If like myself you prefer to use ready tied hook lengths and are looking for a true all-round hook that is equally at home when float or feeder fishing then you really need to try the Sphere Match Hooks to Nylon.

I first started using this when feeder fishing, but my faith in it has grown, and I now use it almost all the time, whether I’m feeder, pole, waggler or trotting a river for silvers.

What I love about these hooks to nylon is the unique winder concept which stores each and every hook length securely. The retaining spool has a silicone surface and a folding protective lip, safely enclosing all of the ready tied hooks and protecting your leaders against damaging UV light or being damaged in transit within your tackle trays. 

No more frustrating unwinding either as these are on a continuous loop and safely contained on the easy, no spill access spool. To release each hook length simply remove the first hook from its retaining slot and unwind until the next hook is revealed. Remove the first hook length and then place the next hook into the nearest retaining slot on the back of the spool, before letting the lip of the spool relocate tightly to the spool.

Each spool contains eight black nickel ultra sharp barbed hooks pre-tied on 100cm hook lengths. Hook sizes range between a size 18, which is attached to a 0.10mm (2.2lb) high performance monofilament, to an 8 which is attached to 0.18mm (6.9lb). 

Spade end loose hooks are also available in packets of 15 for those who prefer to tie their own hook lengths.

A true all-rounder and one I would highly recommend.

Justin Watkins

sphere match hooks to nylon spool

Sphere Match hooks are supplied either as loose hooks or pre-tied to 100cm of premium nylon.

sphere match hooks to nylon 2

The unique spool system makes removing each hooklength very simple with no chance of tangles.

Watkins river roach catch

I use Sphere Match Hooks to Nylon for much of my silverfish fishing. They are a great hook pattern, that I find work well on both float and feeder tactics.

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