Xenos Advance Feeder Rods - designed for the modern feeder angler.

If you are looking for a superb-quality feeder rod that won’t break the bank then check out the new Xenos Advance Feeder rods. Covering everything from medium range mini-feeder work for silvers, through Stillwater bream at range, right up to long-range Stillwater feeder and Method feeder tactics on the biggest stillwaters, there is something in this range for everyone. 

Built on exceptional 40 tonne carbon blanks, that combine plenty of backbone in the butt section, with a forgiving middle and tip, these rods cast extremely accurately, with the power to punch a feeder out, even in a cross-wind. The softer in the mid-section makes playing decent bream and carp a pleasure rather than a nerve-jangling chore! 

Perhaps the first thing that you will notice about these rods is the ringing pattern. Fitted with braid-friendly skeletal rings, the tips are fitted with large-diameter rings as standard. Because of the low weight of the skeletal rings this does not effect the action of the rod, but does increase casting distance. When fishing with braided main lines and shockleaders the connecting knot flies through the rings almost silently for much smoother casting. 

For anglers that prefer smaller rings, perhaps when fishing with monofilament main lines, standard tips are also available in a range of different strengths. 

Xenos advanced feeder casting
Xenos advance rings

Skeletal large diameter rings are used throughout to minimise friction and weight.

xenon advance tip

Tips are available in a range of strengths and with standard and large rings.

Xenos advance keeper ring

Handy keeper rings are fitted to the Xenos Advance rods.

Xenos advance reel seat

The lock-down reel seat are very secure and comfortable to use, and look great!

These rods look as good as they perform, with their custom-designed reel seats and optimised handles. The ergonomic shape of the reel seat provides a firm anchor point when casting without adding weight or bulk. The lower part of the handle is made from non-slip EVA, which is easy to grip even when caked in groundbait and slime. 

The 3.9m three-piece ML version is ideal for Stillwater feeder fishing with groundbait feeders up to around 40 grams unloaded, with an optimal feeder weight of 30grams unloaded. This is a brilliant bream rod, for medium range fishing, where the sensitive tips show up every liner and twitch. Supplied with three tips of 1oz, 1.5oz and 2oz, this is the perfect choice for the stillwater angler. 

Check out the full range of Xenos Advance Feeder rods in our digital catalogue here – https://tackle-box.eu/en/p/12218330

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