Cenex Hybrid Power Mono

Cenex lines have grown rapidly in popularity with match anglers since there launch and there’s a reason for this, they are simply lines that you can rely on. 

My favourite for my pole rigs is Cenex Hybrid Power Mono, just check the diameter and you will find them to be true and accurate and it’s extremely strong and abrasion resistant, yet it’s remarkably supple allowing perfect bait presentation and never kinks.

Originally available in five popular sizes however due to popularity and demand two new sizes have become available, 0.10mm which is exceptionally strong for its fine diameter and brilliant for targeting silvers and skimmer. The 0.22mm is ideal for the carp match angler putting big weights together and needs a line that simply won’t let him down. 

Is there a better line for pole rigs and hook lengths, well if there is I don’t know about it!

Cenex Hybrid Power Mono is available in the following diameters –

0.10mm 1.37kg/3.00lb 

0.12mm 1.70kg/3.70lb

0.14mm 2.55kg/5.60lb

0.16mm 3.00kg/6.60lb

0.18mm 3.90kg/8.50lb

0.20mm 4.20kg/9.20lb

0.22mm 4.70kg/10.30lb

John Pantrey

hybrid mono 1

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