CK Competition Landing Nets

If you are looking for some great value landing nets then I can recommend the CK Competition Landing Nets. 

These nets are the ideal size and depth for my fishing, be it for smaller F1’s or decent-sized carp. The depth is just right for unhooking a decent carp with the net between my legs where I can keep it under control. 

The mesh is lovely and soft and has proved to be very hard-wearing. Two variants are available, a standard 8mm mesh, which moves through the water very easily, and a 2mm version that is ideal when hair-rigging. 

There is not that you can say about a landing net, apart from these do the job really well and won’t break the bank. Check them out at your local Browning stockist.

Jon Whincup

CK Competition Landing Nets are available in three sizes:

Small – 45cm long X 35cm wide X 28cm deep – 8mm mesh

Medium – 50cm long X 40cm wide X 28cm deep – 8mm mesh

Hair Rigger – 50cm long X 40cm wide X 28cm deep – 2mm mesh

CK competition net 2

The CK nets are well made and are great value for money.

CK competition net 3

CK Competition nets are available with either 8mm or 2mm mesh.

CK competition net 4

I use these nets for my commercial fishing.

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