Xi-Match Landing Handle

If you enjoy fishing for silvers, like I do, especially net skimmers and roach then netting them quickly and efficiently is vital. This becomes somewhat harder when there is a side wind or if fishing a canal or river where there’s some flow and if your landing net and handle are too heavy and big it can all become somewhat clumsy.

Speed fishing for silvers is all about getting every part of your equipment right and if you want to get the best out of every situation then you really do need to get your hands on the Xi-Match handle as it’s so light, long and strong. At full length this 3 piece handle stretches to 4m and its ultra slim, yet still retains amazing rigidity and it only weighs 293g!

Other points to mention are the reinforced joints, anti-slip surface at the base of the handle and joint protectors which all contribute to making this the best ever silver fish handle I’ve ever used and team it up with a Silverlite Ghost net and you have a winning combination. 

John Pantrey

xi landing net handle 2

The thin diameter and stiffness of this 4m handle makes it very easy to move through the water.

xi handle joints

The joints are reinforced for extra strength.

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