Feeder Rod Rest Deluxe

The Feeder Rod Rest Deluxe has become invaluable this winter as it holds the rod firmly in place when even the strongest of wind has been blowing. 

The compact foam groves allow the rod to be placed down without fear of damage and the numerous groves allows fine adjustment of the rod without the chance of moving the feeder. The raised ends also protect the rod if a savage bite comes along, commonplace on the carp venues I fish a lot when using the method feeder. 

The Feeder Rod Rest Deluxe is also useful on flowing venues when the rod needs to be positioned high and the elements are against you and although strong its extremely light which is great if having a distance to travel to your swim.

 Colin Sheppard

feeder rod rest 2
feeder rest deluxe

A brilliant design that allows me to tension the tip perfectly.

feeder rest deluxe 4

The small raised parts give numerous rod positions and hold the rod securely even when you are getting vicious bites from carp.

feeder rest deluxe 5

The raised ends really lock the rod in place.

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