The Cenex range of lines offers not just unbeatable hook lengths but also a number of specialists mainline such as the Cenex Feeder Mono. 


Created with a low-friction, smooth surface it improves casting and retrieve performance and is highly abrasion resistance so great for fishing in situation where the line needs to take some serious wear such as catching lots of commercial carp or fishing close to far bank cover. It’s medium-stretch offers better bite detection, so also good when targeting shy biting fish and it sinks really well making it less conspicuous to cautious fish.

Its super suppleness also lends itself to float fishing at distance and has become very popular with anglers targeting carp on the pellet waggler or the more conventional waggler species such as tench and bream.

Available in a range of popular diameters on 150m spools ranging between 0.14mm (4.00lb) and 0.28mm (13.70lb).

Tim Bruce

cenex feeder mono 2
cenex feeder mono 3

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