As the name suggests, the Xenos Jet Feeder is designed to go the distance. One of the longest casting feeders that Browning have developed, thanks to its fantastic aerodynamic shape and moulded nose weight, which gives maximum stability on the cast.

The ring-shaped weight also make the feeder very easy to load, as the groundbait can be compressed from both ends. It also empties very quickly, for the same reason. 

One little talked about benefit, is that this feeder is also very snag-resistant, as it rises quickly from the bottom when retrieved, making it ideal for venues, like many in Ireland, where there is a distinct ledge at distance. 

The plastic frame is very robust and will not crack, and the specially coated weight will not chip or crack. 

A brilliant feeder for long range fishing available in weights from 20 grams to 50 grams. 

xenos jet feeder 2

The aerodynamic, moulded design of the Xenos Jet Feeder makes it easy to load, and casts long distances and with great accuracy.

xenos jet feeder 3

Ideal for long range fishing with the paternoster rigs.

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