Sphere 11ft Light Feeder Rod

The Sphere 11ft Light Feeder Rod is ideal for my style of fishing, especially on the local park lakes and commercials where skimmers and bream dominate catches. 

Probably the most impressive part of this rod is its ultra slim and ultra light, weighing in at just 149g! Created from the highest quality carbon blank available this rod is as close to perfection as it comes and simply oozes quality throughout from the ultra low friction “Skeletal” SIC guides to the Fuji reel seat. The unique ergonomic weight reducing handle has been designed to follow the contours of your arm, hand and fingers when playing a fish or casting, transmits more feel throughout and the quality of the blank adds metres and accuracy to each and every cast made. The responsive blank reduces the chance of hook-pulls under the rod tip, especially from soft mouthed fish such as skimmers, yet it still has loads of power in the middle reaches to subdue bigger fish such as carp that will undoubtedly get hooked from time to time. 

Supplied with four tips, 0.75oz, 1oz, 1.5oz and 2oz makes this rod extremely versatile and being a two-section rod means it can be transported rigged up and ready to go.   

Take a look at the Sphere range of rods and if possible give one a go, you won’t be disappointed. 

 Filipe Passeira

browning small bream
sphere feeder rod handle

The specially designed ergonomic handle on the sphere rods gives extra grip which helps with casting accuracy.

sphere rod minima rings

The SiC Minima rings are extremely lightweight and strong. They are suitable for both braided and mono lines.

sphere feeder L rod action

The casting and playing actions on the Sphere feeder rods are faultless, making accurate casting easier and meaning less lost fish.

Sphere feeder rod graphics

The Sphere Feeder rods cover the full gamut of my feeder fishing. For silverfish the Sphere L feeder is absolutely superb.

Sphere feeder rod reel seat

Every aspect of the Sphere rods has been considered. Even the reel seats are especially designed for comfort and extra security.


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