Sphere Large Multi-Pocket Bag

It is amazing just how much gear I can take with me much of the time, especially when fishing festivals and matches away from home. On many venues the conditions have a heavy influence on the gear I need on the day, and so slimming down is simply not an option. Recently I have swapped to the new Sphere luggage range and I must say that it is without doubt the best gear that I have ever used.


What I particularly like about the Sphere range is the quality of the material and fittings used. Very often a good bag or holdall can be let down by a zip, poor stitching or a buckle breaking, but there are no such weak points on this range. The material, with its distinctive carbon-effect look, is also incredibly tough, reinforced in all the high-wear places, such as the base and corners and it’s wipe clean too!


One of my favourites from the range is the Multipocket Bag. This has proven to be ideal for storing the mountain of gear that I tend to carry with me. Available in two sizes, the Compact 85 litre version is ideal for most situations, with the Large 110 litre version being ideal when you need maximum capacity. The dimensions of both bags are perfect for sitting on a barrow, making transportation really easy with all of my gear stored in a single bag. The side pockets also help me keep kit organised and I know exactly where everything is.


The carry handles positioned at each end of the bag are a really useful touch, enabling me to easily lift the loaded bag out of the car and off the barrow. The reinforced base, with plastic runners that mean that material isn’t in contact with the ground or your car boot, will reduce wear and tear.


For me this is a great example of a simple product done right. It might not be the cheapest, but in the long run I can see the Sphere range lasting the distance – mine looks as good now as it did a year ago when it first hit the bank – it’s also keeping my gear in tip-top condition for many years to come.


Kye Jerrom

4. The zips are super-strong and will give years of service

The zips on the Sphere luggage are superb quality and over-sized for maximum strength.

2. The end pockets have a big capacity on their own

The end pockets have a large capacity for catapults and other items that you want to have close to hand.

5. The Large Multipocket bag has a huge 100 litre capacity

If you are looking for the ultimate luggage then Sphere is it.

6. The Sphere luggage range is designed to be the 'best of the best'

Available in two sizes, the Sphere Multi-Pocket carryall is a must-have.

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