Silverlite Jens Koschnick Feeder Rods

In 2016 Jens Koschnick developed the World Champion feeder rods for Browning, that proved to be a massive hit with match anglers across Europe looking to catch shy-biting roach and bream on the feeder. 

Now in 2022 Jens has done it again, improving and updating the original World Champion series to develop the new Silverlite rod range. With optimised blanks and updated components these rods really do set the standard at this price point for the modern match angler seeking the perfect silverfish rod. 

What sets the Silverlite range apart from the rest is the unique action, which retains the softness to not pull hooks and to magnify bite indication, yet which has enough back-bone to cast accurately at range. A huge amount of development went into getting these blanks perfectly balanced.

Those who already own Browning feeder rods will be pleased to know that the Silverlite rods retain the 2.2mm tip diameter, making them compatible with older models and giving a wide choice of quiver tips. 

The 3.15m and 3.5m rods are fitted with normal sized rings, whilst the 3.85m rod, designed for longer range fishing with larger reels, has been fitted with larger stand-off rings. 

If you are looking for feeder rods optimised for natural venues where every roach and skimmer counts then check out the Silverlite range at your Browning stockist. 

Silverlite rod 1
Silverlite feeder 2
Silverlite feeder 3
Silverlite feeder 6
Silverlite feeder 5

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