Sphere Beast Hooks

The Sphere range of hooks is growing all the time and the Beast range is certainly getting a following. Available loose in packs of 15, the barbless version comes eyed with a choice of eyed or spade end and they really do everything asked on them when it comes to big fish commercials. The barbed variety is spade end only yet both come in a sizes ranging from 8 to 16 including an in between size 13! 

Probably the most stand out feature of these hooks is not just how sharp the point is but they just don’t seem to blunt! Made from high-performance Japanese steel they are Teflon coated which guarantees easy penetration, creating great hook holds and almost eliminates hook pulls. The shape of the hook is described as straight with a wide gape and in-turned point and the reason they are called Beast is because they are extremely strong yet far from as heavy as you would expect making them a big hit with barbel anglers.

The Beast barbed hooks are also available on a unique winder system. Each spool contains eight hooks, again ranging between 8 and 16, which are tied to high performance monofilament and are on a continuous loop which eliminates tangles as only one can be removed at a time. Each spool has a protective folding rim which eliminates the problem of any line spilling off, it also protects the line from damaging UV light and on the rear of the spool are locating positions for the next hook.

I started using these hooks when they were first launched and haven’t looked back since.

John Pantrey

sphere beast hooks 1

Sphere Beast hooks are available I both barbed and barbless, eyed and spade-end, covering lots of big fish work.

sphere htn 2

The unique packaging of the Sphere hooks stops the rigs from tangling and keeps them in perfect condition.

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