Take a look at the new Jens Koschnick Feeder Rods in this short video. Click the play button below to watch now.


These rods are based upon the World Champion feeder rod series developed by Jens Koschnick for Browning in 2016.


The range now includes 3 models, all of which have been customised to Jens’ requirements. The old rods have been optimised for length, action and design according to Jens’ vision. The new blanks set themselves apart with the most precise casting properties. Specific areas above the handle have been stiffened. However, the overall soft action required by Jens in the last third of the rods has been retained.


Don’t let your eyes deceive you. Despite the delicate appearance and pleasant action, the rods can take brutal loads and are also suitable for targeting carp.


The insert of the tips remains at the familiar 2.2mm, allowing you to use tips from the World Champion series. However, as an innovation, there are tips available for the Silverlite feeder rods with different ring diamaters. The 3.15m and 3.5m model are supplied with small rings as per the World Champion Range. The 3.85m version comes with big rings.