Cenex Low Stretch Mono 

Cenex Low Stretch Mono is a brilliant alternative to using braid as it offers many of the advantages that braid provides and allows an angler an in-between to both allowing them to see if switching from mono to braid is for them. It’s also brilliant if you are on a venue where braid is banned, especially if you’re fishing at distances and need to exaggerate bites.

Specifically designed for feeder fishing this ultra low pre-stretched reel line is extremely abrasion resistant has a smooth surface that aids both line lay on the reel and effortless casting at distance. 

In contrast to mono all bites will be massively exaggerated, especially useful for shy biting fish such as roach and skimmers.

Available in four diameters on 150m spools –

0.14mm – 4.60lb

0.16mm – 5.80lb

0.18mm – 6.90lb

0.20mm – 8.50lb


Tim Bruce

cenex low stretch mono 2

This low diameter line has less stretch than normal lines, giving better bite registration and longer casting distances.

cenex low stretch mono 3

This is a brilliant line for feeder fishing, really accentuating bites.

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