Sphere Beast Hooks

Hooks are a very personal choice, but if you are looking for a design specifically made for carp and other big, powerful fish then check out the Sphere Beast hooks.

The strength of these hooks takes some beating. They are heavily forged and quite light, yet they are incredibly strong and dependable. In the cooler months don’t be afraid of scaling down to a 16, especially useful when using popped-up bread, where a light hook helps the bait stay buoyant. 

The dull teflon finish not only makes the hooks less visible, but also means that they penetrate easier and further than normal plated hooks. This is especially useful when using bolt rigs with the Method feeder, or straight bomb in the winter months, when the fish are not going to tear off with the bait.

The in-turned point of this hook pattern definitely ensures that these hooks stay put, but look more carefully an you will notice that the point is also forged to give a flat chisel-shape that not only makes these hooks super-sharp, but ensures they keep their point really well too. 

The eyes on these hooks are really well formed, close-up inspection shows that the eyes are fully closed – essential when hair-rigging to stop the line becoming trapped in the eye and eventually breaking unexpectedly. A spade-end version is also available, and being a barbed hook it is ideal for river anglers after chub and barbel. 

Whether you are after carp on the pole, fishing the Method of feeder fishing for big barbel, the Sphere Beast hooks can handle it all and can make a significant difference to your fishing. 

Available in sizes between 8 and 16 in both eyed and spade-end versions.

Find out more here – https://tackle-box.eu/en/p/4611008

Sphere Beast Hooks 2

Sphere hooks are great value and are available in packs of 15, or as ready tied hooks to nylon.

Sphere Beast Hooks 3

The shape of the Sphere Beast makes it ideal for hair-rigging as well as pole fishing with pellets and bread with the spade-end version.

Sphere Beast Hooks 4

The forging on the hook gives it maximum strength. It retains its point brilliantly, thanks to the long swept, ‘chisel-shaped’ design.

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