hold and reducing the chance of a hook pull when fishing at distance. It really is an all-rounder, a robust reliable hook that all pole, float, feeder anglers need to check out! Available in sizes 8 to 18, spade end and barbed only and once again in packets of 15!

Both the Beast and the Match are also available as pre-tied hooks to high quality monofilament on an innovative winder. Eight hook lengths on each winder so great for anglers that prefer ready tied hook lengths. 

Alex Reynolds

sphere hooks 2
beast barbless hooks

The Beast Barbless range is a firm-favourite amongst anglers looking for a very strong and robust hook, especially for carp and barbel.

sphere hooks to nylon

Most of the Sphere range are also available in these excellent Hooks to Nylon, supplied on a very easy to use spool that also keeps the line safe from UV rays.

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