Guide to Cenex Lines

The ever popular Cenex lines such as Classic Mono, Hybrid Power Mono and the fantastic Fluoro Carbon Hook Line are often raved about and reviewed, yet there is so much more to the growing Cenex range than just these, if fact there are four more, Feeder Braid Sinking, Low Stretch Mono, Method Mono and Feeder Mono, all of which I use on a regular basis and are such great mainlines.

Let’s take a closer look and discuss when and where I use them and where they could compliment your fishing and increase your catch rate.

Cenex Feeder Braid Sinking

I first started using this braid when fishing the matches in Ireland, often on big windswept venues where conditions at times couldn’t get much worse. The reason being was I needed a mainline that sunk, withstood the constant crashing of waves around the rod tip bit most importantly gave me instant bite detection. It gave me a massive advantage over using mono and is my first choice when fishing large venues for big fish such as bream. It has a lovely round profile which loads well on the spool and great for casting long distances. It really is a superb zero stretch feeder fishing braid which sinks straight from the spool so no bedding in needed, is extremely strong and has an exceptional fine diameter.

Available in three diameters on 150m spools –

0.08mm 10lb

0.10mm 12lb

0.12mm 15lb

cenex feeder braid

Mono/braid? Can’t make your mind up? Try this.  

cenex low stretch mono

My go to reel line on big venues. 

Cenex Low Stretch Mono

This mainline is a great for the angler that doesn’t feel comfortable using a braided mainline but understands its advantages and needs an in between option. I use this line on venues where braided mainlines are banned as it’s pre-stretched, creating an ultra-low stretch mono that boosts bite detection. Many use this when fishing at distance as it’s an easier-to-use alternative to braid and its low diameter, abrasion resistance and smooth surface fishing all heighten the experience. 

Available in four diameters on 150m spools –

0.14mm 4.60lb

0.16mm 5.80lb

0.18mm 6.90lb

0.20mm 8.50lb

Cenex Method Mono

This specialist Co-polymer reel line is one I use when I know it’s going to take some beating, such as bagging bigger than average carp from a commercial. It really is a dependable line that cuts through the surface tension and immediately sinks. An added advantage is its camou-coloured, great for the match or specimen angler that needs to be as inconspicuous as possible and once again its fine diameter and super soft feel make it a mainline to be reckoned with. 

Available in four diameters on 150m spools –

0.20mm 8.10lb

0.22mm 10.40lb

0.24mm 12.80lb

0.26mm 15.00lb

cenex feeder mono

Hit the horizon with this one.

cenex feeder mono

One for some serious punishment.

cenex lines

Cenex Feeder Mono

If you’re looking for a quality, medium-stretch, sinking mono for feeder fishing then this is the one. Its special smooth surface seal increase casting distance, improves the retrieve and is highly abrasion resistant so it’s up taking some serious punishment. Being very supple it’s also become very popular with anglers fishing the waggler at medium to long distances and I’ve used it to great effect fishing the slider in really deep venues!

Available in eight diameters on 150m spools –

0.14mm 4.00lb

0.16mm 5.00lb

0.18mm 6.00lb

0.20mm 7.40lb

0.22mm 9.70lb

0.24mm 11.80lb

0.26mm 12.80lb

0.28mm 13.70lb

If you haven’t tried these then you really need to check them out!


Tim Bruce

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