Feeder Rod Rest


When feeder fishing and accuracy is important I like to use a wide contact surfaced. The reason being is as soon as the feeder hits the line clip and starts descending in the water I want to drop the rod straight down, onto a rest and then simply tighten the tip accordingly without fear of moving the feeder. 

This is where this rod rest comes in useful as being 35cm wide it allows the rod to be dropped without having to worry about locating it in certain slots. It’s also padded so the rod can be placed down quickly without any fear of damage and the raised sides act as a safeguard just in case of one of those brutal bites. It also has an adjusting knurled screw on the universal thread which allows the rest to be adjusted if needed.

Perfect if you are fishing on the clip for big bream.


Tim Bruce

feeder rod rest 2
feeder rod rest 3

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