Cenex Fluoro Carbon Hook Line

Modern day fishing lines have come on tremendously over the past few years and fluorocarbon is certainly one that has got better with time. When first introduced to the world of fishing some were OK but many were really poor, especially when it came to knot strength and if you happened to buy a poor one, well you are probably still somewhat sceptical now. Well you don’t have to be, especially if you decide to choice Cenex Fluoro Carbon Hook Line as this is simply outstanding. 

Probably the most interesting part about Fluorocarbon is what’s known as its ‘Refractive Index’ which means once submerged in water it becomes almost invisible, obviously a massive edge when it comes to bait presentation. This is obviously a massive edge when it comes to getting more bites yet not all fluorocarbons are what is known as supple unlike Cenex which offers not only this but abrasion resistance, durability, high knot strength as well as an amazing fine diameter to knot strength. Something to consider is being transparent and supple means that you can use a thicker, higher breaking strain than before so if a rogue carp comes along then they can be tamed that much quicker. 

Another point to mention is not all fluorocarbon diameters are actually what’s stated on the spool, but then how many anglers actually get a micrometer to it and measure it, not many! I have and not only does this line mic up accurately its consistent throughout the spool.

Originally available in four sizes Browning have listened to their team of match anglers singing its praises and have now added a further five diameters ranging from 0.07mm (1.1lbs) to 0.23mm (10.2lbs) to the range.  

Available in the following diameters –

0.07mm 1.1lbs

0.09mm 1.87lb

0.11mm 2.7lb

0.13mm 3.5lb

0.15mm 4.6lb

0.17mm 6.5lb

0.19mm 7.6lb

0.21mm 8.7lb

0.23mm 10.2mm

If you aren’t using this for your hook lengths and leaders then you are really missing out. 

John Pantrey

cenex fluoro carbon line 2

The accurate diameter and high strength of this line make is ideal for demanding situations.

cenex fluoro carbon line 3

Cenex Fluoro Carbon is available in diameters to cover all of my fishing.

cenex fluoro carbon line 4

Some fluorocarbons can be fragile, but not Cenex, which is very reliable.

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