Black Magic Gold Mono

Finding a reliable, affordable multi-purpose monofilament mainline isn’t always easy. We all have our favourites and it’s really difficult to switch in fear of it letting us down at that vital moment, yet after being introduced to the Black Magic Gold line by an all-round angler who had total faith in it I just had to pick up a few spools in different diameters and give it a go.

Taking a closer look I was amazed at its fine diameter in ratio to its breaking strain, 6.60lb being just 0.19mm!

Spooling up I could feel its smoothness and the line lay was perfect with no curling something many low diameter lines are prone to. Putting the 0.19mm diameter through its paces for the first time whilst fishing the method for medium sized carp was a complete joy and although a couple momentarily found an underwater hazard a bit of extra pressure saw them turn away and on inspection of the line no damage was found showing its outstanding strength and abrasion resistance. 

Next to try was the 0.17mm diameter which has a breaking strain of 4.40lb. This was loaded onto my Black Magic FD 420 for a spot of float fishing on the river Test. Whilst long trotting the line pealed of the spool as expected, really smoothly and when that all important bite came the line picked up really easily off the water and with its moderate stretch the hook was set instantly. At the end of the day and after numerous battles with hard fighting chub the line showed no signs of wear proving this is a multi-purpose line that’s up there with the best and since those first tentative tests I can say that I’m really impressed with its performance.

Available in five convenient breaking strains ranging between 4.50lb and 12.60lb (0.27mm) I can see this mainline becoming a big hit, not just for match anglers but with specimen anglers as well.

Available on convenient bulk spools in – 4.5lb, 6.6lb, 8lb, 9.6lb and 12.6lb breaking strains.   

Colin Sheppard

The bulk spools of Black Magic Gold line are great value.

This is a really tough line, ideal for feeder fishing.

The brown colour blends in well with most lake beds.

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