Let’s face it, we’ve all had cage feeders that have split, broken or simply exploded on impact with the water, yet in all the years of using Browning’s Big Pit Feeders I can honestly say not one has let me down and when they cost half the price of most other cage feeders on the market, then you really do need to check them out.

Made from an almost indestructible (in a fishing application) clear plastic the Big Pit feeder range consists of three sizes – Mini, Standard and Large, there’s also an Inline version and they range in weight loading of between 15g to 60g. The large holes allow for a quick bait release once landed and the ridges within hold the groundbait in place even when casting to the horizon. The stem of the feeder holds a standard swivel and is of a length to create a boom and reduce any chance of tangling and the weight is evenly spread across the base for accurate casting and securely locked into the design of the feeder to eliminate them letting you down.

I used the 50g Big Pit Large Feeder to great effect recently whilst targeting big bream. Casting out a dozen times to lay a bed down bait it wasn’t long before the bream arrived got their heads down and provided me with some outstanding sport. 

Reliable and affordable, what more do you need from a feeder?

Tim Bruce


Big Pit Feeders have a near-indestructible plastic frame.


There is a Big Pit Feeder for almost every situation.


The weights are carefully moulded to the bottom of the fame and available in a wide range of sizes.

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