Xenos Jet Feeder

The Xenos Jet Feeder has been developed for the stillwater angler looking for maximum distance and accuracy. The integral weight is ideally positioned at the nose of the feeder to give stability during the cast to improve accuracy. Thanks to the ring shape of the weight the feeder empties quickly and does not create any resistance on the retrieve. The plastic frame also creates little resistance and helps the feeder rise quickly away from snags on the retrieve. 

Available in a range of weights from 20 grams to 50 grams in our most popular 25mm length with a diameter of 27mm. 

Xenos jet feeder 2

The weight is precision moulded to fit perfectly into the frame.

Xenos jet feeder 3

The size of these feeders makes them ideal for long range fishing for bream and skimmers.

Xenos jet feeder 4
Xenos jet feeder 5

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