Silverlite Landing Net Handle

The first thing that you notice about the Silverlite handle is how incredibly slim it is. Even at four metres long the handle is pencil-thin, yet incredibly strong and stiff. If you are looking for a handle that is not only light but easy to move around then this is the one.

The three piece design gives the option to use the handle at either its full length or with just two section. It really comes into its own at full length though, allowing you to net fish quicker, especially when fishing deep venue with top 4 kits. 

The spreader block has been beefed up and is internally pinned for added strength and longevity. A spiral wrap adds further strength and stiffness to the handle, so it can soak up use day after day.

If you are looking for the best and that extra 1% then be sure to check out the Silverlite handle at your local Browning Stockist.

Silverlite handle 2

The metal thread has been reinforced and internally pinned.

Silverlite handle 3

Despite being incredibly slim, the high grade materials mean this handle is incredibly strong and stiff.

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