Improve Your Accuracy with Distance Marker Sticks

We all know how important accuracy can be when feeder fishing. Land your feeder on a dinner plate and each payload of bait builds up the swim, concentrating the fish just where you want them, rather than spreading bait all over the swim. You can really improve your accuracy with Distance Marker Sticks.

Browning reels feature ‘line-friendly’ clips on the spools that are designed for clipping up to ensure that every cast lands ‘on the money’. Some, like the new Black Viper SLC have two clips, enabling you to fish two different lines with the same set-up. Yes, what happens if you hook and big fish and have to unclip the line to let a fish run, or crack off and need to retackle, or simply want to set up two rods at exactly the same distance? 

Most anglers now realise that counting the number of turns on the retrieve is not the most accurate way of gauging distance. If you want to be really accurate then Distance Marker Sticks are the way to go. 

Whilst we tend to think of using sticks when fishing at long range, they can be equally useful when clipping up to fish to far margin features, or in open water on smaller venues. When using shorter rods reduce the distance between the sticks from the standard four metres down to two metres so it is easier to make the turns. 

The Browning sticks come with line-friendly ribs that hold the line securely and avoid bunching up, that can cause tangles as you wind the line back onto the reel. 

The solid machined points also make it easy to push the sticks into stony banks with ease. 

Always make a note of how many turns you have made, including the length of the final partial turn, so that you can get back to the same spot should you need to retackle. 

A brilliant, yet simple product that every feeder angler should have in their holdall. 

distance marker sticks 2

The distances marked on the tape supplied with the Distance Marker Sticks enables you to be extremely accurate.

distance marker sticks 3

When using shorter rods halve the distance between the sticks to make it easier to wrap the line around them.

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