Cenex Feeder Braid Sinking

I first starting using this braided reel line on the vast windswept venues in Ireland. When the weather took a turn for the worst trying to spot bites using mono was almost impossible; however a switch to braid completely changed things and distinguishing between what was a proper bite and simply the waves crashing over the rod tip became easy.

This braid has a low diameter and a consistent round profile making it great for loading onto the spool and casting long distances effortless. Another massive advantage is it contains a Teflon strand making it sinks straight off the spool, no wetting or bedding in needed and with zero stretch bite detection is second to none. 

This really is a superb bullet proof braid ideal on big venues or when the elements are against you and every edge possible is needed to combat the conditions and put more fish in the net.

Available in three diameters on 150m spools – 

0.08mm – 10.00lb

0.10mm – 12.00lb

0.12mm – 15.00lb

Tim Bruce

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