Silverlite Ghost Net

The Silverlite Ghost Net is the ultimate silver fish net as it’s so light it can be easily moved not only to the fish even when using the longest landing net handles but also when the nets in the water due to the mesh being quite large.  

The distinctive Ghost mesh is less likely to scare fish when speed fishing and another huge advantage of the 6x6mm mesh is it makes netting fish on a canal or river that much easier especially if there’s a flow or a strong crosswind. 

The moulded spreader and frame are also lightweight but extremely rigid and strong so easily capable of being able to land a bonus fish if it comes along. 

Available in two sizes –

Medium W40cm x H35cm x D25cm

Large W48cm x H28cm x D28cm 

John Pantry

silverlite ghost net 2

Silverlite Ghost Nets are available in two sizes, the medium is perfect for roach, whilst the large is ideal if bonus bream and big perch are on the cards.

silverlite ghost net 3

The Ghost Mesh has a fine fish-friendly weave and is very light, making this net very easy to move through the water.

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